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Freedom Rider: Reagan Wins in 2008

FRReaganCrazyHandsby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The ten-man GOP
presidential candidates debate was yetFRall GOPcandidates another opportunity for Republicans to "openly indulge in their love of racism, violence and
control" - and for corporate media to demonstrate their eager complicity as
hate-mongers. The suited mob demonized Muslims, threatened Iran with
annihilation, and advanced the notion that "pregnant women have no rights that
a white male office seeker need respect." Ronald Reagan's malevolent ghost
still haunts the land.

Freedom Rider: “These People Frighten Me”

FRgravelPrezMicby editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel is right to be scared
of most of the Democratic fieldBARobamaFaceSmall of presidential candidates. Except for Ohio
Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the contenders jockey for the title of
most-likely-to-attack-Iran. Impeachment "is the only way to discredit
Republicans enough to insure a Democratic victory in 2008," but House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi will hear none of that. Even if the Democrats somehow triumph,
nothing much will change, because the frontrunners are all beholden to Big
Money and enthralled with war.  

Freedom Rider: Seung-Hi Cho and John McCain

by BAR Editor
and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

FRMcCainHatGlasses Senator John McCain, a man who would be
president, thinks it's funny to joke about bombing Iranians. McCain shares a
moral sickness with many others in positions of power - most notably, George W.
Bush. Yet the relative silence surrounding McCaiFRChoPhoton's macabre behavior is also an
indictment of a society that casually contemplates mass murders of Others,
while holding days of national mourning for their own dead. Cho was a sick man,
in excruciating psychic pain. McCain and his ilk treat truly mass murder as

Freedom Rider: Black America and Palestine

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

PalestinianDeadKidParentAfrican Americans are the group that most supports the rights of Palestinians to be treated justly - which makes Blacks the most vulnerable targets of the Israel lobby. Effectively controlling the U.S. Congress, the Israel lobby creates endless enemies for the United States, abroad, endangering every American citizen. Yet an imposed silence prevents any semblance of national dialogue on the subject. Relentlessly, the Israel lobby launches political "hit men" to attack anyone who challenges the U.S. alliance with the Zionist State.

Freedom Rider: Harold Ford, Enemy of Black America

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyHaroldFordGoodOldBoy

The leopard never changes his spots. Such is the case with
Harold Ford, Jr., the darling of the corporate media and the rightwing of the
Democratic Party, who was rewarded for his fawning dedication to white
supremacy with a corporate-financed appointment as chairman of the Democratic
Leadership Council (DLC). The DLC was created in the mid-Eighties by white
southern Democrats to suppress the growing power of Black voters in the South.
In former Memphis congressman Harold Ford, they have found a champion - the
quintessential enemy of African Americans, in blackface.

Freedom Rider: Torture

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyTortureDogsMan

The American show trials are showing the world
the American ass. Nobody believes the volumes of confessions by Guantanamo and
other CIA prisons confessions - the equivalent of street cops clearing every
case in the book by piling on convictions of plea-bargainers. Having been
forced by world opinion to show at least some vestige of respect for
international law, the U.S. now makes a sham of the modalities of justice.
Terrorists do exist, but they must be convicted by due process - not the end
result of torture.

Freedom Rider: Abortion Rights are Civil Rights

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyfrHYPOCRITSgood

With Black women undergoing abortions at about
four times the rate of white women, it's time that African Americans made
reproductive rights a "Black" issue. Escalating attacks on Roe v. Wade threaten
Black and poor women most of all, yet Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both use
"weasel words" when defending abortion rights. Meanwhile, "anti-abortion
racketeers" employ African Americans like Alveda King, niece of the late civil
rights leader, to give the impression that Blacks are anti-choice. Black
leadership is challenged to "speak up," especially "when bad preachers and
right wing cash comes calling."

Freedom Rider: Andrew Young’s Nobel War Prize

ObasanjoShadyRobedby BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyAndyYoungOldAss

Andrew Young, the former ambassador, mayor, congressman and aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, "is now nothing more than a whore for corporations and crooked kleptocrats."  As a globe-trotting public relations man and political fixer, Young is the Black go-to guy for a long list of predatory corporations. His latest project is to secure the Nobel Peace prize for Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, head of one of the world's most corrupt regimes.

