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Rand Paul Tells On Self and Fellow Tea Partyers

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    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    It was like pulling teeth, but Tea Party star Rand Paul finally blurted out his core, racist ideology in front of national TV cameras.  Property rights trump Black rights, every time. "White supremacy is the connective link that holds the 'Tea Party' together - that, and relentless media coverage."

    Rand Paul Tells On Self and Fellow Tea Partyers

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    "White people in the aggregate will try to preserve the essential elements of a White Man's Country in perpetuity unless the state intervenes."

    Finally, a moment of clarity in American politics! Rand Paul, the Tea Party champion and winner of the Republican senatorial nomination from Kentucky, thinks business owners have the inalienable right to refuse service to Black people. It only took a few minutes for MSNBC's liberal-minded Rachel Maddow to pry the truth out of Paul - to make him elocute his racist beliefs before a national audience. What an idiot, say pundits of the left and right. If only Rand Paul had stuck with the code words that respectable white Republicans and Democrats deploy to sanitize an essentially racist American political conversation, he would still be the media's fair-haired boy. Instead, he's now the "Mad Hatter" - for blurting out on Maddow's show beliefs he and his Texas congressman father, Ron Paul, have always held, and which have served both men well in the white nationalist movement called the Tea Party.

    Father and son Paul have never made a secret of their bedrock belief that the right to do whatever one wants with one's private property is the fountainhead of their of liberty. It is an idea fundamentally at odds with evolving human values, an obstacle to the advance of civilization, itself - but one that resonates deeply among whites who pine for the days when Blacks were the collective property of the white citizenry. "Our niggras," as the white folks used to say.

    "Property rights is a legal construct to preserve what's left of a White Man's Country."

    Just as "states' rights" was polite political cover for slavery and, later, legal segregation, so is property rights the legal construct to conserve what's left of a White Man's Country. That's what the Tea Party's kind of "conservatism" is all about. White supremacy is the connective link that holds the "Tea Party" together - that, and relentless media coverage.

    Fox News anchor John Stossel last week expanded on Rand Paul's racist opening, to declare that elements of the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be repealed. Activists at the Internet-based Color of Change are calling for Stossel's head, or woe be unto Fox News - as if Fox does not thrive in a racist environment. Color of Change says, correctly, that "market forces," left to their own devices, would have perpetuated Jim Crow segregation, since whites overwhelmingly preferred to shop and travel and dine in white-only environments. Which is to say, that white people in the aggregate will try to preserve the essential elements of a White Man's Country in perpetuity unless the state intervenes. The market is responding to a racist demand.

    There is a significant demand among white Americans to rid their lives of Black people. That's why Blacks are more segregated in housing and schooling than 40 years ago, and why about half of U.S. prison inmates are Black. Whites demand that it be so, in the economic and political marketplace.

    Rand Paul seems to be sorry that he threw his Tea Party mob too much red meat. He says he can live with the Civil Rights Act, despite principled objections. And I'm sure he can. Money can still buy distance from all but a few Black people. The White Man's Country is still a going concern.

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    Paul's no Tea Partier

    It's very convenient for Glen Ford to hang Rand Paul around the Tea Party's neck but it's not that simple.  True, some Tea Partiers have embraced Ron and Rand Paul but, similar to the Civil War, bad people pervert good ideas.


    The Tea Party is fighting over several issues.  By the way, I'm very active in the Texas Tea Party movement in Texas so I know what I'm talking about from 1st-hand experience.  One problem is that we've got what I consider infiltrators from the Libertarians trying to co-opt our movement.  Ron and Rand are tough to beat but we defeated Debra Medina, who was running for Texas Governor after some in-fighting.  All of us are fiscal conservatives who believe that money is best spent by the people who earn it.  Most of us are social conservatives who believe in Christ and Christian ethics but there are some who want freedom to exercise their own ethics or none at all and THEY are our common enemy.


    Libertarians want to allow drug abuse and sexual perversions they consider "victimless" or "consensual."  The Libertarian Party is more like The ACLU on steroids.  How they work their way into the Tea Party is with polite talk about "shared values" of privacy and private property, distrust of government and bureaucracies.  It's only because I hate anarchists so much that I've learned which buttons to push to get them to reveal their insidious nature.


    If Glen Ford and others want to stuff libertarians like The Pauls and The Tea Party into the same round hole, they of course have the freedom to do that but I think they're missing an opportunity for real reform.

