Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

As the U.S. and its NATO allies move southward to further consolidate their grip on Africa, following the seizure of Libya and its vast oil fields, most of the continent’s leadership seems to welcome re-absorption into empire. “Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism.” AFRICOM is already in the cat-bird seat, placed there by Africans, themselves.


Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The United States and its allies, principally the French, are positioned to ‘take’ much of the continent with the collaboration of most of its governments.”

The United States and its allies are engaged in an Asian and African offensive, a multi-pronged assault thinly camouflaged as humanitarian intervention that, in some regions, looks like a blitzkrieg. This frenzied aggression, still in its first year, saw NATO transformed into an expeditionary force to crush the unoffending Gaddafi regime in Libya and is now poised to topple the secular order in Syria. Although drawing on longstanding schemes for overt and covert regime change in selected countries, and fully consistent with global capital’s historic imperative to bludgeon the planet into one malleable market subordinate to Washington, London and Paris, the current offensive had a particular genesis in time: the nightmare vision of an Arab awakening.

The prospect of an Arab Spring at the dawn of 2011 sparked a general hysteria in imperial capitals. Suddenly, they stared in the face of geopolitical death at the hands of the Arab “street.” Washington understands full well that the emergence of Arab governments that reflect the will of the people would soon result, as Noam Chomsky is fond of saying, in the U.S. being “thrown out” of the region – the final toll of the bell, not just for the oil-hungry West, but for international capital’s annexes in the autocratic cesspools of the Persian Gulf.

The prospect of an Arab Spring at the dawn of 2011 sparked a general hysteria in imperial capitals.”

With centuries of Euro-American domination flashing before their eyes, Washington, London and Paris quickly configured NATO to unleash Shock and Awe on the victim of choice in North Africa: Muammar Gaddafi. The momentum of that show of force has led an expanding cast of imperial actors to the gates of Damascus. But Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism. The awful truth is, the United States and its allies, principally the French, are positioned to “take” much of the continent with the collaboration of most of its governments and, especially, its soldiers.

AFRICOM, established in 2008 by the Bush administration and now fully the creature of President Obama’s “humanitarian” interventionist doctrine, claims military responsibility for the entire continent except Egypt. The U.S. military command has assembled a dizzying array of alliances with regional organizations and blocs of countries that, together, encompass all but a few nations on the continent – leaving those holdouts with crosshairs on their backs. As the U.S. bullies its way southward in the wake of the seizure of Libya, its path has been smoothed by the Africans, themselves.

The long U.S. war against Somalia, dramatically intensified with American backing for the Ethiopian invasion in late 2006, is now sanctioned by IGAD, the International Authority on Development in East Africa, comprised of Ethiopia; the puppet government in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu; Kenya; Uganda; the de facto French and U.S. military protectorate, Djibouti; and, nominally, Sudan.

As the U.S. bullies its way southward in the wake of the seizure of Libya, its path has been smoothed by the Africans, themselves.”

This year’s French-led, but nominally United Nations operation to oust the regime of Laurent Gbagbo, in Ivory Coast, was vouchsafed by ECOWAS, the 16-member Economic Community of West African States, including Benin Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

AFRICOM stages a huge, annual military exercise called African Endeavor, which trains African militaries to use “standard communications practices.” African armies are taught U.S. command-and-control procedures, on American-made equipment, that is serviced by American advisors. In 2009, the militaries of 25 African nations took part in the exercise. This year, 40 nations joined Operation African Endeavor, accounting for the vast bulk of the continent’s men under arms.

More insidiously, through AFRICOM’s “soldier-to-soldier” doctrine, U.S. and African military peers are encouraged to forge one-on-one relationship up and down the levels of command: general-to-general, colonel-to-colonel, major-to-major, and even captain-to-captain. AFRICOM hopes these peer partnerings will forge personal relationships with African armed forces over the long haul, regardless of whatever regime is in power.

In the Sahel, AFRICOM maintains close relationships with virtually every nation along the vast band of land south of the Sahara desert that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, all under the heading of “anti-terrorism.” These include Mauritania, Mali, Chad, and Niger, plus Nigeria and Senegal. To the north, AFRICOM has similar ties to the Maghreb countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and, until this year, Gaddafi’s Libya.

This year, 40 nations joined Operation African Endeavor, accounting for the vast bulk of the continent’s men under arms.”

