Is This Barack Obama's 2nd Term? Is it Bill Clinton's 3rd? Or Is It Ronald Reagan's 9th?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

They say that elections do matter, and that there are real differences between Republican and Democratic presidents. But backing up the view to 30 years, that difference looks a lot more like continuity, both at home and in America's global empire.

Is This Barack Obama's 2nd Term or Bill Clinton's 3rd Term, or Ronald Regan's 9th?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The answer is yes to all three. Ronald Reagan hasn't darkened the White House door in decades. But his policy objectives have been what every president, Democrat and Republican have pursued relentlessly ever since. Barack Obama is only the latest and most successful of Reagan's disciples.

Like the present era, the Reagan presidency marked a series of decisive rightward turns for US empire at home and abroad.

Reagan's invasion of Grenada, along with his bloody contra wars in Central America and southern Africa signaled the renewal of on and off the books of US military interventions when and wherever the logic of empire suggested, and regardless of namby-pamby concerns of human rights, domestic or international law. But if being a Republican means you can be a naked imperialist at home as well as abroad, being a Democrat like Barack Obama means making sufficiently ambiguous noises war and empire to enable corporate media and your own campaign to manufacture a false narrative of actual and substantive difference between Democrats and Republicans.

The first president Bush invaded Panama, and landed US troops in Somalia, a supposed “humanitarian” intervention. Bill Clinton massively increased the shipment of US military hardware and training to more than 50 of Africa's 54 nations, fueling the conflict in Congo which has taken 7 million lives to date. That's continuity of purpose and of policy.

In Barack Obama's case all he had to say was that he wasn't necessarily against wars, just against what he called “stupid wars.” Corporate media and “liberal” shills morphed that lone statement into a false narrative that Barack Obama opposed the war in Iraq, making him an instantly viable presidential candidate at a time when the American people overwhelmingly opposed that war. Once in office, Barack Obama strove mightily to abrogate the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq which would have allowed US forces to remain there indefinitely. But when the Iraqi puppet government, faced with a near revolt on the part of what remained of Iraqi civil society, dared not do his bidding, insisting that uniformed US troops (but not the American and multinational mercenaries we pay to remain there) stick to the withdrawal timetable agreed upon under Bush, liberal shills and corporate media hailed the withdrawal from Iraq as Obama's “victory.”

Barack Obama doubled down on the invasion and occupation of large areas of Afghanistan, and increased the size of the army and marines, which in fact he pledged to do during his presidential campaign. Presidential candidate Obama promised to end secret imprisonment and torture. The best one can say about President Obama on this score is that he seems to prefer murderous and indiscriminate drone attacks, in many cases, over the Bush policy of international kidnapping secret imprisonment and torture. The Obama administration's reliance on drones combined with US penetration of the African continent, means that a Democratic, ostensibly “antiwar” president has been able to openly deploy US troops to every part of that continent in support of its drive to control the oil, water, and other resources there.

The objectives President Obama's Africa policies fulfill today were put down on paper by the Bush administration, pursued by Bill Clinton before that, and still earlier pursued by Ronald Reagan, when it funded murderous contra armies of UNITA in Angola and RENAMO in Mozambque. It was UNITA and RENAMO's campaigns, assisted by the apartheid regimes of Israel and South Africa that pioneered the genocidal use of child soldiers. Today, cruise missile liberals hail the Obama administration's use of pit bull puppet regimes like Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda, all of which shot their way into power with child soldiers, to invade Somalia and Congo, sometimes ostensibly to go after other bad actors on the grounds that they are using child soldiers.

If either George Bush, or if Ronald Reagan had openly deployed US troops to Africa on anything like the scale President Obama has, black America would be up in arms. They wanted to. They couldn't. It seems that now, by giving us a black president, the empire can get just about whatever it wants.

It works the same way at home. Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush would have liked to tamper with social security, but dared not. All Reagan could do was tell welfare queen jokes, and despite Reagan's open disdain of organized labor, NAFTA was a distant wet dream of corporations and billionaires. The first president Bush proposed NAFTA but could never get it through Congress. It took a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who marshaled a minority of Democrats in Congress to vote with Republicans both to pass NAFTA and to eliminate welfare. It was Bill Clinton who publicly embraced Republican myths about balancing the US budget, while allowing liberals to imagine he would deliver a “peace dividend.” The second president Bush openly trumpeted right wing lies about the solvency of social security and the (lies which Barack Obama happily repeats to this day) and tried more than once to privatize it. Again, that's continuity across administrations and parties.

