Unworthy Victims: Houthis in Yemen and Hutus in Burundi

by Ann Garrison

The U.S. reserves for itself the right to decide which nations and peoples are worthy to exist. Washington gives thumbs down to Hutus, who make up the vast majority in Burundi and Rwanda, and condemns the Houthis, a significant part of Yemen’s population. “The U.S. and its allies have deemed the Tutsis to be ‘worthy victims,’ the Hutus ‘unworthy victims.’” The same goes for Houthis targeted for death by the Saudis.

African Union Refuses to Invade Burundi


by Ann Garrison

The African Union has reversed its decision to send 5,000 “peacekeepers” to Burundi, at the instigation of the U.S. and Europeans. The real threat to Burundi comes from neighboring Rwanda, which is training an army of refugees to invade Burundi. Why did the AU have a change of heart? “Member nations no doubt realized that if they authorized the deployment without Burundi's consent, unwelcome AU troops might be sent across their borders as well.”

Rwanda Conscripts Burundian Refugees into New “Rebel Force”: An Interview with Jeff Drumtra

by Ann Garrison

Rwandan Tutsi dictator Paul Kagame came to power as a leader of a Uganda-based rebel army that invaded Rwanda, plunging the nation a into civil war that ended in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Now Kagame’s Rwanda is recruiting refugees from neighboring Burundi into a rebel army that will eventually invade Burundi. Another “genocide” could be in the making – with full U.S. knowledge and collaboration.

Like Syria, Burundi is a War Theater: The China-Russia Axis vs. the US-EU Axis

by Didas Gasana

There is no doubt that the U.S.-led unipolar global order is facing stiff competition from the East. The BRICS block, especially Russian and China, so far presents to the U.S. the most difficult challenge since the U.S. rise to global supremacy. “Deep down in the center of sub-Saharan Africa, Burundi is Africa’s Syria.”

Africa’s Problem from Hell: Samantha Power

by Ann Garrison

Barack Obama will likely be remembered by history as the president that honed “humanitarian” intervention into a favored weapon of regime change. Samantha Power is the trigger. The U.S. Ambassador to the UN has set her sites on Burundian President Nkurunziza, five of whose high party members have already been assassinated.

Authoritarian African Leaders with a Thin Veneer of Democratic Legitimacy

by Ann Garrison

The U.S. and its genocidal allies, Uganda and Rwanda, sought to destabilize the government of Burundi by painting its elected president as power hungry. President Pierre Nkurunziza seeks a third term in office. The leaders of Uganda and Burundi, as well as neighboring DR Congo, have all served long than Nkurunziza, but imperial stooges are accorded special privileges.

Somalia Recolonized – With African Help

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Since at least 2006, Somalia has been the focus of the United States’ drive for military domination of Africa, with other African states lining up to join in the bloody, neocolonial feast. Sierra Leone is the latest. “Sierra Leone’s soldiers have become cogs in the imperial reconquest of Africa, with Somalia as ground zero.”

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