The Ghosts of Grenfell: Genocide in the Mainland of Capitalism

by Danny Haiphong

The fire that killed an unknown number of mainly Black and Asian Londoners has plunged Britain’s right-wing government deeper into crisis. Brits are connecting the capitalist dots. “Parliament has spent years enforcing austerity cuts on every public service that exists as a safety net for poor and working people,” leaving housing projects like Grenfell unsafe and unsound.

The working class is now united: A report on dissent and democracy in Brazil

Corruption allegations and protests against Brazil's Workers Party and its president Dilma Roussef were widely reported in the US. But since a soft coup ousted the Workers Party and its president a few months ago strikes and protests twice as large are utterly unreported by the US press. Brasil Wire correspondent Brian Mier explains who's in motion and what's at stake in the country with the largest black population outside Africa.

Democrats Fight Trump, the Man, But Not His Austerity and Militarism

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Democrats would surely like to replace Donald Trump at the earliest opportunity. But they show no inclination to fight Trump and his fellow Republicans over obscene military budgets funded by cuts to social programs. Even Bernie Sanders has refused to push for Medicare for All, despite the looming health care catastrophe. It is up to grassroots activists to seize the time -- but too many are caught up in the Democrats' Great Russian Diversion.

Global Capitalism: June 2015 Monthly Update

by Dr. Richard D. Wolff

In the latest installment of his monthly talks in NYC, Marxist economist Richard D. Wolff explains the unfolding pension crisis, the prospects of Seattle's socialst city council rep, unravels some of the webs of deliberate confusion around what capitalism and socialism are and are not, and sheds light upon what the possible ends of our movement might be

Thirty Years of Black Economic Regression

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Black progress in the United States – the kind you can measure in numbers – is a myth. A new study confirms that Blacks have been steadily falling further behind whites in wealth for the past 30 years – which means the Great Black Regression has lasted about twice as long as the brief period of progress in the wake of the Sixties. Short of a revolution, Blacks will never achieve parity with whites.


Detroit on the Auction Block

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

With startling speed, a bankruptcy judge has moved Detroit to the auction block, with the banksters pre-positioned to pick the bones of the Black metropolis. Racism makes Wall Street’s mission infinitely easier. “Detroit is the golden opportunity to shape anti-democratic legal precedents that can be applied, nationwide, with the least resistance from the white American public.”

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