True to form, Obama picked the ball up where his predecessors left it and has run relentlessly righward ever since. Barack Obama uses the language of the elites when he calls social security, Medicaid and Medicare and other federal benefits “entitlements” and asserts that their growth must be trimmed. He championed the formation of a deficit reduction commission chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, both advocates of privatizing social security and drastic cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and federal benefits and tried to fast-track their recommendation through Congress. Fortunately that recommendation never came.

Just last week, Obama offered as his opening position in negotiations with Republicans, the chaining of social security and all other federal benefits to the consumer price index --- a monstrous betrayal that will reduce social security benefits by as much as $100 monthly by a decade from now. It wasn't anything he had been cornered into by Republicans. It was the point from which Barack Obama decided to start. That's continuity. Only a Republican president, like Richard Nixon, could go to China in the 1970s. Only a black Democrat can break his promises to labor on championing a card check law, refute his commitments to a just and fair media with network neutrality, and do nothing to roll back the prison state which has engulfed black and brown youth. Only a black Democrat could deport more Latinos than all the last three Republicans together, in his first term alone.

In the game of advancing the interests of the American people, it seems, Democrats and Republicans are not mutual opponents. They are a tag team, each one pushing the ball further and further down the field in the wrong direction. It's still winter in America, and the dead hand of Ronald Reagan still guides this nation, decades after his exit from the White House. Welcome to the 9th term of Ronald Reagan, in the person of Democrat Barack Hussein Obama.

One could also argue, since we are in the grips of the greatest depression, although we don't call them that any more, since the 1930s, and Obama's economic policies bear more in common to Herbert Hoover than to Franklin Roosevelt, that we're living through Herbert Hoover's third term as well. But we'll save that for another day.

Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report, and lives and works near Marietta GA. He is a state committee member of the GA Green Partyand can be reached via this site's contact page, or at bruce.dixon(at)


The "White" House

All Mrs. B. H. Obomba is doing is sucking up to the White bullies so he too can be a war criminal.  It is sickening to watch (all) politicians play the same disgusting game.  They never deviate from their pursuit of money and celebrity.

BAR, please hire Beverly!

Beverly, I agree with every single thing you have written since I first started reading BAR 5

years ago.  You´re absolutely right, Col. West doesn´t call out Obama because he doesn´t want to. 


The results of too many Lame Ducks

Great piece Bruce !

It recently occurred to me that our troubled Democracy has suffered through several decades of unrestrained leadership via the Presidential Term Limit invoked 65 years ago. If we look back we see a litany of questionable policies enacted during the second Lame Duck terms of almost all our presidents since Dwight Eisenhower. You cover many of these questionable actions during administrations over the past thirty years in your piece but this extends back to the Nixon Administration with the Water Gate debacle that occurred during his 2nd term and our little publicized initial involvement in Viet Nam as the Eisenhower administration sent military advisors in the waning days of his administration.

In addition to the afore mentioned troubling economic policies promoted during the Reagan administration, his second Lame Duck term included Iran Contra and the collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry.

Clinton's second term contribution to this, among others, was the deregulation of the banking system removing vital safe guards in place since the Great Depression. This action alone was instrumental in causing a major collapse of our economic system a mere eight years later.

George Bush junior completed his second term with Quantitative Easing firmly in place using the assets of the Federal Government via the privately owned Federal Reserve to bail out a string of corrupt privately owned Wall Street Investment Banks that escaped any and all oversight from the government agencies charged with that responsibility.

Obama is now in his Lame Duck term and the questionable actions of past administrations during this period appear to be coming together under this administration. Average Americans face the real possibility of losing access to New Deal Social Reforms that improved the standard of living for countless generations over the past eighty years. We should at least have a discussion on the continuation of this term limit policy that fly's in the face of voters who should be the only ones allowed to make this decision in a Democracy !

Hope and change my a$$

Excellent article! 

People wanted change from Bush so they gave it to them, or so them thought:  Reagan in "black-face".

Like Brzezinski said in his 1970s book Between Two Ages this is the technetronic era - total mind control over the people through the mass media and powerful personalities' such as Obama. Placate the liberals and impoverished classes by giving them a token representative of  what appears to be their "own people".  Works wonders.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Too bad the United Negro College Fund and its alums can't save us from wasted minds.  You make a powerful point about the technetronic era.  Let me add to your comment by saying that we Black folk tend to minimize how impactful the radio waves are.  We think it's how rednecks get their message, true dat, but it's also how a majority of Black folks get theirs.

