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In the Light of African Liberation Day Imperialist Rats Will Run Away

by Mark P. Fancher

The heroic African guerilla struggles against colonialism are history. The African present is dominated by AFRICOM, the U.S. military octopus with tentacles deep in the militaries of supposedly independent African states. “If Africa’s enemies have retreated like cowardly rats to the safety of their offices and boardrooms, then it’s time for us to drag their deliberations and plans out into the light of day -- African Liberation Day.”

The AFRICOM Snake Slithers into the Lake Chad Basin

by Mark P. Fancher

Ever since NATO’s 2011 regime change in Libya, the U.S. military command, AFRICOM, has had free rein in most of the continent. Boko Haram “terrorism” provides an excuse to intervene, but AFRICOM’s real aim is to secure U.S. control of African economic resources. “It took only the suggestion of potential oil reserves to inspire a U.S. military plan for the success of the oil exploration efforts of the Nigerian government” in the Lake Chad region.

The New Black Maroons to America: “We Quit!”

by Mark P. Fancher

Just as slave runaways made common cause with Native Americans in resistance to white settlers, U.S. Blacks should reciprocate the solidarity offered by Cuba, Venezuela and Palestinians, as well as providing whatever assistance is possible to progressive and revolutionary forces in Africa. However, “the task of political disengagement” from the rigged U.S. process “demands assurance that the community is not embarking on a journey into the abyss.”

Will U.S. Troops Become the Ethiopian Government’s Thugs?

by Mark P. Fancher

Ethiopia’s authoritarian regime, dominated by elites of the Tigrayan ethnic group, faces growing protest by the Oromo and Amhara people, who together make up the majority of the population. Even the U.S. admits that the regime is a serious violator of human rights, yet the U.S. is Ethiopia’s main military ally. Given the glaring contradictions, it is fair to ask: “Will U.S. troops be called into Ethiopia to do battle with civilian protesters?”

AFRICOM: Ready to Sabotage the Revolution

by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. Military Command in Africa, AFRICOM, is the West’s standing army on the continent, guardian of multinational corporations and the natural and human resources that keep the North America and Europe on top. AFRICOM claims its mission is “anti-terrorism” – a catch-all, “convenient excuse for AFRICOM to interfere with legitimate efforts to achieve African self-determination.”

O.J.’s Journey From Super Nigger to Bad Nigger

by Mark P. Fancher

In hindsight, the OJ Simpson trial – the real one, not the flurry of recent documentaries – marked a watershed for White America and its privileges. It was a time when a wealthy former super nigger with a “smooth-talking” Black lawyer won acquittal in the death of two whites over the near-unanimous objections of white people, nationwide.  “The unthinkable occurred when a bunch of bad niggers on a jury let a bad nigger go free.”

Colonialism in Michigan’s Little Africa

by Mark P. Fancher

The rulers of Michigan believed the quickest path to economic development was to place the state’s Black cities under the control of a single, appointed emergency manager. The policy is domestic colonialism in practice, “an implicit – but distinct – embrace of the idea that people of color are inferior, incompetent” – and disposable.

Big Business, Big Guns and Big Lies in Africa

by Mark P. Fancher

Africa has been invaded and re-occupied, militarily and commercially. “Non-African superpowers are competing for and staking claims to Africa’s resources while Africans look on with helpless resignation.” The U.S. military holds sway from the Cape to Cairo. But, “in the 21st Century ‘scramble for Africa’ China leads the race.”

Powerless Whites Want “In” On Chitlin’ Politics

by Mark P. Fancher

Why not a Donald Trump run for the White House? With corporations firmly in control of U.S. society, presidents don’t matter much. In recent decades, the job has been “eagerly accepted by: a Georgia peanut farmer; a politician known as “Slick Willie;” a retired actor who once co-starred with a chimp; a former CIA hack and oil man; his ne’er-do-well son; and most recently a black guy with a smooth rap.”

Black Children’s Dreams Crushed on a Field of Nightmares

by Mark P. Fancher

Organized Little League baseball last year stripped Chicago’s champion Jackie Robinson West team of their World Series title. The injustice blends their anguished voices “with those of today’s young black scholars who are unfairly suspended or expelled and then shoved through a school-to-prison pipeline.” Dreams can be great motivators, but “at a certain point a dream can become dangerous self-delusion.”

Dr. Che Guevara’s Prescription for Africa’s AFRICOM Headache

by Mark P. Fancher

With the United States military command in the lead, “western troops and advisors continue their forward march across African.” But continental liberation is still possible: it just requires the spark of a decisive example. “At least one African country should, pursuant to its own national legislation, seize and nationalize all foreign oil operations, mines and processing facilities within its borders.”

Has Terrorism Stepped into Africa’s Political Void?

by Mark P. Fancher

As AFRICOM, the U.S. military command, wraps its tentacles around the continent and jihadist organizations spread mayhem and massacre, Africa sometimes seems to have lost its internal political compass. “In the absence of sustained revolutionary organizing, desperate, confused, oppressed individuals have unfortunately responded to terrorists’ calls to arms.”

Arrogant Western Military Coordination and the New/Old Threat to Africa

by Mark P. Fancher

Euro-American imperialism is now prepared to use raw military force to once again dominate the African continent – with Washington and Paris taking the lead. “In recent years, threats to western economic hegemony in Africa by China, new African self-determination initiatives, terrorism and other developments have prompted western governments to return to Africa with their armies.”

Justice for Eric Garner? From the Justice Department? Don’t Hold Your Breath

by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. Justice Department’s routine refusal to prosecute killer cops is based on an erroneous interpretation of the law. The feds claim that wrongful police homicides cannot be prosecuted unless the cops intended to violate the victim’s constitutional rights. But the federal courts have ruled that such conduct constitutes “‘open defiance’ or ‘reckless disregard’ for the constitutional rights of the victims.

Freedom Rider: The World Must Judge America’s Human Rights Abuses

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

For Black people in America, getting justice has little or nothing to do with facts or evidence or common sense. White supremacy trumps all, even if the president and the top federal lawman are Black. “Obama and attorney general Eric Holder have no intention of prosecuting police murder, no matter what videos or other evidence show.”

The CIA is No Stranger to Africa – But We Wish It Was

by Mark P. Fancher

The CIA’s activities in Africa go and in hand with the huge U.S. military offensive on the continent. The agency “has maintained a continuing presence on the African continent into the 21st Century, engaging in various nefarious activities, including supporting foes of the Gadhafi government in Libya.”

From Puppet Soldiers to Puppet Journalists: AFRICOM Grows Its War Machine

by Mark P. Fancher

AFRICOM’s primary project is to transform the militaries of the continent into dependencies and pawns of U.S. foreign policy. It’s second most import objective is the hide Washington’s actual intentions behind a “humanitarian” mask – such as participating in the search for Nigerian schoolgirls from Boko Haram. Some African journalists are eager to be part of the ruse.

The Field Negroes’ Agenda: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation

by Mark P. Fancher

The author believes African liberation and the fall of U.S. imperialism can be achieved by triumph of the “Three R’s”: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation. In terms of day to day struggle, that translates as “pressuring the U.S. military out of Africa, assisting on the return of Africa’s land and mineral wealth to Africans, and supporting the unity of a truly independent African continent.”


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