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The “Obscene 14” House NSA Negroes

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    If only half of the “Obscene 14” Black members of Congress had voted against NSA telephone spying, “the Bush-Obama surveillance regime would have been dealt its first serious setback in more than a decade of fascism-in-the-making.” Their treachery is deadly. “African Americans, more than any other U.S. constituency, have an existential interest in ending the Surveillance State.”


    The “Obscene 14” House NSA Negroes

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    They are more than useless; they have chosen the side of the enemy.”

    Last week, 14 Black members of the U.S. House indelibly marked themselves as tools of the Surveillance State, wholly unfit to represent any African American constituency. The “Obscene 14” aligned with Democratic and Republican leadership to narrowly defeat (217-205) a bill that would have defunded the National Security Agency’s program to spy on the telephones of every American household. Had only half of these U.S. House Negroes acted in accordance with the overwhelming sentiments of their constituents – and with the historical Black Consensus on peace and social justice – the Bush-Obama surveillance regime would have been dealt its first serious setback in more than a decade of fascism-in-the-making. All 14 should be excised, like a malignancy, from the African American polity.

    The Black people of Texas are especially ill-served. All four Black congressional representatives – Al Green, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and newcomer Marc Veasey – voted with the NSA spies and their current boss in the White House, as did three of the four Georgia Black lawmakers: Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson, and David Scott. Two of Florida’s three Black congresspersons pledged allegiance to universal surveillance: Corrine Brown and Frederica Wilson.

    Full List of the Obscene 14:

    Terri Sewell (AL)

    Corrine Brown (FL)

    Frederica Wilson (FL)

    Sanford Bishop (GA)

    Hank Johnson (GA)

    David Scott (GA)

    Robin Kelly (IL)

    Donald Payne Jr. (NJ)

    Gregory Meeks (NY)

    G.K. Butterfield (NC)

    Al Green (TX)

    Sheila Jackson Lee (TX)

    Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX)

    Marc Veasey (TX)

    Five of the shameless lawmakers openly advertise themselves as “progressives.” Florida’s Frederica Wilson and Corrine Brown, Texas’ Eddie Bernice Johnson and Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Georgia’s Hank Johnson, are members of the Progressive Congressional Caucus, where Jackson-Lee serves as a vice chair. But then, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who bullied a minority of her party into line with the president and House Republican leadership, was once upon a time a co-chair of the PCC. (Steven Horsford, the Nevada Black Congressman, is also a PCC member. He failed to vote on the NSA bill.)

    Nearly two-thirds of the Congressional Black Caucus were in their right minds last week. Among the 25 “yes” votes for defunding the NSA program were, commendably, Rep. James Clyburn, the South Carolina lawmaker who serves as House Assistant Democratic Leader, but balked at towing Pelosi’s and Obama’s line, and North Carolina’s Mel Watt, who awaits confirmation as the new head of Federal Housing Finance Agency, for which he will need a full court press from the White House.

    The Cardinal Sin

    In making common cause with the Surveillance State, the Obscene 14 have thrown in their lot with same forces that have, for the past two generations, placed Black America under hyper-surveillance – the foundation of both mass Black incarceration and the social environment that allows the stalking and murder of hundreds of innocent Black people every year in the United States. African Americans, more than any other U.S. constituency, have an existential interest in ending the Surveillance State. In that struggle, the Obscene 14 and their ilk are more than useless; they have chosen the side of the enemy, and will inevitably commit more treachery.

    All 14 should be excised, like a malignancy, from the African American polity.”

    Back in October of 2002, only four members of the Black Caucus voted for George Bush’s War Powers Act, Congress’ consent to the invasion of Iraq. Of the four, only Georgia’s Sanford Bishop – who voted, predictably, for continued NSA bulk telephonic spying – remains in the House; William Jefferson (LA), Harold Ford Jr. (TN) and Albert Wynn (MD) are, thankfully, gone. Yet, 2002’s “Four Eunuchs of War” have been replaced and reinforced in infamy by today’s Obscene 14 – a full third of the CBC. In the intervening decade, the historical Black Consensus on peace and social justice has been assaulted as never before by the massive entrance of corporate money into Black politics, and the ascent of a corporatist Black militarist to the White House – which are, in reality, two aspects of the same phenomenon. The Obscene 14 have chosen their side in the U.S. War Against All. The last place such persons belong is in leadership positions among the people who suffer most from racial and political surveillance.

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

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    Black Legistative Complicity

    True! True!  Baldwin said it best when contemplating the possibility of a future Black president.  He had no delusions of any one Black man's effect on a system feeding on the impoverishment of the many.  The question he posed was what kind of country will that first Black president face.  Will a black face on empire matter?  "The Fire Next Time" may have been vision to him, well, it be fact for us.  We must listen more closely, act with more solidarity.  "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" never died, he just found bigger doors.

