2 Years on, BP Gulf Disaster Proves Obama Just As Oil-Soaked A Political Stooge as Cheney or Bush

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When the Gulf Disaster happened, President Obama had solid majorities in Congress and a free hand. Instead of using it to protect the public, he grabbed for the favor of oil companies and protected their homicidal, ecocidal practices. Can there be any doubt who Barack really is?

2 Years on, BP Gulf Disaster Proves Obama Just As Oil-Soaked A Political Stooge as Cheney or Bush

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When you knock your cup of coffee over, that's a spill. When a giant oil company orders employees worldwide to evade safety protocols, and incinerates eleven people and discharges anywhere between 300 million and one billion gallons of toxic oil crude and carcinogenic “dispersants” into the air, water, fish, wildlife and people of the Gulf region, it's not a spill. It's a calculated act of murderous, ecocidal vandalism. It's a criminal conspiracy.

When you take pro-active steps to conceal the extent and effects of a murderous criminal conspiracy, steps like lying to the public about the amount of toxins discharged, or using the Coast Guard, the US Navy, federal and local law enforcement to prevent reporters or the public from flying over open waters, wetlands or beaches to gauge the extent of the disaster, you're a participant in the murderous criminal conspiracy.

When you're running for president, and you know giant oil companies have long histories of disregarding public safety, and you make campaign promises to restrict their reckless practices and you shed the promises like old lizard skins once in office in return for big wads of campaign cash you are every bit as much an oil-soaked partner in crime as Dick Cheney and George Bush were when they were in power.

When you restrict the damages recoverable from BP's holdings on five or six continents to just what can be paid for out of its Gulf revenues, you're protecting your cronies, not the public, and ensuring that BP's reckless operations in the gulf of Mexico will continue till more fish, wildlife and livelihoods are destroyed and until more people die in the next preventable disaster. And when you further protect the oil-soaked corporate criminals from liability by appointing the same clown to manage claims against BP that managed claims at the World Trade Center on 9-11, you can't be taken seriously as anything but another oil-soaked corporate stooge yourself.

When the Gulf disaster started and for seven months afterward, President Obama had whopping majorities in both houses of Congress, along with a mandate in the polls to rein in offshore drilling and a host of other homicidal and ecocidal practices of the energy industry. But this president does not use his political capital for the people or the environment or the noble but vague promises he makes on this or that issue from time to time. For another seven months, House Republicans couldn't even call a meeting without Democratic permission, and Senate Republicans could have been steamrolled with minimal effort. But Barack Obama and his Democrats passed no new laws, promulgated no new executive decisions to regulate Big Oil.

Two years after the Gulf Disaster, instead of seeking a corporate death penalty against BP, Haliburton and its co-conspirators, the Obama Justice Department has indicted a single mid-level BP engineer for erasing emails. Can there be any doubt now that our First Black President is nothing but a cynical and relentless liar, a corporate stooge in blackface who expects black and progressive Americans to have his back, while he stabs repeatedly us in ours?

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Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report. He lives and works in Marietta GA, and is a state committee member of the Georgia Green Party. Contact him at bruce.dixon(at)blackagendareport.com.


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Fukushima & Link Between 'Peaceful' Nuke & Nuke Weapons- Progs

RE: A some-what different yet related topic to the on-going BP Gulf Oil disaster. It's regarding the on-going Fukushima nuke disaster. Shortly after the triple Fukushima melt-down & spent fuel fire, after it was revealed that Fukushima's stricken reactors were using MOX fuel- there's been some speculation if Fukushima housed a secret Nuke weapons prog.

Well Global Research TV & The DC Bureau's Joseph Trento recently did an expose' on the US & Japan conspiring on a secret & illegal Japanese Nuke {weapons} Prog [see: http://tv.globalresearch.ca/2012/05/secret-usjapan-nuclear-program -&- www.dcbureau.org/201204097128/national-security-news-service/united-states-circumvented-laws-to-help-japan-accumulate-tons-of-plutonium.html ].

Besides showing how the US & Japan conspired to break both US, Japanese & International law while building Japan's Covert Nuke [weapons] Prog, the article & video expose' make it clear that nearly all so-called 'peaceful' 'civillian' Nuke power progs are just PR cover-stories- That nuke power facilities are neither peaceful nor civillian -&- That they are almost always linked to a nuke weapons prog & otherwise make little sense economically [IE: Nuke power is neither cheap, clean nor safe]! Like-wise for so-called 'civillian' space progs [IE: NASA] being just PR cover-stories for the development of ICBM missile progs [to deliver nuke war-heads] & also military spy & communications- command & control satellite progs. This means that the NPT & IAEA allowance for & even promotion of so-called 'peaceful civillian' nuke progs while claiming their objective is to prevent nuke weapons proliferation, is at best  contradictory & an oxymoron- if not out-right dis-info!    

Besides its illegality, the other reason why the joint Japan / US Nuke [weapons] Prog was/is covert, is that the Japan People would reject it- in the wake of Japan being Nuked by the US [IE: Hiroshima & Nagasaki]! Ironically Fukushima could ultimately cause at-least as much, if not MORE, Damage to Japan & beyond [especially to the USA's west coast] than the nuking of Hiroshima & Nagasaki! 


And remember Obama made foot in the mouth statements assuring the safety & reliabilty of both deep-sea oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico & of Nuke power just weeks before BP's Gulf Oil disaster & the Fukushima disaster! 

Greg Palast posted a piece @ Global Research on April 19th,  which showed that a yr or so before BP's gulf Oil disaster, BP had a prelude to the disaster at one of its oil-rigs in the Caspian Sea- Where the cement oil well cap failed & the rig was engulfed in a methane gas could [just like what happened in the Gulf]- leading to an emergency evac- BUT In that earlier case the gas cloud & rig didn't explode. Of course BP hid this info when it sought approval for deep-sea Gulf oil drilling- effectively lying about its safety record for such drilling.

Like-wise there was a prelude to Fukushima that TEPCO, the IAEA & the international MSNM News outlets covered-up / hushed-up, when in 2007 another Japanese earth-quake [w no tsunami] damaged another Japanese Nuke power plant- leading to significant release of radiation into the environment. There always a warning before destruction!