  I have heard Michelle and Barack Obama on Steve Harvey or Tom Joyner morning radio shows several times, but they won't be interviewed by BAR or any other credible Black Journalistic entity or person that will pose tough questions.

So you have the new Black princes and upcoming capitalists like Joyner and Harvey and their co-hosts (who are getting their hustle on too) clamoring and stumbling all over themselves because the President or First Lady is speaking to them LIVE!  It's like cooning to the tenth degree.

I bet you if Obama did a PSA on either show declaring that Blacks were about to be marched into FEMA camps, you would get Steve and Tom defending his actions against all of us "Haters."  And the callers chiming in with cheers as well.

I despise that word "Hater" which is Black Code for you are not entitled to an opinion if it's not mainstream , which translates into rich Black celebrity opinion for us, which ultimately translates into the message that moves us comes from Black Minstrel Shows for the masses.

Sad state of affairs.  Rev. Al and Jesse got 2 cents about what's happening in Detroit but ain't got jack sh**t to say about immigration bill that will translate into job losses for the least employed among us (like 50% of Detroiters), or cuts to social security and medicaid/medicare.

We're doomed.  Like Bev said the alarm bell should have sounded when his petulant "bio" praised Ronald Reagan.

So true

My biggest disappointment was Michael Eric Dyson. And speaking of "Black Code for you are not entitled to an opinion," I give you Toure spin viewpoint on what's behind Cornel West's attack on Obama.

"West’s critique is draped in rhetoric so inflammatory that it almost disqualifies itself from being taken seriously and risks him sounding like a rapper enmeshed in a battle. In his latest salvo earlier this week, he called the President a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface.”

"There’s nothing wrong with critiquing the President, but the reference to blackface is a verbal Molotov cocktail. And it doesn’t even make sense: if Obama’s in blackface then he’s performing a grotesque caricature of blackness that is a white fantasy of a harmless, docile black person. Is that what he’s doing? Is Obama not the opposite of that as a calm, dignified, intellectual alpha male? I’m not really sure why blackface was mentioned or what it’s supposed to mean unless it’s a way of calling Obama an Oreo—black on the outside and white on the inside. But that’s just a guess. Earlier this year, West told TruthDig that Obama is “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.” I’m not sure why race is even injected into that critique."

I suppose

you think Farrakhan is a fool also.

Cornel West is MLK today and if it weren't for him there would hardly be a wimper of outcry.

U have to be an, obviously, paid troll, or, a young mis-guided whippersnapper?  Of course, he's an Oreo.

Of course, Obama is acting just like a pompous, kiss-my-ring, Senator, or as you put it, "a calm, dignified, intellectual, alpha (like racist Southerners) male.

Very simply, it IS, the "White" house.  How dare a black occupy it. The question all racist white's shud be asked is:  "Why do you hate blacks, damn it!  What's wrong with you?" They will ALL lie and say they don't.


I do not think u know West.

First of all, everybody (Me too because I hoped - HA! - what a joke on me) believed the scumbag Obama, except Ralph Nader, that I can so far document.  I wonder if Bruce and Glen fiqured it out before hand.  

You are one of the best contributors on this blog and u may have nailed it early on but you were one of the verrrrry few. 

West doesn't sugar coat anything from what I listen to.  I have predicted that this will be proven when West is assassinated just like King.  Will that be proof enough for u?

Great exchange Bev and Keith 1818

Please allow "King Solomon" to "split the baby."

In the interest of full disclosure I was a proponent of immigration reform and accordingly  vigorously debated those posters who took the contra position.  Now I understand where they were coming from CLEARER.  Those Bruhs and Sis were warning us that "we are on our own, that no ethnic or racial group would reciprocate our "love," or match our equanimity, well damn, I have to agree with them now.  

So when you factor into the mix Obama's abysmal "jobs policy/programs, particularly w/r/t to African Americans whose plight continues unabated, you "get it" that Immigration Reform while FACIALLY valid and the humanitarian thing to promote, will simply put Black folks back another 10 or 20 years.  Because the inescapable truth is that the type of jobs "exempted" in the Immigration Reform Package are precisely the type of jobs, under-skilled, under-educated or post-prison Blacks are most suitable for.

