Rolling the Dice Once Again – in Iran

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

Most sane people think a U.S. attack on Iran
would invite catastrophic consequences - some of which, like skyrocketing oil
prices, have already occurred as a direct result of mere threats to
attack Iran. Yet a school of thought holds there is a threshold of risk that
even the Bush regime will not cross, and that "every day that passes makes an
attack on Iran harder to pull off." That's a comforting thought, but what if
the Lords of Capital - George Bush's bosses - truly believe their very
existence as a ruling class requires courting Armageddon? History shows they
would rather risk igniting a global inferno than go quietly into the night.
"The grand vision of corporate globalism - the finance capitalists' imperial
heaven - cannot exist in the real world except through the application of

Freedom Rider: Death to Afghanistan


by BAR editor and senior
columnist Margaret Kimberley

After eight years of U.S. occupation, the Afghan
people live in terror, "not only caused by bombs and bullets, but by no bid
contracts, private mercenaries, theft of resources and destruction of
infrastructure." Barack Obama promises more of the same, as he preens and
struts his imperial stuff to demonstrate his fitness for the American
presidency. With his calls for big increases in U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan,
Obama delivers the kiss of death for additional thousands in the region, and
proves for the umpteenth time that he is no peace candidate. "The endless Iraq
occupation and the escalated Afghanistan occupation will bring more harm to the
region than Bush could have dreamed."

Barack Obama and the Abuse of Black Fathers

by Tyrone Simpson

The author, a successful academic and loving husband, isn't sure he will ever become a father - and Barack Obama's "diatribe about absent black fathers" isn't helping matters. Obama's Fathers Day speech, reminiscent of the insults against Black life hurled by the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, "steeps the candidate in second-rate mimicry, and reveals a cynical ploy to amass popular support by conjuring up, for the purposes of banishing, a bogeyman that holds only a modest threat: the absent black father." There should be a reckoning. "I am waiting for the resentment of insulted fathers and wounded sons to be turned back on Obama."

If I Should Die

7_foot_poet_upright_250wideby Kemet Mawaka  a.k.a. the Seven Foot Poet 

On New Year's Day at an Oakland, California transit station, a young black man, lying face down in a crowd of cops was fatally shot  in the back before dozens of witnesses, some of whom had the presence of mind to film the incident.  The killer cop still has been allowed to resign, and almost two weeks later has yet to be questioned by  authorities, let alone inducted. 

How many black men, and boys, and even women have been wounded or killed reaching for cell, phones, in purses, for wallets or cigarettes.  Or just reaching?  How long does this continue, and what does it mean?  

The Seven Foot Poet spills it.


Why You Wanna Be Like White People?

by Kemet Mawakana, a.k.a. the Seven Foot Poet7_foot_poet_upright_250wide
Some questions never get old.  And even when they do, they never become irrelevant.  The Seven Foot Poet finds new ways to pose this old question, leading perhaps to new and useful answers.

What Obama Might Say to White Fathers

by Shannon Joyce PrinceWhiteFathersDrugsFront

What if statistics showed that "white young people are
over twice as likely than black young people to drive drunk, a third more
likely to carry a weapon, three times more likely to binge drink, and twice to
four times more likely (depending on the drug) to use cocaine, coke, inhalants,
steroids, hallucinogens, and methamphetamines?" That's precisely what the
statistics say - which should be a signal for Barack Obama to begin paying visits
to white churches to low-rate the fathers of the congregations. We can hear it
now: "Clearly you, white parents, need to stop being shiftless and take care of
your responsibilities. You are failing your children." But don't bet on it.
Things like that only happen in works of satire.

American Medicine and White Supremacy

BARadioFrontA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The American Medical Association's apology for
virtually excluding Blacks from membership in deference to southern Jim Crow
sensibilities is like pouring perfume on a rotting corpse. For literally
centuries, the American medical profession has been suffused with the worst
practices of white supremacy - including routine, fatal experimentation with
helpless Black slaves. Deeply ingrained habits of racism "continue to influence patterns of medical outcomes, today,"
with many doctors persisting in treating Black pain differently than white

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McKinney & Clemente: Black, Brown, Green and True

by BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

The Green Party's brand new Cynthia
McKinney-Rosa Clemente ticket is off and running, having captured an
overwhelming proportion of delegates at the national convention, in Chicago.
Two Black women, one a Latina, are challenged to garner five percent of the
national vote while transforming the Greens "into a vehicle for 24-7 movement
politics." Former Georgia congresswoman McKinney vowed, "A
vote for the Green Party is a vote for the movement that will turn this country
right-side-up again." Said Clemente, a Hip Hop political organizer:
"I don't see the Green Party as an alternative. I see it as an imperative."

Rev. Jackson’s Not Down for the Count, Yet

by Mel ReevesReevesJessePrezFront

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., an early supporter of
Barack Obama, is an object of sheer hatred among some Obamites since his
indelicate remarks centered on the Senator's scrotum. One young Black guest
columnist for could not contain her contempt. In an article
titled, "Aw, Grandpa Jackson's Off His Meds," Taii K. Austin excoriated Jackson
for attempting to give Obama any advice on moral issues, and derided Jackson's
two "failed - failed!" bids for the Democratic presidential nomination. In
fact, "they were far from 'failed' campaigns," but represented achievements that
seem to be beyond the comprehension of the young writer, Ms. Austin.

Why Does Barack Obama Hate My Family?