    Texas Tim

    I've read about enough from Texas Tim.  First, the party line was that the TEA Parties were not Dick Armey's brainchild via Brendan Steinhauser in collaboration with Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds, they were true "grassroots" launched by Ron Paulians.  Now TT wants to claim that the Paulians are coopting his Christian conservative movement?  Truth is, the TEA Party is a FreedomWorks-created AstroTurf monkey wrench designed to simply gum up the works.  Texas Tim can call it whatever he likes under whatever auspices he claims, but the TEA Party "movement" is simply another political propaganda tool.   It has no clear agenda because it doesn't need one; in fact, in order to attract as many dissatisfied voters as possible under one tent, it's best that it doesn't have one.  It is a huge mistake for individuals supporters of this sham to ascribe their personal motivations to the "movement" as a whole.  Especially since nobody is buying it but them.

    Grassroots movement-grassroots problems

    Cinie, you're being fooled by the propaganda.  The Tea Party in Texas is different from the Tea Party in New York, California or South Carolina BECAUSE it's a grassroots movement led by different people in different areas with different concerns.  The Tea Party I joined was a small group of Texans who were concerned about losing our country to its own government.  We saw our rights as declared in The Constitution being threatened by self-serving bureaucracies and we saw outside threats from nations who were enslaving us in debt and dependancy.  Even rights to worship, gather and speak, so important they were protected in the 1st Amendment, are subject to legal limitations that never should have been.


    Look, you're free to draw your own conclusions.  If you wast to ascribe some nefarious plot to Tea Partiers and just add another group to the long list that are trying to "keep the black man down," that's up to you.  I'm just trying to help.

    Wake up, Tim

    When'd you join, Tim?  I've been researching these folks since Santelli's rant.  And, I didn't say anything about keeping anybody down.  The system does that just fine, thank you.  The TEA Party is a FreedomWorks-created, right-wing propaganda tool.  Period.  Much like its left-wing counterpart, Obama For America.  As I said before, just because you think your motives are pure, that doesn't mean you're not being exploited for someone else's larger purpose.  You are.

    Obama for America, left-wing?

    Bite your tongue! Obama For America is centrist at best, and that's being charitable.

    You're right

    I totally agree with you.  OFA is not left-wing at heart.  However, and it's a big however, it was designed to co-opt the whole of the left, gather them under one tent, and minimize, neutralize, and render mute any- and every-thing left of...Nixon.  With a great marketing campaign and spokesmodel, they seem to have succeeded.

    Much like the TEA Party "movement," whose members are convinced they're serving their Christian conservative goals,  Obacolytes are convinced they are promoting a liberal, progressive agenda.  Both sides are full of deluded worker bees doing busy work of no real importance other than pumping up the membership rolls, while their "leadership" goes on about their business in concert.  That's why both sides are full of disaffected, disenfranchised sheeple.

    I'm exploited?

    I've been involved since Tax Day, 2009 (April 15th).  Have you ever heard the joke about the hunter that tracked a tiger until it caught him?  I've stood up to Governor Perry and Congressman John Carter here in Texas face to face and written letters to Hutchison and Cornyn, our Senators.  I'm also in touch regularly with District 52 Representative Candidate Larry Gonzales who I'm helping campaign and active elsewhere.


    Local Tea Partiers have refused to financially support the GOP because of people like John McCain.  Though we appreciate his service, His compromises with The Left, his support of amnesty for illegals and his family's support of gay marriage rights have him at odds with social conservatives.  When GOP people come to Tea Party meetings, we tell them that the party can't expect support but, if individual candidates want to sign onto our principles, we can talk.  Remember, the GOP had nothing but contempt for us until the Tea Party made huge changes in MA and NJ.  We know that the moment any politician thinks they can take us for granted or win without us, they'll kick us to the curb with extreme prejudice.


    Besides candidates, we're also battling on indivdual legislative issues.  It's not tactically advantageous to talk about that here but we're getting consensus on individual bills and hitting legislators from all sides.  We're also populating commitees, boards, conventions and councils throughout the government system so our agenda will have the best chance of seeing light.


    One thing that makes your accusation that we're being exploited questionable is that we're very suspicious of outsiders.  Libertarians in 3 groups I belong to, for example, have been kicked out.  Our majorities don't feel comfortable around anarchists so they're excluded.


    Many of us are still learning, some are becoming disinterested, some are trying to profit from us, some are even wolves in sheeps' clothing but even well established organizations have strange fusions and fractures.  It's naive to expect anything different.