The Hearts of Darkness: How European Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa

Part Eight, Conclusion

OAUflagby Milton Allimadi

In the last installment of the author's book,
serialized in BAR, he documents the more recent machinations of the New York
and other U.S. publications in service of continued European and
American domination of the African continent. "Blacks are considered inferior "by the people who run
the Times, NigeriaPMTimeMagCover"here and wherever they are," said a former African American
reporter for the newspaper. Now, as in the days when Western writers first
popularized the image of Africans as inhuman "savages," media insist on
referring to the various peoples of the continent as "tribes" - a deliberate
implication that Africans are "primitive
or barbaric peoples," and one that makes as much sense as calling the
Scots and Welsh "tribes" of Britain.

Freedom Rider: Michelle Malkin and Dinesh D’Souza - Fascists of Color

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist
Margaret Kimberley

White supremacy,
sensing the need of repackaging itself for consumption in polite company,
partially fills the demand for racist bile by outsourcing to mercenary writers
of color. Michelle Malkin and Dinesh D'Souza - of Filipino and
Indian descent, respectively - are top
guns of the genre, ever eager to slander non-whites, especially Blacks, as
threats to Euro-American white "civilization." For premium fees, Malkin and
D'Souza act as trusted Gunga Dins and shock troops for fascism.

Freedom Rider: Crazy, Greedy White Men

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Bush administration is a putrid swamp of career criminals, who operate with impunity both inside and outside the boundaries of the executive branch of government. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld camps in offices just outside the Pentagon, an “unpaid” consultant with seven paid staffers and full access to “secrets” he may have invented in the first place. Vice President Dick Cheney’s career is built on mountains of mega-lying over decades. In the Bush world, criminal insanity is eminently rational.

Freedom Rider: Top Ten Questions for Would Be Presidents

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley


Although only Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, among Democratic presidential hopefuls, can rightfully claim to be a progressive, the rest of the pack will eventually have to face scrutiny from the party's grassroots "base." Under no circumstances should the political evaluation process be left to shallow corporate media and celebrity chatter. Ms. Kimberley has assembled a list of ten questions with which to challenge the candidates, ranging from Katrina to Iraq to national health care.

Freedom Rider: America the Stupid

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

The chairman of one of the most powerful committees in
the Texas legislature thinks the sun and planets revolve around the Earth. A
U.S. congressman cites Davy Crockett at the Alamo to justify the Iraq war.
America's collective IQ is fatally undermined by the worship of white
supremacy, religious fundamentalism and capitalism - a core belief in "manifest
destiny" that fuels aggressive wars against other nations and opposes reality,
itself. The problem isn't just the Bush gang and the corporate media: it's the
people, stupid!

Freedom Rider: Medical Apartheid

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley

TuskegeePatientBlack and brown children continue to be used as medical guinea pigs in the United States - the clearest evidence that white supremacist ideology is alive and well. From the gruesome experiments on Black slaves in the pre-Emancipation South, to the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study, to drug "research" in the present day, American society remains all too willing to treat Black minds and bodies as less than human.

Freedom Rider: Racism, Fascism at CNN and ABC

by BAR Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret KimberleyBurningwcrowd

Racist and fascist speech is alive and well, transmitted over the airwaves and cables of major U.S. media. Hosts who call for the burning alive, torture and lynching of minorities and leftists are paid big bucks to spread hate, while bloggers who ‘out’ the culprits can be shut down.

Freedom Rider: Phony Terror and Black America

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Bush men's scheme to conquer the world, starting with Iraq, is dead in the water, having been thwarted by the Iraqi resistance. However, the domestic component of the offensive continues to roll up a body count of hapless "terror" suspects who, in fact, have hatched no real "plots" nor have any capability of carrying out actual attacks. Entrapment and sting operations, utilizing criminals as agentFRterrorplotLogo provocateurs, are designed to make the U.S. a "State of Fear." True to historical form, the feds ensnare the "usual suspects" - Blacks and Muslims - while leaving Timothy McVeigh's white conspiratorial brethren free to pursue their murderous missions.


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