Roland Martin: That Hustla Ova There Tryna Sell Us School Privatization

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Roland Martin pretends to be a journalist. But what does a guy do when the one percent won't pay for an informed public? Roland is a hustla for hire, and he's found a dependable set of clients. Roland is all about blackening up and selling us the destruction and privatization of public schools, which is what both elite Democrats and Republicans want. Journalists tell the truth without fear or favor. Hustlas do what they're paid to do, and the charter school sugar daddies pay well.

The Second Phase of the propaganda Fake News War: Economic Strangulation. What Comes Next?

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

Frustrated and outraged at how reality has turned out, the ruling class denizens of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential tent are lashing out at truth-tellers. “Fake news” is whatever contradicts their lies, and Russia is their all-purpose boogeyman. “Google and Facebook have joined theri corporate media compatriots in an attempt to limit the public’s access to alternative news analysis and independent investigative reporting.”

Freedom Rider: Bye Melissa

by BAR editor and columnist Margaret Kimberley

When Melissa Harris-Perry publicly announced her resignation from MSNBC, the cable network that serves as the Democratic Party's house organ, she vowed not to be tokenized or silenced. But of course, the rich owners can silence whoever they want with the flip of a switch, just as Harris-Perry tried “to silence black people” and Edward Snowden “if doing so suited the purposes of the system in general or the Obama White House in particular.”

Freedom Rider: The New York Times Covers Up American Role in Refugee Suffering

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Like its corporate media cousins, the New York Times uses the global refugee crisis to spread propaganda on behalf of the U.S. government, which created the crisis in the first place. The Times scrupulously omits the facts of U.S. complicity in destroying the displaced people’s homelands, while pretending to empathize with the refugee’s plight. It is journalism in service of Power, not Truth.

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

By Jeremy Malcolm

The TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership is a body of secret law so odious that the Obama administration seeks to enact it into law without its content made known to the public for 5 years afterward. The only way the public can know what it contains is for courageous whistleblowers to steal and deliver it to real journalists like those at Wikileaks, which has now released the final draft of TPP's “intellectual property” section. It's not good news...

US Imperialism's Corporate Media Circus: Lions, Rap Beefs, and the Psychology of Oppression

by Danny Haiphong

Social media, like conventional print and broadcast media, are tools in the hands of the owning class. Consumers of these media are distracted and miseducated with lies, irrelevant nonsense and phony battles between highly paid minstrels like Drake and Meek Mill, both of whom “play for the same corporate team.”

A Racially Blind Night in the Life of the “P”BS Newshour

by Paul Street

The rich son of the owner of a major league baseball team seems to have a better understanding of race and class in America than the Black co-anchor of Public Television’s premier news show. John Angelos “placed the real and underlying blame” for unrest in Baltimore “on the investor class’s globetrotting thirst for cheap labor.” Gwen Ifill only wanted to know when the next Orioles home game was scheduled.