Taxicab Confessions: More Intervention, More War, More Lies

Billy Buntin
taxicab copy

Take a ride with a Somali taxi driver and you
might learn something. "European and Western intervention
from the past is the number one cause of the troubles we're seeing in African
countries," said the author's temporary foreign policy advisor. "We're also still
suffering from residue of the Cold War tactics that occurred in African
nations. To this day, there is a small country that neighbors Somalia called
Djibouti, there is a huge U.S. military base there from which they control the
entire Horn of Africa!" But Barack Obama, who supports the U.S. Africa Command,
is "not just another politician, I can feel it..." The cabbie is being taken for
a ride.

Say No to Lying, Spying and Torture

McKinney08by Cynthia McKinney

At what point do the American people say, "No"?
When the Pentagon admits it "lost" $2.3 trillion? "Yet both the Democratic and
Republican nominees plan to increase the Pentagon's budget, continue to add
countries to Dick Cheney's list of 60 against which the United States must be
prepared to go to war," says Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia
McKinney. Executive impunity is the order of the day. "Torture, war
crimes, crimes against humanity, lying to and spying on the American people,
and crimes against the peace are all hallmarks of our country today, and yet
impeachment has been taken off the table!"

Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

by Charley JamesArrogantPalin

Barack Obama is a "Sambo," Hillary Clinton is a
"bitch," and Alaskan Eskimos are "Arctic Arabs." According to the author's
sources, that's the way the world looks to Sarah Palin. The mean, vindictive
core shines through - "No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the
Republican Convention went wild for Sarah." Even Palin's mother-in-law doesn't
much care for her - and Palin returns the sentiment. The press get no respect
from Barracuda Sarah. "I heard she had a wild temper and vicious mean streak,"
said one journalist, "but it's nothing like you can imagine until she turns it
on you."

Freedom Rider: Biden = Palin

FRbidenby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden and Sarah
"Abstinence-Only" Palin are perfect matches for the Twin Business Party
campaigns for top executive power. Biden gruffly rejects the "liberal" label by
reminding reporters he is from a former slave state. Palin appeals to "white America's reptilian brain." The schlock level at both
camps gets thicker by the day. Barack Obama morphs politically into his
72-year-old opposite number, joining hands with John McCain as a new convert to the
Iraq "surge" that has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

Heroes and Heroines of Community Organizing

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Community organizers are our best defense against the likes of Rudolph Giuliani and Sarah Palin. "In this age of Disaster Capitalism, it is the rich that sow the seeds of ethnic cleansing in the heart of urban America," while the community organizer fights to stabilize America's cities.

It Is Better To Give Than To Receive


by  Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a the Seven Foot Poet

While every truism ain't true, some are altogether on the real.  Some are, in fact, more real than the truths that elders and common sense teach us. 

the Seven Foot Poet knows that some are more real than the truth.  Some things you just know.

Why Black Agenda Report (and Your Support For It) Matters

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon
The owners of private media, and their
puppets at the FCC have decided you don't need news.  As a result,
the number of working reporters and journalists have been in free
fall for some time, as newspapers, TV and radio stations are
permitted to buy out each other, merge, consolidate and savagely
curtail their news operations in an effort to produce enough revenue
to pay back the debt it took to acquire them, along with the standard
bonuses, stock options and platinum parachutes for the geniuses who
engineer this kind of thing.
 The honest and sometimes biting commentary and journalism we bring you every week at Black Agenda Report is no substitute for a democratic mass media or an accountable FCC, but we do our best.  At Black Agenda Report, we don't believe in "herd journalism", so we
don't necessarily follow the packs of pundits, bloggers and
journalists, professional and otherwise.

Slavery Haunts America’s Plantation Prisons

by Maya Schenwar

Angola Prison isn't "even really a metaphor for slavery. Slavery is what's going on." The plantation prisons of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas are the closest approximation to America's peculiar institution -  places where involuntary servitude is legal under the 13th Amendment. And like slaves, most Angola prisoners will die on the plantation, "due to some of the harshest sentencing practices in the country." Angola prisoners are paid anywhere from four to twenty cents per hour...and only get to keep half of that." The rest is put away for after their release - a day that most will never see. 

Freedom Rider: America Attacks Russia


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The aggressive U.S. encirclement of Russia threatens a new era of Cold War, fueled by American media hogwash about "poor defenseless Georgians" who "suffered a dastardly, unjustified, sneak attack from the evil Russian bear." It does not phase the U.S. propaganda media that the facts reflect the opposite: "The recent conflict between Russia and Georgia was instigated by the United States and its partner in crime, Israel." Washington's foreign policy fictions are bipartisan. "At his acceptance speech for the Vice Presidential nomination Senator Joseph Biden parroted Bush administration lies almost word for word."

