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“Think Through the Implications of Our Actions”: an Open Letter to Rep. Barbara Lee

by Norman Solomon

Et tu, Barbara Lee? The only member of Congress to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan appears to have gone over to the dark side with a tweet expressing outrage at President Trump’s willingness to meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The author urges Lee not “to participate in a profoundly irresponsible meme that castigates instead of encourages diplomatic discourse between the highest levels of the American and Russian governments.”

Under Amazon’s CIA Cloud: The Washington Post

by Norman Solomon

When the national political “newspaper of record” is owned by a business partner of the CIA, every word on its pages should be suspect. Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos is in financial bed with a cloak and dagger agency that tells lies for living, yet the public is expected to believe his newspaper. Bezos’ technicians at Amazon are building information “clouds” for the CIA -- while his reporters discharge clouds of disinformation at the Post.

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