"humanitarian" intervention

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and the UK’s Socialist Surge

by Ann Garrison

The resurgence of a more genuinely “left” Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn has lefty Americans wondering if the magic can be exported. It’s not likely, as long as the Democrats can sucker almost everyone to the left of Citibank. The UK may have a leftist prime minister before the U.S. gets a real left party. New elections could be called late this year, “which raises the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister sooner rather than later.”

The Refugee Crisis and the Truth Behind Imperialism's "Humanitarian" Response

by Danny Haiphong

The same imperialist powers whose proxy war created the Syrian refugee crisis claim a “humanitarian” responsibility to wage more war against the country – “a reworking of the centuries-old imperialist logic that US and European domination brings ‘civilization’ and ‘democracy’ to the native.” Europe will now reap the whirlwind of blow-back, “this time in the form of uncontrollable migration.”

Has Terrorism Stepped into Africa’s Political Void?

by Mark P. Fancher

As AFRICOM, the U.S. military command, wraps its tentacles around the continent and jihadist organizations spread mayhem and massacre, Africa sometimes seems to have lost its internal political compass. “In the absence of sustained revolutionary organizing, desperate, confused, oppressed individuals have unfortunately responded to terrorists’ calls to arms.”

The NYT Turns a Blind Eye While the Clintons and Mexico's Richest Man Feast on Haiti

by Ezili Dantò

The corruption that surrounds U.S.-backed Haitian President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly is deeply entwined with the billion dollar deals revolving around Bill and Hillary Clinton and a Mexican billionaire. Martelly now rules by decree, while the Clintons prepare to reoccupy the White House. President Obama’s legacy is that he and Hillary “finished the Bushes’ project to destroy democracy and installed outright dictatorship back into Haiti.”

Renters: The Other Housing Crisis

by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

The more than half of Black Americans that pay rent are the butt end of government housing policy. The U.S. makes a religion out of home ownership, but “only 4.5 million renters in this country receive some level of government subsidy. Public housing, always treated as a pariah, could wind up on the auction block under President Obama’s PETRA plan. “By forcing local authorities to take out private loans and mortgages against the value of [public housing] properties, they run the risk of those properties being lost to the banks in the case of default.”

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