AFRICOM is often the real power behind nominally African missions. AMISOM, officially the African Union’s so-called peace keeping force in Somalia, is in fact comprised of troops from Uganda and Burundi, U.S. client states that act as mercenaries for Washington, and paid for mainly by the Americans. They are soon to be joined by 500 soldiers from Djibouti. For years, AMISOM was all that saved the puppet regime in Mogadishu from instant annihilation in its tiny enclaves at the hands of the Shabab resistance. Today, the reinforced “African Union” fighters are on the offensive, along with Kenyan and Ethiopian invaders, aimed at smashing the Shabab in a pincer movement. U.S. drones based in Ethiopia and Djibouti bring death from overhead. Thus, a force nominally fielded by the African Union is an active belligerent in a U.S. engineered war that has set the Horn of Africa ablaze – a conflict also sanctioned by IGAD, the regional cooperative body.

It is only a matter of time before Eritrea, an adversary of Ethiopia and one of the few African nations outside the AFRICOM orbit, is attacked – doubtless by nominally African forces backed by the U.S. and French. Certainly, the thoroughly compromised African Union will be in no position to object.

No sooner than the last loyalist stronghold fell in Libya, President Obama extended his “humanitarian” interventionist reach deep into central Africa, sending 100 Special Forces troops to Uganda for later assignment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the new nation of South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, the French neocolonial outpost where the Americans sent Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide after kidnapping him in 2004. Supposedly, the American Green Berets will hunt for the 2,000 or so fighters of the Lord’s Liberation Army – a force the Ugandans themselves could snuff out if they were not busy acting as America’s mercenaries elsewhere on the continent. (Washington’s other loyal hit man in the region, Rwanda, was cited by a United Nations report as bearing responsibility for some the millions slaughtered in Congo.)

A force nominally fielded by the African Union is an active belligerent in a U.S. engineered war that has set the Horn of Africa ablaze.”

NATO’s aggression in Libya was made inevitable when Nigeria, South Africa and Gabon dishonored themselves at the United Nations Security Council by voting in favor of the bogus “No Fly Zone.” The momentum of the Euro-American offensive flows southward, and will soon set much of the continent afire. The Horn of Africa is already a charnel house of flame and famine, engineered by the Americans but fully joined by Africans and their regional institutions. In the west, ECOWAS legitimizes imperial policies, while in the Sahel, Africans scramble to identify targets for the Americans. Each year, most of the continent’s militaries gather round the Americans to learn how to command and control their own troops, thus making their armies useless to resist the real enemy: the U.S. and NATO.

Betrayed by a political/military class eager to integrate itself into the imperial system on any terms, Africa lies naked to the Euro-Americans.

It will be up to the slums and the bush to reverse this catastrophe. If the Americans and Europeans are to be resisted, Africans will have to fight their own governments, first.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


Sad development

But whom do we blame? The Africans!  The Blacks!  The same racketeers who collaborated in the slave trade,  in the slave plantations of the Americas, during colonialism, apartheid and now neo-imperialism.  Let's be honest, we black people are a sick bunch.  Whether they are in Africa or America or Europe or wherever, black people know how to wreck their own interests.  It is sadly sickening that blacks and arabs have treachery wired in their genes.  Sorry for my generalization but I am trying to make a point about how we lack a collective vision.  Africa needs to be recolonised again.  Too many dumbed down negroes who still believe in the whiteman's sweet words of democracy and human rights.  They deserve whatever they get.


I always find it interesting to compare and to contrast the attitudes and responses of, for example, modern China. Vietnam, and lndonesia to the behavior of their former colonial masters to that of African nations such as Nigeria, the DRC, etc. In general, the Asian governments will call out and challenge acts of Western duplicity without hesitation. Their responses are based upon putting their national interests and the well-being of their people first. African "leaders" on the other hand, seem to have inferiority/dependency complexes whenever it comes to dealing with non Africans, especially White Westerners. In general, if one wants to know what a so-called African leader believes and thinks, all one needs to do is to contact the foreign embassy of his former colonizer or read the mission statements of the multinationals which are ransacking the country. This sad state of affairs hasn't changed one iota since I was a child. At least, for awhile, back then, many in Black Africa seemed to be seeking genuine independence. Now most of the people there appear to have been defeated and to accept without question Western control and dominance and the abuses which come with it.

Very good point

I understand the Chinese affirmed that never in a Chinaman's land will he be called a dog again.  Do you know the Chinese don't like the Japanese?  I was surprised to read a lot of Chinese gloating over the U.S atomic assault on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  The fact is the Chinese still remembers the humiliation and brutality it suffered under Japan.  China as we know it today still recalls the days when it was ridiculed and dominated by foreign powers -- the british for example forced the opium trade on them making a lot of Chinese addicts. The memory of that episode and others have crystallized in a collective of vision to suffer never again such humiliation.

Beware of house negroes (Henry Gates) who collect African dna

These 2 clips by Dr. Kamau Kambon are CRAZY!


