Organizing, Not Activism: Chicago's Dyett HS Hunger Strikers Mark 11th Day Resisting Closing & Privatization of Their School

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Activism is showing up, speaking out, demonstrating here, tweeting there, disrupting that and blogging that. But activists are only responsible to themselves. Organizing, as Chicago's Jitu Brown points out, is entirely different from mere activism. Organizers are responsible to communities, they raise up leaders from among those who've been told they cannot and do not deserve to win.  #FightForDyett

Rockcat Stadium “Development” Blasted by Glen Ford

Rockcat Stadium “Development” Blasted by Glen Ford

by the editors

Glen Ford blasts the development of the Rockcat Stadium. Ford asserts that the burden of the costs would fall on black and brown communities. Ford connects heavily funded projects like these to ethnic cleansing due to the dynamics of racism in a capitalist system.

A Hurricane without Water: Detroit’s Foreclosure Disaster

by Dianne Feeley

Public policy in Detroit, the nation’s largest majority Black city, seems structured to create blight and force the current population out of their homes. Sixty-two thousand properties are set for foreclosure, this year, more than half of them occupied. “This could result in the displacement of as many as 100,000 Detroiters, or about one seventh of the city’s population.”

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