    The choice is now and always has been whether to struggle for a seat at the table (a warning: the repaste ain't wholesome), or turning the table to kindling, the china to dust, and consigning the meal to the dogs.

    The Black Quislings on that list of legislators will be right there, as their kind always will, snarling and snapping for the scraps from the table, panting for the bitter dregs from crony capitalists' toasts proclaiming their very destruction.  

    What sniveling Toms! "Oh, the mendacity!!" sceams Brother Cornel; and, no weaker words can do justice to the selling out behavior these currs typify.  The rest of us should be ashamed for allowing such recrudescences to engorge themselves at our expense, to reproduce, even evolve right before our very eyes!  

    They spout the same baked-over supply side, all boats, bootstrap bullship psuedo-economics as the scoundrels that came before, scambling over the less fortunate of their people; or,the less ethically adroit, or conscience-riven, of their confreres.

    Peace, Death to the Prison State,

    Djalea Masai


    House Nigger III

    I submitted evidence of economic crimes against the African American race in the form of market manipulation of commodities we traded "on line", to Congressman "Lacy Clay", and The Congressional Black Caucus.  They submitted it to the DOJ, who told them to call the FBI. This form of earning income would enable any qualified African American to earn an income at home on his or her personal computer, and that's why it was of the utmost importance to the Bush Administration to destroy me and my family as African American "on line" commodity traders.

    This evidence spanned a period of 5 years and even involved "Senator Barack Obama" and The Congressional Black Caucus.  When the Bush Administration could no longer manipulate the markets we traded, they enlisted the aid of "Senator, Barack Obama" who seduced many members of The Black Caucus to vote for a bill that enabled the Bush Administration to manipulate a market they could no longer manipulate alone.

    After that incident, which involved the S&P 500, we traded the long bond, that's the 30 year Treasury Bond.  George Bush, Ben Bernanke, and Dick Cheney; manipulated that market by buying trillions of dollars of bonds and running the market up so fast that we last over 10,000. dollars almost immediately.  This was done between November and December of 08, after Barack Obama had been elected president and before he took office.  That devalued the dollar so much that it destroyed the economy during his first term in office; while it appeared that the price of gas and food went up right after he took office, the reality was, "the value of the dollar went down".

    It took Barack Obama over 4 years to discover this had been done, and that's when he fired Ben Bernanke.  If you recall, Obama spent his first four years on Air Force One, flying around the world giving speeches.  That action in regard to Bernanke confirmed that him and Eric Holder were made totally aware of all the detailed evidence in regard to the Bush Administration's economic crimes directed against the African American race.  While he said we can't look back, this month, he managed to look back and grant immunity to George W. Bush for Iraq War Crimes, while Chelsea Manning is serving time for revealing those very same war crimes.

    Let me tell you, I am one angry Black man; me and my family are impoverished as a result of economic crimes committed against us, with the intent of denying the knowledge of "on line" commodity trading to the African American race.  And even after we submitted detailed evidence of those crimes to The Congressional Black Caucus, who submitted it the DOJ, we have not even gotten a response.  That's what Barack Obama, and Eric Holder have done for us, and in essence, the entire African American race.

    House Niggers

    I have absolutely no objection to that particular term because it's so applicable.

    the gentleman"s agreement york/scottish

    quote "the two parties have combined against us to nullify our power by a gentleman's agreement of non-recognition, no matter how we vote... may God write us down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either the Republican or the Democratic Parties."W.E.B Dubois (1922) now ask yourself what god are you praying to that would have you looking like an ass.

    Noodles for N******

    Noodles:  Now U know Oprah does NOT want u saying that word. Of course, we have white ones and black ones, like OPRAH.

    Just be assured that after "Whitey" has used the poor souls, they will be the first to go.  I wonder what black policemen think.  They will go too whenever they are useless to white empire.

    N word, B word

    I don't use words like "nigger", "whitey", or "bitch" and don't want to associate with people who do.

    Once I was the only non-black person in a gathering  of some dozen plus people and there was a quite amiable discussion about race. 

    Some of my friends were tossing the word around.  I remarked that I disliked the word even when black people said it and I was greeted by a chorus of "Thank you!" mostly by the women in the group, but also by many men.

    When I taught 4th, 5th grade, and Jr. High students, I would chastise those who used the word although without being too sanctimonious.  One 5th grader had a tee-shirt with the word "bitch" on it.  I explained to her that the word was usually used by people who hate women.

    Keith, this is by no means a criticism of you.  You're a very good human being and I value your posts.



    It's OK.

    Seems we are apart on several issues if I remember correctly.

    So u are White.  Me too. Use of the n word should be no problem for people. When whites use it we know they are racists.  I live in Alabama and it is in always included in the vocabulary when the old old boy whiteys get together.  They blame everything on people of color.

    The South will rise again and it is going to be so ugly.  These people are all about hatred.  Check this guy out.  The South is worse.




    How in the hell

    do people stoop so low.  It is the same as any scam you can point to.  

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