So I have no doubt BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT WILL RISE, due to Immigration Reform.  How can it not?  I challenge ANYONE to refute me.

So what is the lesson learned?  We can all change our thought process and should as we receive and discern additional information.  This is the crux of my debate with LifeLongStudent who's analysis I otherwise concur with.

West gets indicted (like a whole slew of other educated/professional Black folks who should know better) for being too intelligent not to suspect that Obama would be a corporate tool given all the SIGNIFYING Obama did in his sorry bio and associated speeches.  

But perhaps West  dreamnt for a moment and was induced to rationally think the guy would be an improvement over the last one, or a half-ass Liberal worse case.  Despite his earlier Kook-Aid drunkenness, I give West credit for putting it all on the line by speaking truth to power now when it became apparent we (or yall) voted in Bush 3, and not even a poor substitute of a moderate Rethug like Nelson Rockefeller or Jack Kemp.

West ain't MLK ( and Obama damn sure ain't FDR or LBJ, not even Tricky Dick), but I'll take any public intellectual willing to risk fame and fortune who will speak truth to power.  It's a different media/format era also and that presents different problematics on its own.

p.s.  Wonder how Jay-Z's Cuba trip and his new song/release about the same will shape either him or the media that used to kiss his behind (as a empire water carrier)??  Stay tuned, let's see if he and Beyonce will remain on the WH "A-List" or be Blackballed??

C. N.  I'm taking bets on you know what.  Wonder if Jay-Z will REDISCOVER his "ghetto" roots once he discerns (IF he discerns) the Obamas giving him the cold shoulder in order to pacify Rush Limbaugh's audience.  LOL  Is Jay-Z bout to be a Sista Souljah remix???!!  "Who knew!?"

p.s.s.  Moving forward, let's see how frequent West or Tavist appear on Bill Maher, will they equal appearances by Michelle McGhee Bootlicker John Legend?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Stay tuned Boys and Girls.


How about all of the era's you mentioned tied to the age preceeding WWII Returning?

I think it is much more like the regime of the leaders of Germany in the 1920's - 1940's. I sense a sycopathic, sociopathic, mentality which has created a surreal landscape of America, one in which mirrors Alice in Wonderland and 1984, where evil is done and with glee, and gusto, spewing lies and words which give the impression that we have elected on both sides of the asile cowards, liars, mass murdering hypocrits, and serial killers all odf which ideas such as TPP, Bail-In, NAFTA, The Patriot Act, The Military Commission's Act of 2006, 2009, the NDAA and now mounting to  thousands of EO's, and worst of all, we elected a series of Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Tri-Lateral Commission, Depopulationist Tea Party and Democratic Party are nothing more than One Party, with two names, which when mixed in a bowl would be one thing, fascism at best, Nazism at worst.

A Place where people and children are exposed to seeing politicians placing targets on the backs of educators, where the lawmakers teach people to hate the gifted, the highly intelligent, the brave, the elderly, the sick, the vulnerable, and the words, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Which in essnse means, "What soever you do unto these the least of thy brethren, you do also unto me." Which further more bluntly said is, "What soever you do unto these the least of thy Brethren, I shall likewise do unto YOU, For All  Eternity!"

If there is reincarnation, this is it. The words of ther Tea Party mimic those of German leaders in the 1920's through 1940's, and the actions of of the other side of the asile displays all the greed, envy and hatred of both sides and their origins before WW II.

  • "Our people are trying to break the bond set by God. That is human conceit rising against God. In this connection we must warn the Führer, that the adoration frequently bestowed on him is only due to God. Some years ago the Führer objected to having his picture placed on Protestant altars. Today his thoughts are used as a basis not only for political decisions but also for morality and law. He himself is surrounded with the dignity of a priest and even of an intermediary between God and man... We ask that liberty be given to our people to go their way in the future under the sign of the Cross of Christ, in order that our grandsons may not curse their elders on the ground that their elders left them a state on earth that closed to them the Kingdom of God.
  • The oppression is growing, and anyone who has had to submit to the Tempter's machine-gun fire during this last week thinks differently from what he did even three weeks ago.
    • Last sermon before being imprisoned by the Nazi regime of Germany (27 June 1937), as quoted in Religion in the Reich (1939) by Michael Power, p. 142
  • We have no more thought of using our own powers to escape the arm of authorities than had the Apostles of old. No more are we ready to keep silent at man's behest when God commands us to speak. For it is, and must remain, the case that we must obey God rather than man.
  • Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller (14 January 18926 March 1984) was a Protestant pastor and social activist.
    • Last sermon before being imprisoned by the Nazi regime of Germany (27 June 1937), as quoted in Religion in the Reich (1939) by Michael Power, p. 142.
    • "In Germany they first came for the Communists,
      and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Catholics,
      and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
      Then they came for me -
      and by that time no one was left to speak up."
    • Am I wrong to say, PRAY FOR A NEW PASSOVER?