    Thanks, Cinie, for the oppoertunity to discuss details in this forum.  I know many here see will disagree for different reasons but I still believe individual liberties and individual expression are the best route to Black empowerment.  Whether you're a Tea Partier, a Black Nationalist or a communitarian, this country's constitution gives you freedom to gather on almost any basis and realize the truth of your own form of governance.

    T.T. is either insufferably naive or intellectually dishonest

    Cine, you are not going to win an argument with Texas Tim.  Like most "conservative Christians" ideology will always trump facts.  Bible "literalists" don't understand allegory and symbolism in the Bible.  (T.T., you should have paid more attention in that Psych class).


    T.T. doesn't mind that he is factually wrong while you are factually right on the "origins" of the Tea Party Movement.  He's, unfortunately, Exhibit "A"-- kiddwee-- why there won't be a left/right alignment.   There "could" be one, but there "won't be one."  Because "Leftists" worldviews are simply to "real" for "Rightists," especially the Christian Conservative variety.


    Texas Tim ignores that the "Paulians" started the Tea Party Movement.  He also validates what I (we) have been warning Libertarians.  The Tea Party Movement is CO-OPTED BY GWB acolytes, what Altemeyer calls "Authoritarians." 



    Co-option T.T. is what "capitalists do."  Many have accurately described how "liberal" movements like Moveone, Daily Kos, the "Nation Magazine," et. al were coopted by Obama and the "Blue Dog/DLC" ilk of the Dem Party.


    I can see a "Left/Right Coalition" emerging with the same success as BP's "top kill" procedure.  Afro-centric people ain't gonna wait around for "miracles."  "Change you can believe in."


    I swear that I wish there could be a left/right alignment.  As I repeatedly stated, the Left and (Libertarian) Right blew a collective, concerted effort at a combined antiwar alignment.  I am eager not hostile for such an alignment.  Just like I "was" eager for one regarding the Bankster Bailout.  But not anymore .  Because it's foolish to look for results from a "failed State" which is what America is.   


    what's in a name?

    I suggest that we take a closer look at the woman's history who Mr Paul was named after ,Ayn Rand is the author of laissez faire capitalism.Laissez faire literally translates as let them do as they please.This is a philosophy based on the notion that banks and big businesses,while enjoying the proteections of the governement against such things as copyright violations and tarrif laws should be allowed to run amok when discriminating and stealing.Rand was named after such a woman and everyone is surprised when he says the things he does...

    While the so called progressives on the so called left are busy supporting a demagogue like Obama,the so called conservatives on the so called right are busy supporting the likes of Rand Paul.What a sorry ass electorate we have in America?

    So, what are my motives?

    I say I'm active in the Tea Party in Texas.  That's either the truth or a lie.  Let's assume it's true just for the sake of argument.  Next, I say that Ron and Rand Paul are Libertarians at odds with social conservatives in the Tea Party movement.  Why would I lie about that?  Do you think Paulers or Libertarians would open their meetings with pledges and prayer?  What would they do to fight drugs that poison all our kids?  Nothing, that's what!  Do you think Libertarians would lose a moment's sleep over some black kid, tits up in the gutter, dead from a drug overdose?  They think that kid is just suffering the natural consequences of his own consensual behavior.


    Social conservatives, the heart and soul of the Tea Party are Christian Patriots.  I know one of the complaints in the Black community is number of Blacks wasting away in American prisons.  In all honesty, I believe every one of them belongs there.  If any man rapes, beats, kills or poisons a fellow human being, I'm happy to lock him away forever.  If the crime is heinous enough, I believe he's given up humanity and human rights and should be put down like a rabid animal and with as much remorse.  If a beast like that looked like Tom Sawyer, I'd be pleased to pull the lever myself and send that freckle-faced demon straight to hell.  If you're looking for people who will set prisoners free, obviously, I'm not part of a crowd like that.  Are those the words of a Libertarian or a Pauler?


    I have nothing to say about Libertarians "starting" the Tea Party.  If you have reason to believe they were there at the beginning, fine.  I can guarantee this, though.  When they show up at any rallies in Williamson or Travis counties, I'm going to aggravate and intimidate them.  I regularly treat them like the filth and scum they are.  At the April 15th rally in Austin, they had a table.  I hung out there, calling them pole-dancers and child-molesters trying to get a rise out of them.  Is that the behavior of a Ron Paul supporter?


    If that doesn't convince you that the Pauls are on the outs with us, you're an idiot, drunk on his own koolaid.

    @ T.T. I was thinking the same thing, "what are your motives?"

