The Old Superpower, She Ain't What She Used To Be

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BAR2SinkingShipThe world is longing to see America, the global schoolyard bully, taken down a peg or three.  In the context of the ongoing financial meltdown, they may not have to wait much longer.

The "Rule of Law" in the Obama Era

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BAR3ObamaEraJPGIn Obama's America, the "rule of law" is nothing that predatory bankers. torturers on the civil service  payroll or the politicians who direct them need fear.

Obama's First Press Conference: Repeating Old Lies, Dodging Old Truths

So how's that "change" thing working out? Are we getting better, or more of the same, and why? In his first press conference, Obama labeled Iran a destabilizing influence in the Middle East because it allegedly sought nuclear weapons, while ignoring the longstanding Israeli nuclear threat to all its neighbors. And the same day, Obama Justice Department lawyers appeared in court to invoke the same defense against investigation of their secret cross-border kidnapping and torture schemes as Bush --- that these widely known activities were "state secrets". Have we heard any of this before?

Reconstructing Black New Orleans: Show Us The Money

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The unavailability of funds to rebuild Black New Orleans while trillions are flung at dishonest and insolvent banks and unjust wars abroad are the clearest proof imaginable  that America's elite intends to  permanently exile hundreds of thousands of African Americans from the Gulf Coast.  It's not a mistake.  It's policy.

Faith Based Obama Expands Corruption of Clergy



The Bush administration flung hundreds of millions of tax dollars at unscrupulous pastors in its effort to build a political patronage machine.  Instead of dismantling this machinery, the Obama administration seems poised to continue this faith-based bribery.
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How Racism Sparked the Financial Crisis

Joe Sims
From who gets loans and credit, to who is deemed worth of "restructuring" or bailouts, to which neighborhoods home buyers are steered to, race has as profound an impact upon real estate, housing, and the fiscal crisis as it does on everything else in this supposedly "post-racial" society.

Freedom Rider: When Will We March Against Obama?

obey"Give Obama a chance." some of his less critical supporters say.  "Do you think you're smarter than Obama?", some of the less polite ones ask.  But those are not the real questions.  The real question is how long it will be before the left wakes up and finds its own voice.  Shut out of Obama's policymaking circles, there are few choices but to speak up.  How long before more of us seek to unambiguously hold the new president and his record accountable?  How long before protesters hit the street?

The World Flees From The American Disease


A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Glen Ford

Waking up to the fundamental dishonesty of the American banking system, based as it is on fictional assets and fictional wealth, other nations are beginning to take steps to isolate themselves from the worst impact of America's troubles, by withdrawing and forgoing investment here, and rejecting further entanglements with the US.

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Medicare-For-All Will Create 2.6 Million New Jobs, Say CA Nurses

cna_study03by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
With the inaguration only two or three weeks behind us, pundits and politicians are already urging us to take our eyes off the health care football while they "fix" the economy.  Promises to enact a universal national health care plan, only a few months old, are being forgotten or openly taken back due to supposed "economic necessities".  But an authoritative study by the California Nurses Organization details the economic impact of enacting single payer Medicare-For-All national health care:  2.6 million new jobs, $100 billion annually in the pockets of employees, $317 billion to employers and $44 billion in tax revenues to hard-pressed local governments.  The choice between enacting health care and saving the economy may be a false one.  Fixing health care may be the best medicine for the economy.

Eshu’s blues: “Can you defend yourself?”

by BAR columnist michael hureaux perez

The social disintegration endemic to late capitalism in America reaches new lows in the current meltdown. The purposely de-skilled classes turn on each other, as the "social Darwinist ethos carries the day." A young woman acquaintance of the author is informed that self-defense capability is part of the job description on temporary employment assignments. Folks are snapping.  "There's just something about being treated like expendable products on the shelf that makes a lot of people full-blown batshit crazy in short time." Everybody is going bust. But "Obama thinks he has the money to fight wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan." 