KevinGrayFamilyFrontby Kevin Alexander Gray

People have a right to take personally Barack Obama's harangues against Black people's supposedly sub-par behavior. Every time Obama badmouths some aspect of African American mores or culture, fleets of media outlets megaphone the accusations, barbs so generalized they could apply to countless Black families. "Playin' black men on Father's Day is repulsive" and, for that matter, "why should any aspect of black male-female relations be grist for the campaign mill?" Obama has a talent for hitting Blacks below the belt. "As race-baiting and race politics goes, Obama has proven himself to be as good, if not better than [Bill] Clinton, long considered the modern master of race politics."

Where Obamaism Seems to be Going

by Adolph Reed, Jr.

Prof. Reed takes us on a tour de force of transformations and other illusions associated with the Barack Obama phenomenon, as interpreted, conjured or hallucinated by the "left" - whoever that is. These certainly may be the End Days - but for what political tendencies? Will "progressivism" be transcended out of existence, along with race (with the exception of whites, of course)? We can all either patiently stay tuned, or we can seek answers from precocious youth, who are blessedly unburdened by experience. Could it be that nothing out of the ordinary is going on at all - just Power maintaining its grip?

I Feel Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Pain

by Tom GraymanTomJesseShirtFront

The author shares Rev. Jackson's frustration with Barack Obama, a central pillar of whose campaign is the "nonexistence" of Black America - a locale Obama nevertheless seems to criticize on each visit. In a constant effort to "put centrist whites at ease," Obama trots out his "long-running Watch-How-Many-Times-I-Can-Subtly-Distance-

Myself-From-The-Plight-Of- (the non-existent) Black America show." Obama's antics don't phase his core of Black admirers, though. "They have made it clear that they will go all the way with Obama, no matter how much he dumps on them in public."

Freedom Rider: Obama to Make World Safe for the Rich

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRFrontSnootyObama

Barack Obama has spent years avoiding being "pegged" or "tagged" as a man of the Left. People should accept the fact - he's no progressive. And no Black militant, by any stretch of the imagination. "He has to slander all black men. He has to threaten war with Iran. He can't end the occupation of Iraq." Obama's full of compulsions, and phobias, too. "He has to tell lies and claim he was against warrantless surveillance and then vote in favor of it." Mostly, Obama has to do whatever is required to service his mega-million campaign apparatus, "a well oiled marketing machine that convinces gullible people to believe he is who they want him to be."

African Dictatorships and Double-Standards

by Stephen ZunesObiangAndRiceFront

President George Bush singles out Zimbabwean
Robert Mugabe as if he is the most dictatorial national leader on the planet.
But in fact, the U.S. has good relations with "Swaziland, Congo,
Cameroun, Togo, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, Gabon, Egypt, and Tunisia," none
of which hold democratic elections. Perhaps the greatest contradiction in U.S.
stated and actual foreign policy in Africa is "the regime of Teodoro Obiang
Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea." Obiang killed his own uncle to seize
power, and became one of the wealthiest men in Africa by keeping much of his
country's oil revenues for himself. Obiang is so distrustful of his own people,
he is guarded by Moroccons.

Millions Face Disaster Due to U.S. Ethiopian Occupation of Somalia

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen FordBARfrontDuststorm

George Bush doesn't feel the need to be consistent on
human rights and international law. He's got the largest arsenal in the history
of the world at his disposal - and no scruples about waging war against people
who cannot fight back. "The Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, launched in late
2006 with massive air, naval and logistical support from the Americans, has
resulted in the displacement of 3.5 million people." By the end of this year,
an equal number of Somalis will face death by starvation. The American "modus operandi is to create chaos - always resulting in mass deaths among the poor - in order to declare Africans unfit to run their own affairs. 

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‘Progressives for Obama’ Fool Themselves

LeadIraqStreetby BAR executive editor
Glen Ford

Barack Obama's rush to disavow the "tag" of the
"Left" should surprise no one. The only people who pretend that Obama is a
"progressive" are a few Leftists, and Right-wingers that hate Leftists. "But
the most important reason that ‘Progressives for Obama' should have never
existed is its utter lack of content." Progressives have been playing
"make-believe" with the Obama campaign, dubbing it both "progressive" and a
"movement" when there is no movement or progressive content to the campaign.
Some progressives are guilty of providing "a veneer of progressive credibility
to a candidate who was nothing of the kind.

The Audacity of Imperial Airbrushing: Barack Obama’s Whitewashed History of U.S. Foreign Policy and

Paul Street

United States has a solution for avoiding discussion of the many
crimes it has committed against weaker nations: denial. “It never
happened,” say the Americans, when confronted with the facts.
Barack Obama is as skilled in the denial arts as anyone, and so are
his advisors. “In Obama's world view, as in that of his Harvard
friend and former foreign policy adviser Samantha Power, American
crimes generally don't exist. They didn't happen.” Denial is
serious business. “Candidate Obama's foreign policy pronouncements
have been loaded with promises of future criminality under an Obama


Freedom Rider - Obama's Iraq Fairy Tale

by BAR editor and senior
columnist Margaret Kimberley

With his nomination assured, Barack Obama is
showing the Left just what little regard he has for them. "Ever since Hillary
Clinton pulled out of the race, he has laughed at his defenders and sneered
that his now disappointed supporters were too stupid to read what he said or
really listen to his lofty speeches." Obama blames anti-war activists for
failing to discern that he was never anti-war, after all. He is not, and has
never been, in favor of a "hard and fast, arbitrary deadline for withdrawal" from Iraq. Obama's "tearful, spurned followers had better grow up fast, end their asinine hero worship, and learn how to make political demands before singing the praises of a presidential candidate."



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