Welcome to the USA, Where All the Classes are Middle

middle-classA Black Agenda Radio commentary by

Glen Ford

Clear, concise and accurate language must be plowed under to make the American political conversation safe for corporate-speak. In place of various classes pursuing their own interests at each other's expense, the USA has been peopled by an all-encompassing "Middle Class."  This bulging super-class is said to include almost everybody - or at least, all the decent people. As a result, "there can be no class warfare." This is quite pleasing to the Ruling Class, which denies its own existence - just as does most of the Working Class, which prefers to call itself Middle.

The Skinny on McKinney

by Gabriel San Roman, Uprising Radio Cynthia_mckinney_presidential_candidacy
What makes Cynthia McKinney run? Uprising Radio’s Gabriel San Roman inquires why she left the Democratic Party and what kind of home she’s found among the Greens, whose presidential banner she carries, this year. “I declared my independence from the [Democratic] national leadership that had made our country so complicit in crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, crimes against the global community, and crimes the American people,” says the former Georgia congresswoman. “The Green Party can express the views and the values of people who want peace for a change.”

The Four-Day Campaign Commercial

11_obama_lgby Shannon Joyce Prince

If you want to find the Mother Lode of contradictions, go to a Democratic National Convention. "Obama claims he cares about workers yet he has selected Wal-Mart supporter Jason Furman to direct his economic policy despite Wal-Mart's abysmal record on racism, sexism, fair-pay, worker's benefits, the right to unionize, and outsourcing of product manufacturing," writes Ms. Prince, a student at Dartmouth College. "Americans have to decide if they're going to base their votes on research or on candidates' slick four day commercials."

Obama and So-Called Post-Racial Politics

by Linda BurnhamNYTcoverEndBlackPolitics

News of the death of Black politics may be premature. "We will not reach a post-racialist U.S. by announcement or decree," writes the author. "The only way to get there from here is by way of racial justice." Besides, the death of Black politics presupposes the death of white politics, which is alive and kicking. "Racist expression has taken new, coded and perverse form. And the presidential campaign itself provides more than enough evidence that some white politicians recognize the power of race-based appeals."

Community College Students Need Not Apply: Our Reward for Bailing Out the Banks

BronxCommCollegeby Kesi Foster

Higher education is an American Dream, but may become a "Dream deferred" for community college students. The banks are the villains. "The following lenders have started turning away from community college students: Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, SunTrust, and PNC. In the case of Citibank, it has stopped offering loans to all community college students in the state of California," writes the author, a community college student. When the bankers turn their backs on struggling community college students, "does that not mean we should have no problem turning our backs on the banks when they want the government to bail them out? "

Those Who Demand Nothing, Get Nothing

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford



Having made no demands on Barack Obama's presidential candidacy, Black America should expect to reap - nothing. "For the first time since the rebellions of the Sixties, we hardly hear the call for a Marshall-type plan to rebuild the cities - once the near-unanimous, unifying demand of virtually the entire spectrum of Black ‘leadership.'" Obama, who "blames the ongoing Katrina nightmare on ‘colorblind' incompetence...will never lift a finger to derail the slow-motion displacement of gentrification elsewhere in urban America." Is it any wonder that our enemies "confidently speculate on the ‘death of Black politics.'"

Are You Like Me?

7_foot_poet_upright_250wideby Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a. the Seven Foot Poet

Some of us are more conscientious than others, honoring obligations and paying due respects.  Some of us are honest about it, and some not.  The Seven Foot Poet reveals a little of himself, and invites each of us to look within.


FCC Announces 80 City “We're Not Listening” Digital TV Tour

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

Digital TV means four to ten times as many channels for each and every broadcaster with no obligations to the public. The FCC quietly awarded broadcasters this colossal gift of public property worth $70-$80 billion during the Clinton administration back in 1996. In the 12 years since, under Democratic and Republican presidents alike, corporate broadcasters and their stooges at the FCC have diligently peddled the cover stories that digital TV is all about the advent of high definition television, and that the only nagging questions are how and whether enough converter boxes will be available for consumers who can't or won't buy brand new TVs.

In a final act of brazen misdirection to conceal this grand theft digital, FCC Commissioners are scheduled to tour dozens of cities between now and February 18, 2009, doing a lot of talking, but not much listening.


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