Fidel Castro

Fidel’s Legacy to the World on Theory and Practice

by Arnold August

People who know nothing about history or politics try to frame Fidel Castro as a stereotypical doctrinaire communist. The opposite is true: Castro has been described as “the anti-dogmatist par excellence.” He had an extraordinary ability to link theory and practice “like no other revolutionary of the 20th and early 21st centuries.” Castro seized “the moment based on the needs and aspirations of the vast majority of Cuban people at any given time.”

A Eulogy for Fidel

by Danny Haiphong

Fidel was a political giant, to whom the U.S. left is indebted, “not only because he and the Cuban people have protected Black revolutionaries such as Assata Shakur, Robert Williams, and Huey Newton from US government persecution.” The revolution he led built “a new society and a new people rooted in the principles of Marxism.”

Barack and Fidel: A Beyond Bizarre Comparison

by Netfa Freeman

It is laughable – or pitiful – to compare Barack Obama to Fidel Castro. The fundamental truth is: “Barack Obama is the president of imperialism, PERIOD. By necessity he must be a mass murdering, lying, enemy of humanity. It is an unspoken prerequisite for that job. Fidel Castro is the opposite, PERIOD.” That’s why a long line of U.S. presidents has tried to assassinate Castro over 600 times, and committed 1,000 acts of terror against his people.

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