Was Libya a Mistake or a Planned Imperialist Catastrophe?

by Danny Haiphong

The U.S.-led regime change in Libya failed to create a new regime, but did succeed in killing thousands of people and destroying the economy and infrastructure of Africa’s most prosperous society. “Imperialism’s Libya debacle ignited chaos throughout the region that it can no longer control.” Obama’s “mistake” was his failure to harness the events he set in motion. “Obama wasn't regretful because it happened, but because he got caught.”

Libya: Hillary’s War, the Empire’s Mistake

by Farooque Chowdhury

There is no question that Hillary Clinton was the main culprit in the destruction of Libya. However, it was the Empire’s war, not Hillary’s. She was simply the chief instigator in the Obama regime. One can also identify the Libya aggression as a part of Obama’s Africa War, which has claimed millions of lives. Obama blames his allies and his advisors, but the Libya disaster shows the Empire – while still horribly lethal – is in a state of decay.

Hundreds Arrested in Washington’s “Democracy Spring”

by Chris Hedges

The corporate media has staged a blackout of massive protests against the rule of the rich, involving “the largest number of arrests at the Capitol in decades” – just one more example that the nation is in the grips of a “corporate coup d’état.” This “Democracy Spring” sets the stage for a summer of popular discontent. “It is imperative to protest in Cleveland and Philadelphia during the Republican and Democratic conventions later this year.”

Denying Discrimination: Clintonian Political Calculus and the Culture of Hooey

by Linn Washington Jr.

Bill Clinton has been talking B.S. – “hooey” – about race his entire career. At every political juncture, from his days as governor of Arkansas through his two terms as president and including his more recent “apologies” for his mass Black incarceration policies, “Slick Willie” has ignored pleas for criminal justice reform.

Can Cuban Medicine Help Solve American Inequality?

by Sam Loewenberg and Allison Shelley

Cuba, despite its poverty, has achieved its goal of becoming a medical superpower and a model for the world to follow. To date, 134 U.S. citizens have graduated from Cuban medical schools, with 50 more currently in residency.  They get a free, humanitarian education. As one said: “Here, students learn to be both a doctor of science and a doctor of conscience.”

Black Agenda Radio for Week of April 18, 2016

Elections are a “Distraction” – Take it to the Streets

A spokesperson for the group that confronted Bill Clinton on his mass Black incarceration and anti-welfare policies, provoking a 13-minute tirade by the former president, said Bernie Sanders’ campaign is “another distraction, another cop-out from getting in the streets to demand justice.” Megan Malachi, of the Philly Coalition for Racial, Economic and Legal (REAL) Justice, told BAR: “As a coalition, we will not and have not endorsed any candidates, because we believe that electoral politics will not liberate the Black and poor communities. But, we definitely want to take the politicians to task for constantly and consistently betraying the aspirations of poor people.”

“Renounce and Reject” the Black Misleadership Class

Pennsylvania holds its primary election on April 26. Veteran activist and scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro, a co-founder of the Philadelphia-based Black Radical Organizing Committee (BROC), calls it a contest between “Hillary Clinton versus the people.” Monteiro is “convinced that Black people in Philadelphia will express their opposition, not only to Hillary and her corporate 1% backers and her war plans, but they will renounce and reject the Black Misleadership Class.”

Coalition Will Craft a National Black Agenda

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations “intends to move our general struggle forward by initiating an independent Black agenda for self-determination,” said chairman Omali Yeshitela, speaking at a Coalition conference in New York’s Harlem. The process will “culminate with our traditional November rally, march on the White House and national conference, where we will unveil our own agenda, created independent of the participation and wishes of either of the bourgeois political parties.”

One of the Coalition’s principal demands is Black community control of the police. “There has clearly been an intensification of oppression of African people since the Ferguson rebellion, and since Baltimore,” said Diop Olugbala, of the African People’s Socialist Party, a coalition member organization. “Marching, demonstrating, protesting is extremely important,” but not “if it is separated from strategic goals and demands.”

Nellie Bailey, longtime tenants activist and co-host of Black Agenda Radio, told the conference that “housing activists are engaged in class warfare with finance capital for living space. We have to build a national movement that is a broad tent, that will bring in progressive forces” that can unite around principles of unity.



Bill Clinton Insults Blacks in Order to Build Hillary’s “Big Tent” Party

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Bill Clinton’s premeditated assault on Black Lives Matter was part of the strategy to woo White Republican voters to his wife’s “big tent” campaign, in November. Bill jumped the gun, itchy for the Democrats to make their classic rightward shift. He and Hillary share the same political brain. “At some point in the campaign, she was bound to stage a dramatic display of ‘independence’ from Black Lives Matter – or have her husband do it.”

Bernie Sanders Has His Plan B. What's Yours?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

With a crushing Clinton lead in super-delegates it will take a string of miracles for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.  Little children and true believers relying on miracles don't need a Plan B, but Sanders has one.  If he doesn't win the nomination, Bernie has pledged to back the right wing Democrat Hillary Clinton. For those grownups still feeling the Bern, it's time to ask the question. What's YOUR Plan B?