I feel we are finally

I feel we are finally entering in what called a global Mexican Stand off.  The masses on all sides have no fear of death because what they are experiencing is not life except. Our Fearless Leader has his head stuck  down a Glorified Rabbit Hole.

Food for thought: to the Right of Nixon?

For the record, I submit that Richard Nixon was 10x more progressive in his legislation and policies than Obama.

Think about how far we've come, where moderate Republican policies of days gone by are more progressive than present day "Liberal" Democrat policies.

Sure Nixon was a crook, but ALL politicians are crooks and all U. S. Presidents war criminals, none excepted.

I'm taking bets at bar.

How much you wanna bet this nigga goes to Britain to eulogize that old embalmed hag Margaret Thatcher?

If we all survive...

...He will go down in (our)history as the first House Negro -in- "Chief".

Before, it was easy to blame Nazi republican's for rising unemployment, unemployment insecurity, foreclosures, homelessness, hunger, the abolition of free quality education, decline of infrastructure, rising healthcare cost (for consumer), and the African genocide in Libya and everywhere else on that continent.

But now we have the House Negro -in- "Chief" directly implicated in attacks on America citizens (albeit without the use of drones this time around). The budget is the first full frontal assault on Medicare and Social Security,,, the two programs set up for elderly whites that also gives a helping hand to elderly people of color. Medicaid was always subject to cuts do to its unfair association with being a program primarily for black poor people.

I've always said that it would be considered perfectly fine for this half (cia) white negro to attack black people, but he would run into all sorts of problems when it was time to make "tough choices" in the service of Wall st. and go after the white masses entitlements. He was installed in the WHITE house for this very reason: intensify the attack on black people, while going after white privilege in the hopes that white progressive guilt would be forced to bow down, and accept his policies as being moderate, common sense approaches to Wall st. reform of the country.

Its becoming hard to cover up this facade! Take a look at BSNBC and TheRoot[dot]com (Washinton Post House Negroes)... Its all about 1) gun CONTROL 2) gays 3) birth CONTROL 4) Celebrity drama 5) Racist Republicans and 6) Obama worship 24/7/365 days... And they wonder why the people don't mourn the firing of house negroes like Roland and Soledad!


Tarpley has left the American Nazi station and is now on (better sound quality too)

World Premier

Go to and demand BAR radio and the Webster Tarpley Program!

Great Post CN

....especially the last paragraph.  You knocked it out of the park with that one....

Seems like Ralph Ellison reprised, doesn't it? :  Black Folks collectively become the Invisible Man.

And btw, 'NO" I ain't taking up your bet regarding Obot waxing eloquently about the Iron Lady.



Roland Martin: "Who Knew???!!!

C.N.  Accordingly to Celebrity Snitch, Huggy Low Down--105.9 FM Detroit--Roland Martin is on a cruise with Tom Joyer and the crew and a gaggle of bourgeois Blacks like us, getting they drink and party fever on.  A$$es be wobbling like waves.  (And succumbing to the enthrall of  the 10% Negroes climbing to be 1 percenters.  Feel me?)

Roland be getting his ascot hustle on cz a Bro. got get paid.  This morning Huggy called him the Bama of the Week.  C.N.  "Who Knew" that 105.9 FM/Kiss and 92.3 FM with Steve Harvey would be water carriers for Empire and the 1% Agenda???  (except perhaps Cathy Hughes or Robert "BET" Johnson??)  If only BAR could get as may tweets and instagrams as these radio stations--Rickey Smiley included-- and online bullshit rags like Bossip.

