Self Determination: What It Is, What It Isn't

by Danny Haiphong

Malcolm X’s call for Black self-determination remains widely misunderstood in the United States, including among Black activists. Some even hold that Barack Obama’s election was an expression of Black self-determination. But self-determination is about people’s power, not voter turnout in an electoral system controlled by rich white rulers. It's about taking power “by any means necessary.”

Whither Africa in the Global South?: Lessons of Bandung and Pan-Africanism

by Issa Shivji

Africa’s comprador ruling classes and educated middle class are so compromised by imperialism that they are incapable of providing the revolutionary leadership required for the continent’s true liberation. The only possible alternative is that of the working people. They need an ideology, organization and leadership to constitute an alternative political bloc.

Will the West Create Its Next Failed State in Burundi?

Ann Garrison's picture

by Ann Garrison

In the current era, states do not “fail” – they are targeted and destroyed. The tiny central African nation of Burundi appears to be next on the West’s list. U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, a close ally of Hillary Clinton, is leading the destabilization strategy, which aims to seize Burundi’s national resources for multinational corporations.

Black Agenda Radio for Week of November 9, 2015

A Movement in Need of Vision and Ideology

Hundreds of activists will converge on Philadelphia’s Temple University, January 8-10, under the banner “Reclaiming Our Future: The Black Radical Tradition in Our Time.” Conference keynoters include Angela Davis, Cornel West, Alicia Garza and Robin D.G. Kelly. “We’re in the throes of an emerging and intensifying movement,” said Dr. Anthony Monteiro, one of the conference organizers. “The most visible part of the movement is anti-police state violence, but it includes the struggle for schools, for jobs, the struggles against gentrification. So we have this proliferating set of movements without yet a clear vision or ideology. What we hope to do is help develop a vision of the future, about what the fight is, and where to target the fight.”

U.S. Slavocracy vs. Haitian Revolution

The triumph of George Washington and his white settler rebels “was, in many ways, a triumph of the slave trade,” which “tipped the demographic balance against the European settlers in Haiti,” said Dr. Gerald Horne, the prolific professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston and author of Confronting Black Jacobins: The U.S., the Haitian Revolution, and the Origins of the Dominican Republic. The Black Republic defeated the militaries of Britain Spain and France, causing the latter to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States. For several generations, U.S. slaveholders feared the Haitian example would inspire rebellion among slaves in Dixie – and they were right.

Food and Self-Determination

There’s a lot more to food sovereignty than just having enough to eat, said Beverly Bell, co-director of Other Worlds, part of the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance. “Food sovereignty looks at global systems of food, and considers the right to eat, the right of farmers to produce, the right of people to live on their land, and the right to control the riches of nature, including the water they need to irrigate,” she said. The 2015 winners of the Food Sovereignty Prize are the U.S.-based Federation of Southern Cooperatives and the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras.



Demand Nothing, Get Nothing: The Movement Needs to Say What It Wants


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The movement that emerged in Ferguson must define itself through the demands it makes of Power – “a truth that appears to have been widely forgotten in the two generations since Black America last experienced a mass movement.” “Black Lives Matter” is not a demand, and the organization that coined the slogan is busy collaborating with Power, in the Democratic Party.

The Obama Education Legacy Part 1 of 3: Obama Appoints Another Privatizing Stooge Secretary of Education

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When president-elect Barack Obama announced Arne Duncan would be Secretary of Education in December 2008, Black Agenda Report called him an “underqualified stooge and privatizer.” The best thing we can say about his successor John King is that he's not underqualified. He is a highly qualified stooge and privatizer

Freedom Rider: Americans are Poor

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If Americans understood how poor they actually are – on a par with Latvians and Romanians, according to newly released data – they would dump the Democratic Party. With “more black children in poverty than white children,” it’s past time for African Americans to rid themselves “once and for all of their useless political party” which only pretends to fight for working people in election years.

War, Repression and International Gangsterism: U.S. State Policy from Benghazi to Baltimore

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

When it comes to maintaining U.S. imperial power and the rule of the rich, impunity is absolute. The congressional Benghazi hearings exposed not a single official crime, while suppressing vast violations of U.S. and international law. The domestic Obama doctrine makes inner city teenage “rioting” a federal concern, but the people that supply weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria and Libya are untouchable. Crime isn’t crime when it’s imperial policy.

The Middle Age White Male Die-Off: When Skin Privilege is Not Enough

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

What happens to middle aged white men with only a high school education when white skin privilege is no longer enough to secure a safe haven in the racial pecking order of America? Many members of this cohort seem to be caught in a death spiral.


Miners Shot Down! The Marikana Massacre Represents the Beginning of the End of the ANC – Part II

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

The bloodbath at Marikana was a watershed for post-apartheid South Africa. The compact between Big Capital and the ruling African National Congress is no longer acceptable to the workers that produce fabulous wealth for multinational corporations. “The youth, the labor movement have seen the ANC for what it is” – a protector of white supremacy and the neocolonial order.

Public School Privatization Strategies: What Teachers, Unions, and Public Education Stakeholders Should Know

by Dr. Walter C. Farrell, Jr. Phd, M.S.P.H.

The future of public education is not guaranteed. A corporate-financed “Cartel has infiltrated every level of the political structure by utilizing targeted campaign contributions and has cultivated major backing among public education’s traditional supporters.” The privatizers target heavily minority school districts and do not hesitate to manipulate data “to show fraudulent academic gains.”