Or is it, really ??? After checking out the links [posted below] you start to put Dr. Kamau Kambon's commentary in context (even though he still sounds crazy because he's talking about all white people):

Is this who the African (mis)leaders want to put their trust in?


Dec 2, 2011

"The UK and US militaries have been developing new biological weapons which are capable of terminating certain races, a Middle East expert tells Press TV"

“They (the US and UK military establishments) even developed a black-only bomb that targeted the Afro gene. There is even talk now that there may be one for the Chinese gene,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said in a recent interview with Press TV.

Eyre described the sinister project as “absolutely insane,” adding the work on such weaponry initially started in former Rhodesia [modern day Zimbabwe] by the UK government, but was then transferred to South Africa [by then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher] when the former British colony declared independence.

[End Quote]

"The Truth about AIDS: The start of the White War against Black Africa"

Conspiracy Theories

Are you telling me that the destruction of Libya was a mere pretext for imperial exploitation of Africa? What nonsense will you try to sell me next, Mr. Ford–that the war in Vietnam was for control of the rubber, rice, and opium produced in southeast Asia?  That the invasion of Guatemala in 1954 was to protect land owned by The United Fruit Company?  That the invasion of Grenada was to remove a charismatic, brilliant black leader who spoke English and might influence black people in the United States?  That the war in Iraq was more about oil and the national security of Israel than it was about the invasion of Kuwait?

Please. Enough of these ludicrous conspiracy theories.

There we go again

Why would a partner in the crime against Libya himself allude to the conspiracy, schlep?  Berlusconi admitted that there was no popular uprising to dislodge Gaddafi but it was some very powerful people who decided he should go. 

Don't be a bozo.  Conspiracy governs every political action.  You can call it rationale, casus belli, justification, etc, the fact is such political moves are not made out of impulse.  It is sad that 'conspiracy theories' has become a catch phrase for many schleps to ignore harsh realities of imperialism.  If you are so sick of  'conspiracy theories', it may be because you are losing your thinking faculties.  Why the heck do you think there are the CIA, Mossad, M15 and others?  I hope you don't pressuppose they are existing to make sure there are no stampedes on 'black fridays'.



I am very surprised that someone as intelligent as you didn't pick up the ironic tone of my comment. I know Kennedy was killed by a bullet that came from the front of the limousine and blew out the back of his head; I am convinced that the WTC buildings were brought down by explosives. I've seen the murder or overthrow of Arbenz Guzman, Lumumba, Torrijos, Bishop, Noriega, Hussein, and Gaddafi–and this is a short list. I’ve seen the U.S. army involved in dozens of countries that posed no threat to anyone or anything except the profits of corporations.

You and I know what a misnomer “Department of Defense” is. The only thing the U.S. military defends is the right of corporations to lay waste to the rest of the world.

Why would the gang of murderers and thieves that are the U.S. government be in Libya–or anywhere else, except to murder and plunder?

Is this Part of the Reason Berlusconi Had to Go...?

Italy's recent ex-PM Berlusconi entire tenure as PM has been controversial, so why all of sudden - apparently out of the blue, did he get sacked recently? I hadn't heard of any new scandals - FYI: Italy's new PM like the guy who just replaced Greece's PM Papandreou {after Papandreou said he would put the IMF & EU Central Bankster imposed austerity prog to a referrendum first} are both Goldman Sachs guys, Trilateralists [controlled by Rockefeller, Kissinger & Brzizenski]  & probably Bilderbergers too.

But If Berlusconi started 'shooting his mouth off' about how much most Libyans actually loved Khadaffi & that it was actually the FUK-US NATO group that decided he had to be terminated- Then No Wonder they Forced Berlusconi out!


PS: If you remember in 2010 the US all of sudden out of the blue issued a arrest warrant for Roman Pulanski w InterPol for that statutory rape beef- from back in the mid-1970s [Pulanski left the US never to return]. Of course by 2010 the Statute of Limitations had passed decades ago- So I wondered What's the Real Deal Here / What's Up w That??? Then I saw Pulanski's 2010 movie 'The Ghost Writer' & then I knew what it was all about!!!

I guess I missed something

First, sorry!  Second, I have been so sick and tired the redundant conspiracy-theories 'cop-out' that I missed your sarcasm.  When the schleps get pinned down on the facts, they recoil to the cliche.  I really thought we had one of those worms infiltrating here to impugn Mr. Ford's good work.

Apology accepted.

I feel the same weariness and frustration.  I guess that's why I resorted to irony and sarcasm--to throw it  back in the faces of those who use these tedious arguments.

Mr. Ford, Mr. Dixon, Ms. Kimberley, and the rest of the BAR staff do outstanding work and merit our support.

And the work of your namesake should be read by everyone: especially:  The Wretched of The Earth  and Black Skin, White Masks