But hey, it sho feels good Brother as we Party Down with dem Big Shot Negroes as the Black Agenda becomes persona non grata.

p.s.  Steve and All State giving away $10K to you individualistic, selfish-minded, impish, wannabe Black Minstrel-type folks who think you can be a star and don't realize how f**king broke you are, your extended family too-- a paycheck or a concert ticket away from homelessness.  Live auditions in ATL, otherwise, send in your thumb drive, or preferably, YouTube.

p.s.s.  C.N. Steve Harvey called all of us "haters" who knew or expressed an opinion that Tyler Perry's latest movies was something other than tired-ass, formulaic, predictable bullshit. (same for T.D. Jakes btw).   Steve was riffing on the film critics, who predictably said you could predict every line let alone the ending.  This is an aside, but don't you agree that as a boogie Negro you tired of seeing movies about us boogie Negroes who ain't really got no damn struggles. Where's Moving on Up and 227 when you need them?

Mr. Dixon, I agree on all major points and "proofs" -

Am not sure how much Obama has given up on torture - e.g. the force feeding of prisoners on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay prison camp, Bradley Manning's treatment, ignoring the torture that is Solitary Confinement in federal prisons (since he is the head of the federal gov't).  Obama has perfected lying more than his predecessors: case in point is the headlines on DemNow this morning in re the killing of vast numbers of people in Pakistan via drones saying "only high level" targets were killed - which reminds me that the whole base line of discussion of legality of extrajudicial murder by the U.S. gov't has been moved in the media to whether or not the murder/assassination was "a high level" 'bad guy' not if the whole damned thing is illegal under U.S. and international law.

As you have underscored, Mr. Dixon, Obama's betrayal and murder of social security is disgusting.  His soundbite picked on all the quick news radio stations about it was "I went more than halfway" to meet the Republicans  and the Republicans hadn't even asked for what he proposed in  his kill list budget.  I'm one of those old folks on Social Security.  Worse than anyone predicted and bad was predicted about an Obama presidency.

Ah, yes, my favorite soundbite of the month was Obama's proposed funding of alternate energy, like wind, etc. but it won't cause an increase in the budget deficit because we will pay for it with selling permits for off-shore oil drilling. And the big lie embraced by Obama that Social Security spending has anything to do with the deficit since it's self-funded.

And last one: Michelle Obama's soundbites about "gun control won't eliminate the violence in the world" but it would be a beginning... Hey, will someone point out that a big chunk of violence in the world would stop if Mr. Obama stopped doing it? (I do not expect Mrs. Obama could tell Mr. Obama to stop and that he would do so, even if she said a word about it.)


great article bruce dixon!

Must see TV:

I didn't watch the whole thing but the beginning deals with the presidents attack on his own people.

Foreign policy starts at minute 43

Minute 54 to 1hr 16minutes is sort of a short tour de force on left liberal gatekeeper's and some of our friends who comment here ;o)

How to destroy the Rebublican party starts at 1hr 16minutes

[Note: there are some things we don't agree with here, but bare with it to get to the meat and potatoes]

Can't talk Rethuglican w/o talking Militarism

Wanted to share this excellent blog at Common Dream.  Isn't it fascinating that Liberals and African Americans not only remain silent about Obama's militarism, but they REFUSE to tie it Federal budget decisions, like Martin Luther King Jr. did.  And adding insult to injury they have the sickening audacity to put Obama in King's lineage.  Food for thought:

Money for Militarism, not for People: Obama’s Betrayal of Social Security

by Dave Lindorf


I recommend checking out the comments also.  Here's an example:


$30 trillion sits hidden in offshore tax havens, the majority of it from unimaginably wealthy Americans.

One out of three large corporations pays no taxes in a given year.

Reclaiming these lost revenues is not even part of the deficit discussion because the discussion is controlled by six media companies with interlocking boards of directors.

Comcast, Disney, Viacom and Fox decide the parameters of all debate in this country and they've decided that the debate will not include having the elite pay taxes.

Any suggestions outside the officially sanctioned debate are considered non-serious and are thus censored.

Until the licenses to broadcast over the public airwaves are ripped from the talons of the media megaliths and returned to their rightful owners, the public, nothing will change.

Whoever controls the media controls the county. Period.


  • Reagan to the "Left" of Obama?

    At least Ronald Reagan never tied the national debt to Social Security (like you know who) and actually puts forth a sound defense of it, with some PASSION no less.  What do we get from Obama?  Slick, mellifluous lies is all.  Obama can't even mimic his boy Reagan, pathetic.

    (the Reagan speech is embedded in the above link).