Gaza Disaster and the ‘Free Press’

john_mawell06by John Maxwell

The BBC refused to broadcast appeals by established UK charities for humanitarian aid to civilian victims of Israel's attack on Gaza, on the grounds that it could not be sure "whether aid raised by the appeal could actually be delivered on the ground." By this "hypocritical" device, the BBC dismissed expertise of agencies whose job it is to provide disaster relief. The BBC spokesman further claimed that the appeal would risk "reducing public confidence in the BBC's impartiality in its wider coverage of the story." The author's response: "I would like to hear what he would have said if half a million Israelis were homeless, 5,000 injured and nearly two thousand dead."

Torture at Angola Prison

by Jordan FlahertyAngolaPrisonTorture

While the Obama administration promises to halt torture as a matter of U.S. policy and shut down Guantanamo prison, torture remains among the arsenal of barbarities inflicted on inmates at Louisiana's infamous Angola Prison. Twenty-five inmates charge they were "forced to urinate and defecate on themselves...were bloodied, had teeth knocked out, were beaten until they lost control of bodily functions...until they signed statements or confessions presented to them by prison officials." Said one inmate: "I felt that if I didn't go in there and tell them something, I would die."

A Message to the African Political Scientist

by Benjamin WoodsAApoliticalScientis

Young Africans in America require exposure to genuine Black political scientists, the kind that will "articulate an African worldview that is distinct from their colonizers." What's needed is "an African anti-imperialist analysis for the 21st century" in order to rebuild the African Freedom Movement. Barack Obama's foreign policy is "a continuation of western imperialism." Blind faith Obama-ism is a destructive force. "The acceptance of the colonizers worldview impedes Africans ability to think and act independently."

Obama’s Crusade to Save the Banksters

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford


Much of Black America has been politically neutered, incapable of even imagining a situation in which they would make demands of Barack Obama - "whom many believe is literally a God-send." In any case, the president's attentions are focused on his primary mission: to save the core institutions of the financial capitalist class at the unlimited expense of the real economy and its dependents - the rest of us." The sacrifice will be for nothing. "In the process of attempting to breathe life into the bankster zombies, Obama and his bipartisan buddies will exhaust the capacity of the federal government to create money out of nothing."

U.S. Corporate Media Propaganda Machine

ChavezA study by the media watchdog group FAIR shows how four of the most influential U.S. newspapers "use their editorial pages to put Venezuela in a negative human rights light, while glossing over Latin America's worst human rights abuser, Colombia."
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The Imperial Obama is Frustrated on Zimbabwe

ObamaRiceThe Obama administration was eager "to show its fangs against Mugabe in Africa" and seethed when its offensive against Zimbabwe's government was blunted by a power-sharing agreement. US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice is still out for Mugabe's head.
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Freedom Rider: Economic Crisis Worsens

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFreedomRiderFeb4

With state and federal governments effectively broke and the new president "about to turn over the next round of bailout money to the financial services industry... Americans are stuck in a morass of apathy and ignorance brought about by corporate media disinformation." Americans are "singularly unprepared to do anything they should do in order to save themselves" - like make demands on the system. Citizens of other nations are taking to the streets, demanding relief and redress. But not here, where citizens "are enthralled by a man who explicitly instructs them not to confront the people and institutions that have brought them to the brink."

Is Black GOP Chairmanship a Victory For Black People?

michael_steeleIf Black faces in
high places are collective victories for African Americans, then Michael
Steele's rise to chairman of the Republican National Committee is a plus. By
the same logic, we are compelled to "give Clarence Thomas his due."
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House Democratic Leader Declares National Health Care Legislation “Off The Table” This Year

clyburn-pelosiby BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
What does it mean when leading House Democrats, and apparently the White House repudiate their own campaign promises to enact a universal-coverage national health care plan only days into the new Congress and new administration, even though they have a popular president and the biggest Congressional majority in two  generations?  What does it mean when this doesn't even make the evening news?  It means the awesome power of corporate media decides the topic of our political conversation.  It's not about health care, or campaign promises, or  hypocrisy.  It's about  Blago.  Or Britney.  Or whatever they tell us it is.


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