Imperial wars

US imperialism's Upside Down World

by Danny Haiphong

Imperialism’s deep general crisis has become acute in Syria, where Russia has checked the U.S.-led proxy war. So profound is the disarray, Republican Donald Trump says “the US should stand down and allow Russia take out the Islamic State, and concedes that “the Middle East would be more stable had the US left Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi alone.” Confusion reigns in the Empire.

New Mural in D.C.: Shooting the “War Thug” Presidents in the Balls

by Sam Husseini

Some good citizen of Washington committed an act of street justice against the most fearsome gang of thugs imaginable: 11 U.S. presidents. The mass-killers-in-chief were hit with a fusillade of paint balls to the imperial crotch – a low blow to the low-lifes who have terrorized humanity from the White House.

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