Barack Obama, Tell the Truth About Ethiopia!

Alemayehu G. Mariam

Last month, President Obama declared that Ethiopia has a “democratically elected government.” That is the country where, in May elections, the ruling party won all the 547 seats in parliament, thrashing all the 78 other parties. If there ever has been an election won by one party by 100 percent that is democratic, then there is indeed the famous purple cow that nobody has ever seen or the pink elephant that people like Obama see often.

Pretty Words, Ugly Actions: The Obama Legacy on Climate Change

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Apart from the times he called himself the president of “clean coal”, President Obama always talked a better climate change game than his Republican opponents. But  his lovely words are overshadowed and outweighed by his actions, which are largely consistent with his Republican and Democratic predecessors, and have mostly served the interests of Big Oil and Big Energy.


Freedom Rider: Obama’s Africa Hypocrisy

By BAR editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

The president's visit to East Africa has been the occasion for the same kind of hypocritical finger pointing Barack Obama usually reserves for his frequent hectoring of Black America, this time using "gay rights" as the standard, It's a standard which he would never use to lecture America's other vassals like the bloodstained beheading backward Saudi regime.

Obama's War Plans Against Venezuela: Another Act of Imperial Desperation

by Danny Haiphong

U.S. manic belligerence towards Venezuela may seem counterproductive, given Washington’s growing isolation in Latin America. But the logic of imperialism dictates that it must destroy the Venezuelan model of economic and political development. “Venezuela is no threat to US ‘national security,’ but its resistance to Empire is a threat to US hegemony.” 

Obama, at War on Three Continents, Threatens Venezuela

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

No sooner does Obama break the ice with Cuban, than he turns up the imperial heat on Venezuela, the other openly socialist government in the hemisphere. “Obama’s assertion that Venezuela is a danger to U.S. national security ranks just short of a declaration of war.”


Obama 2012 Smacks Down Jim Clyburn For Criticizing Bain & Vampire Equity Firms, Obama Supporters Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Fool me once, the saying goes, shame on you. Fool me again --- you know the rest. But what do we call it when Obama supporters willingly deceive themselves about what side of the haves vs have-nots struggle their president is on? And if reports are true that the president has scarcely bothered to call or speak to leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus or even of Democrats in the Congress in months, what does that say about who owns who?


Don't Be Fooled. Cory Booker, Barack Obama & the Whole Black Political Class Love Bain Capital

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Did Newark mayor Cory Booker really cross the Obama campaign when he defended vampire capital companies like Romney's Bain? Or was he just being truer to his own, and Obama's roots than presidents and their surrogates ought to be in an election year?


Five Reasons Drone Assassinations Are Illegal

by Bill Quigley

The United States is engaged in assassination and war crimes by drones in at least five nations around the globe, in violation of both U.S. and international law. It is a campaign of “extrajudicial ultimate death for people who have not been convicted of anything.” Barbarically, “the US also frequently fires drones again at people who show up at the scene of an attack, thus deliberately targeting rescuers and mourners.”

Freedom Rider: Revoke Obama’s Peace Prize


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Never in living memory has a Noble Peace Prize recipient gone on to cause more death and misery than Barack Obama, who now puts hits on U.S. citizens. His foreign policy “successes,” as rated by his supporters, all involve assassinations – he is The Assassinator. Moammar Gaddfi is a singular victim, but so are thousands of Black Libyans and migrants. His killer drones operate in at least six countries, and his Special Forces in more than 75. Meanwhile, WikiLeak’s Julian Assange, who revealed U.S. global crimes, “probably faces a future extradition to the United States when he ought to be honored by the world community.” The whole nation of Norway should be mortified.

Freedom Rider: “War is Peace” Prize

Your New War Presidentby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
Barack Obama is nothing if not a man of “firsts.” America’s first Black president has earned the dubious honor of possibly having delivered the first resoundingly pro-war speech to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. “The new peace prize winner told the world that peace isn’t worth working for and is off the table for his consideration.”

Top Ten Reasons President Obama Should Give Back the Nobel Peace Prize

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
At the Nobel announcement of this year's peace prize a reporter asked the Nobel spokesman “why”, since the man had only been in office less than a year, and had done so little to merit the honor. The spokesman replied that the prize had been given not so much for anything Obama had done, but in the spirit of hope and encouragement, for what he might do.  Maybe.

Militarist Obama and Corporate Nobel: Peaceful Partnership

by Saswat Pattanayak
“Nobel Prizes are offered by the royalists, the status quo upholders, the deniers of class society.” Such people don't want peace, but stability for the existing order. The Nobel Committee prizes continuity above all else. That's why they gave Barack Obama their vote of confidence in his bid to maintain U.S. global domination while shouting less and smiling more. “Barack Obama’s win is the most natural continuation of Nobel Peace Prize tradition.”
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