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    Tear Down U.S. Prison Gulag

    It’s a counterinsurgency before there is an insurgency.” That’s how Los Angeles activist Clyde Young views America’s incarceration of 2.4 million people, most of them Black and Latino. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network plans actions in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area on April 19, a National Day of Resistance to Mass Incarceration. Statutes like Florida’s Stand Your Grand Law encourage racist vigilantism, said Young. “They’re nothing but new forms of lynch laws, where any citizen…can shoot a person down on the street, and be exonerated.” In Atlanta, activist Joey Johnson said George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, was “acting out a larger, racist societal project. It requires a deeper, systemic change if we’re going to get to the root of it, and not constantly be dealing with the phenomenon.”

    Occupy Harlem to Rally for “All the Trayvons”

    It’s essential for us to build a united front against racist killings,” said Dr. William Sales, an organizer of Occupy Harlem’s rally and march, April 21. “We have to move against what has emerged as a New Jim Crow. It’s really a form of terrorism that is more associated with the Old Jim Crow than with law enforcement,” said Sales, an associate professor of African Studies at Seton Hall University. For information, call 646.812.5188.

    Justice Wanted: Plan Needed

    What appears to be an escalation of terror against Black people, is also routine practice,” said Kali Akuno, of the U.S. Human Rights Network, in Atlanta. Akuno is circulating a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice, which includes a data base on recent racist killings of Blacks. Young people “are being force fed this narrative that we have somehow magically emerged into some kind of post-racial society.” Instead, said Akuno, Blacks must “organize into formations that exercise power to create the kind of society that you want.”

    Housing Settlement Almost Worthless to Underwater Homeowners

    Activist David Hungerford led angry members of the Coalition to Save Our Homes to New Jersey’s state capital in Trenton, to demand reductions in mortgage principals. The $25 billion settlement between the nation’s state attorney generals and the big banks “broadly speaking, does almost nothing” for homeowners that are “underwater” to the tune of $700 billion. The top state law enforcement officers “talk with the people who perpetrated predatory lending, but they won’t talk to the victims,” said Hungerford.

    Black Teachers Pushed Out in Denver

    African American teachers are being “pushed, en mass to retirement, fired, put on disciplinary hearing or on leave” in the Denver public schools, because of the Obama administration’s so-called “turnaround” program, said Cozette Hammock-West, a retired teacher with the Alliance of Neighborhood Organizations for Justice for African Americans. Black educators are replaced by “young white teachers, most of them from the Teach for America program, where they are not even trained to teach.”

    A U.S. Chapter for ILPS

    On May 19, in Chicago, the International League of People’s Struggle, representing 200 organizations, worldwide, will welcome its newly organized U.S. chapter. “It’s not only people in those countries that are being invaded and bombed by the United States” that need solidarity, said Bill Doar, a vice-chairman of ILPS. “We, too, need international solidarity to fight against the power of Wall Street and U.S. corporations.” ILPS delegates will also take part in mass demonstrations against the NATO summit meeting in the city.

    A Real Socialist for President

    Stephan Durham, who’s seeking the presidential nomination on the Peace and Freedom Party line, says he is THE socialist candidate in the race. “Capitalism is addicted to war,” said the Freedom Socialist Party member. “Fundamental change” is needed in the U.S., “so that the world will have a chance to breathe.”


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    Another good Socialist Presidential candidate.

    Here is an interview with Stewart Alexander, the Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, USA. 

    Why is the petty bourgeoisie left promoting Stewart Alexander?

    1st "The Root":

    Now Truth Dig?

    SEP presidential candidate Jerry White interviewed on Florida radio station

    April 12, 2012

    History, program and the “unity of the left”: an exchange of letters

    October 8, 2003

    Posted below is a letter sent by one of our readers, followed by a reply from Jerry Isaacs of the World Socialist Web Site.

    Your letter betrays two serious problems.

    First, it wrongly asserts, without any attempt at substantiation, that the “viewpoints espoused by all of these parties and the solutions offered by them are practically identical.” Even among the five organizations you list as the most prominent on the left, none of which we consider to be genuine exponents of Marxism, there are significant differences.

    For example, the Democratic Socialists of America (I assume this is the party you have in mind when you refer to the Democratic Socialist Party) openly supports sections of the Democratic Party and advocates a policy of working within the Democratic Party and attempting to move it to the left. Is support for this perspective “practically identical” to advocating a break with the Democratic Party and the formation of an independent party?

    Is a difference on this question—which has bedeviled the American workers’ movement since its origins in the 19th century—really “minor” and “petty”?

    The second, related, problem revealed by your letter is a lack of concern for history. You suggest a viable socialist movement can be built through an amalgamation of all “left/socialist political parties,” regardless of the role they have played in the past.

    Let us examine three of the parties with which you suggest the SEP unite.

    The Communist Party is the party of Stalinism, the Moscow Trials and counter-revolution in Spain, Chile and scores of other countries, not to mention the restoration of capitalism in the USSR itself. The Kremlin bureaucracy was responsible for the murder of countless revolutionaries who opposed its betrayal of socialism, including Leon Trotsky.

    Today, the Communist Party USA functions as a semi-official adviser to sections of the Democratic Party and the AFL-CIO trade union bureaucracy.

    The Democratic Socialists of America is part of the Second International, which sent European workers into the slaughter of World War I and then emerged as a central prop of capitalist rule in Western Europe. Its sister parties today include Tony Blair’s Labor Party, which provided crucial backing to Bush’s war in Iraq. The DSA currently counts among its members AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, whose trade union federation, as is well known, collaborates in the counterrevolutionary activities of the CIA. [Note: Cornel West is a DSA member]

    Then there is the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is based on Maoism, the nationalist and petty-bourgeois outlook that disoriented a whole generation of youth in the backward countries and is responsible for the repressive and pro-capitalist policies of the Chinese Stalinist regime.

    If you want to join forces with such organizations, that is your privilege. But it is more than a little presumptuous to ennoble such a project by placing it under the banner of socialism.

    A concrete examination of the various positions on just one important and current political issue—the recall election in California—reveals the principled differences that exist between many organizations on the “left” and the SEP.

    A whole range of groups openly supports the recall and is indifferent to the threat to the democratic rights of working people posed by the right-wing forces behind the recall effort. These include the Freedom Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the Spartacist League and the California-based Socialist Action group.

    Then there are those, including the Communist Party and the Democratic Socialists of America, who oppose the recall entirely from the standpoint of defending Governor Gray Davis and keeping the working class tied to the Democratic Party.

    Finally there are those groups that could not bring themselves to take any position on the recall, and either urged voters to abstain or proposed nothing at all. These include the Socialist Party, the Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party and the International Socialist Organization.

    Green Party candidate Peter Camejo enthusiastically endorsed the recall, jumping on the coattails of the Republican right and then tailoring his gubernatorial campaign to gain respectability in the eyes of bourgeois public opinion and win acceptance of the Green Party as part of the political establishment.

    When, 10 days before the election, the polls showed Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger with a substantial lead, Camejo declared that he would “understand” if his supporters voted for Democrat Cruz Bustamante.