Freedom Rider: Barack, Hillary and the Libya Crime

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It took two warmongering politicians to unleash the “shit storm” that the U.S. created in Libya: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Yet, Clinton, the number two player in the aggression, takes all the weight, while Obama acts as if he was nowhere near the scene of the war crime. Obama takes no responsibility for the terror he has loosed on Africa. “Boko Haram’s strength and ability to terrorize Nigerians is the direct result of the Libyan crime.”

COINTELPRO Alive and Well in Los Angeles

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The rulers of the United States – especially the ones that call themselves Democrats – pretend they are seeking an accommodation with the grassroots movement against police terror. In reality, the State “is intent on breaking the back of the movement” through selective arrests and prosecutions, dirty tricks, disruptions, hyper-surveillance, the mapping of activist social networks and “gathering evidence for conspiracy charges in the future.”


Why Self-Defense Must be Put Back into the Movement Equation

by Danny Haiphong

All peoples have the inherent right to self-defense against the violence of their oppressors. “From the first African slave rebellion in the colonies to the formation of the Black Panther Party, self-defense has been an essential component of the struggle for self-determination.” The Panthers represented a threat to the U.S. state because they exposed the violence that is built into the capitalist system.

O.J.’s Journey From Super Nigger to Bad Nigger

by Mark P. Fancher

In hindsight, the OJ Simpson trial – the real one, not the flurry of recent documentaries – marked a watershed for White America and its privileges. It was a time when a wealthy former super nigger with a “smooth-talking” Black lawyer won acquittal in the death of two whites over the near-unanimous objections of white people, nationwide.  “The unthinkable occurred when a bunch of bad niggers on a jury let a bad nigger go free.”

No Lawyers? No Jail. Judge Demands Constitution Be Respected in Louisiana Public Defender Catastrophe

by Bill Quigley 

The state that incarcerates more people per capita than any other is in blatant violation of the Constitution for failing to provide defendants with an adequate – or any – legal defense. So says a (Black) New Orleans judge, who has ordered the release of defendants that have been denied their right to a lawyer. However, Louisiana seems unrepentant. The state Public Defender’s office is targeted for an additional 66 percent funding cut in a few months.

Without Enchanted Followers: Eusi Kwayana’s Reconsideration of the Jonestown Fiasco

by Matthew Quest

The tragedy of Jonestown was not just an American saga. Most renditions of the Jonestown story tend “to obscure a sincere (but failed) effort at having faith in working toward a new society by one select group of American visitors to Guyana, while papering over the cooperative and internationalist experiments of Guyanese themselves in this same historical period.” The author reviews a new book – and takes a broader look – at the Jonestown experience.

Panama Papers: Denials Expose More Than the Original Exposé

by Farooque Chowdhury

The leak once again reveals how states collude with private interests to protect the criminality of the powerful. How could journalists uncover the Panama Papers while states which carry on surveillance on millions of people, listen to billions of phone calls and read billions of e-mails were apparently unaware of the underhand dealings?

Black Agenda Radio for Week of April 11, 2016

Mississippi Schemes to Dismember Tax Base of Black Capital City

The Republican-run State of Mississippi has moved to seize the City of Jackson’s two airports and a medical services corridor, and is maneuvering to take over the municipal water treatment facility that provides the bulk of the 80 percent Black city’s budget. “They have a full-blown plan for dismembering this city,” said Kali Akuno, of Cooperation Jackson and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The GOP plan went into overdrive with the election of Chokwe Lumumba, arguably the most radical Black mayor in the country, in 2013. But Lumumba died after less than a year in office. If the state succeeds, “there will be very little left to actually govern and to deliver goods and services to the community.”

Blacks Should Stop Going Down the Democratic Party “Rabbit Hole”

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations packed St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, in New York’s Harlem, for a National Conference on the 2016 Elections and Black Self-Determination. BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley told the crowd that Black people have supported “Democrat after Democrat, demeaning and insulting and imprisoning Black people, none of them willing to fight on our behalf, and we pay the price of continuing down the same old rabbit hole, time and time again.”

“Dead End” Capitalism Can’t Provide a Recovery for Workers

Boston-based writer and activist Danny Haiphong said that fractures in both the Republican and Democratic parties are reflections of the general crisis of capitalism. The system is at a “dead end” and cannot “provide a recovery for workers while at the same time exploiting these workers for the surplus value – the profit – it is desperately needs,” said Haiphong, a regular contributor to BAR. “If Bernie Sanders were to win, his ‘New Deal’ program could never be implemented in such an historical epoch.” This creates “so many opportunities for revolutionary struggle.”



Sports Bar Politics and Corporate Duopolies

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

You don’t have to feel “The Bern” to root for Sanders in the primaries, nor must you be a white supremacist to hope that Trump wins the GOP contest. Both campaigns have the potential to fracture the duopoly electoral system that “ensnares the whole U.S. electoral apparatus and ensures that one of the rich men’s parties will triumph at the end of each electoral cycle.” So, cheers for whatever brings chaos and fracture to the duopoly.

Are African Americans “Strategic Voters” Or Are We A Captive Constituency?

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Who drives the Democratic party? Not the black, brown and poor who are its base voters, trapped in its trunk. Black voters in particular are not “strategic voters” so much as captive constituents of the privatizers, gentrifiers, jailers, banksters and military contractors who steer the Democratic party. Our only strategic decision is whether to remain captives or pull the latch and escape from the Democratic wing of the party of the rich.



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