Clinton and the Benghazi Committee: Dancing on a Tightrope

by Cynthia McKinney

Hillary Clinton, who takes credit for the invasion and regime change in Libya, claims to be blameless for the war’s consequences, including the spread of Islamic jihad in the region. “Hillary’s War” expanded to claim hundreds of thousands more lives. “After destroying Libya, the US policy was to use that ‘success’ to roll right into Syria for that country’s destruction.”

Benghazi Smokescreen: Hiding Western War Crimes in Libya

by Thomas C. Mountain

Republicans and Democrats at the Benghazi hearings collaborated to disguise what the U.S. was really up to in Libya: regime change and the empowerment of Islamic jihadists in north Africa. As a result of the U.S.-NATO aggression, “fanatics from the entire region have a haven to rest and recuperate, and rearm, before returning to the front lines to commit more murder.”

Free Education: The Right to Call Our Souls Our Own

by Veli Mbele

The South African student struggle is about much more than high fees and limited Black representation at universities. “Black students are fighting against a system whose foundation is white supremacy, capitalism, anti-Blackness and now neo-liberalism.”

Rwandan Parliament Makes US Ally and Military Partner Paul Kagame President for Life

by Charles Kambanda 

Paul Kagame, the military leader of the Tutsi minority-dominated regime in Rwanda, has engineered a constitutional coup to keep himself in power – mocking his Euro-American sponsors’ claims that Kagame is a force for democracy in Africa. The rewritten constitution would give the strongman “a chance to rule for 17 years after 2017” – effectively making him president for life.

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

By Jeremy Malcolm

The TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership is a body of secret law so odious that the Obama administration seeks to enact it into law without its content made known to the public for 5 years afterward. The only way the public can know what it contains is for courageous whistleblowers to steal and deliver it to real journalists like those at Wikileaks, which has now released the final draft of TPP's “intellectual property” section. It's not good news...

Black Agenda Radio for Week of November 2, 2015

Kick the Cops Out of Schools

Parents and citizens outraged at the manhandling of a 16 year-old female high school student by a white policeman in Richland County, South Carolina, are pressing for dismissal of all charges against the victim and dismissal of the teachers and administrators “who allowed that cop to maintain a reign of terror in that school for years,” said Efia Nwangaza, director of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination, in Greenville. The policeman has already been fired. “We will be organizing people’s movement assemblies throughout the state to build the Dignity in Schools Movement, to get cops out of schools,” said Nwangaza. “The call is for culturally competent counselors in, cops out.”

Black Pre-Schoolers Pushed Into School-to-Prison Pipeline

African American kids make up 42 percent of students suspended and expelled from U.S. pre-schools, and a majority of those suspended more than once, according to a study by the Center for American Progress and the National Black Child Development Institute. “If we’re pushing children out as early as 3, 4 and 5, then of course we will see some of the things we see in K-12,” when the harms inflicted on Black kids “throughout their educational careers” propel them into the criminal justice system, said researcher Maryam Adamu.

Newark Police Review Board Faces Moment of Truth

The Civilian Complaint Review Board crafted by Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Ras Baraka must have broad subpoena power, said Larry Adams, vice-chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, one of the community organizations that is to be represented on the board. “If it can’t look into the records of individuals, if it can’t look into the records of the organization, then it is very difficult to provide oversight. And, that’s essentially what these bodies have floundered over in other cities,” said Adams. Community organizations would prefer to have “the authority to impose discipline upon the police,” but that power will reside with the mayor-appointed police director.

Massive Voter Suppression In Haiti

Haiti held presidential elections on October 25, following disastrous legislative elections this summer that were wracked by violence perpetrated by allies of the U.S. backed government. The failure to punish those responsible for the repression on August 9 produced a “catastrophically low” turnout of 20 to 30 percent in October, said Brian Concannon, of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. His interpretation is disputed by Pierre Labossiere, of Haiti Action, who was part of a human rights and fact-finding mission to the island nation. Labossiere believes supporters of the Family Lavalas party of former president Jean Bertrand-Aristide, who was deposed in a 2004 U.S.-backed coup, turned out in huge numbers in October, but that many were denied access to the polls. He predicts that vote tallies to be released this week will show Lavalas was able “to overcome a lot of these fraudulent practices that were carried out.”



Garza vs. McKesson: The Great Debate Over How the Democratic Party Will Liberate Black People

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

One side wants the Democrats to sponsor a town hall meeting on racial justice, the other prefers that the Party hold a Black issues oriented debate. Both #BlackLivesMatter and Campaign Zero have earned semi-official status as Democratic Party affiliates. The question is: Who is taking care of the “movement”?

Freedom Rider: White Settler Gentrification

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Black urbanites are under siege “because the dictates of capitalism and racism demand that white people return to the cities they fled.” Landlords break every law in the book to rid themselves of Black tenants to make room for the newcomers. Once a neighborhood is penetrated, white settler entitlement goes into high gear to chase out the remainder of Black residents, who are expected “to keep quiet and disappear without complaint.”

FBI Chief Gets the “Ferguson Effect” All Wrong

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Cops that think they’ve been abandoned by the Obama administration are out of their minds. “Obama is only seeking to put a smiling face on an even more intrusive, higher tech Mass Black Incarceration State.” His so-called “community policing” schemes would increase police penetration of Black America, while leaving police impunity essentially intact.



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