    What's the purpose of a White Christian Conservative, a Tea Partier, who believes in the "chosen" people of Israel (who look nothing like the people in the Bible), who believes in the death penalty, who believes in mass Black incarceration, who believes the world is classless and color-blind, who believes in the lie of American Exceptionalism, and all sorts of myriad fairy tales and nonsense, who's completely out of touch with Black folks, what's the point of you posting at BAR?  To anger us, to get the discussions off base, to "educate" us with your ahistorical analyses??


    Sure, it's your right and freedom to do so, but I doubt if most BAR posters are over at Storm Front,  Michelle Malkin, or Little Green Footballs debating White Christian Conservatives.   The things you write and say are completely irrelevant and out of touch, your phoney Christianity is stomach-turning.  (I bet if you thought for a minute Jesus was dark-skinned, you'd want to deport him as an illegal and you'd be worshipping your ancestors)


    It's absolutely amusing to watch you wiggle between the Libertarians and the Right Wing Conservatives regarding the Tea Party roots.  It's equally amusing to see that we can now sit back and tell the Libertarians regarding the Tea Parties "broad umbrella"  " we told you so."


    Exercise your first Amendment rights to your hearts content.  Keep blabbing the right wing nonsense to your heart's content, but this is my last comment regarding you or what you say and write:


    T.T., in the future, "talk to the hand."


    p.s.   "Christian Patriots,"  now that's some scary shit....More like psycopaths than Christians.


    I agree with your link

    The link Cynic provided tells the truth about using The Lord's name in vain.  It only means using it as a curse to the uninformed.  The true meaning of the commandment is to not use God's name for personal gains.  To that, I say amen and amen.


    When I use the term "Christian Patriots," I'm not saying God supports conservatism but that Christian Conservatives hope to OBEY God.  Instead of secret or varying standards, we submit to God's Will as revealed in His Word.


    Your classless comment about us rejecting any idea of Jesus being a person of dark color is ridiculous.  Can you imagine how an Anglo-Jesus with blonde locks would stick out in the Middle East?  You must have some really ignorant superstitions about white people and what we believe.

    Yes I do.....

    My "ignorant superstittions" are based upon the "ignorant superstitions that comes out of White Christian Conservatives mouths.


    I readily admit I'm "a piece of work" to borrow the tired lingo of Mericans, what about you??  My "mission" is to stir up thought. You know good and well the majority of White "christian" Conservatives would convert to Islam if the truth were told about the melanin in "Jesus's" skin, if Denzel Washington played Jesus instead of Mel Gibson, your congregations would be in an uproar and your belief system shaken to its core.  I don't know how a "blondie" Jesus plays out in the M.E., I DO know how it plays out in the States.  And that's all I need to know.


    I bet 100 to 1 you support the "Pariah State's" attack on the flotilla for Gaza relief.  What kills me is when fake christians talk about God's mandate and "word,"  when did you all become omniscient, I thought that was the domain of the Lord? 


    "Classless?"  Nobody has less class than White "christian" Conservatives.  You bloodthirsty, war mongering, mean-spirited, compassionless knaves.  It's obvious you all are still stuck in the Old Testament "law" rather than the New Testament's mandate of "agape."  "Talk to the hand."  lol

    Denzel would be a great Jesus

    If all it takes is white skin to play Jesus in America, why were Christians so up in arms at Willem Dafoe at The Last Temptation of Christ?  Considering Denzel Washington's skills as an actor and the compelling story of Christ, I think that would be a great match.  Washington's righteous purposefulness brought to the role in "Man On Fire" would be even better applied to a Jesus character.  By the way, how much of your evidence has to go down in flames before you dump your theory that "Whitey" is only evil all the time?


    I am in favor of Israel defending itself.  I wasn't fooled for a moment that the flotilla in question was less than a test of Israeli defense.  The fact that there was ANY humanitarian aid supplies in the shipment was intended to keep the human shields close to the weapons supply line.  I know people here are going to disagree with me strongly but I don't care.  I've chosen the side of Israel against the Mohammedans who would conquer them.


    I'm not sure what you're referring to when you mention "fake" Christians.  What it usually means is that non-believers want Christians to fit into a box of their own design.  I'm not falling for that either.  Yes, I'm bloodthirsty.  Whether it's a race or religion thing, I don't know.  I do know there's a monster in my soul that should be put in submission to Christ but I find the prospect of tearing the throat out of the "enemy" with my teeth tempting.


    I also admit being curious as to whether blood-thirst could be a race thing.  Northern Europeans were still savage when other cultures were expounding on ethics.  I haven't seen anything that proves we were more than brute beasts before the introduction of Christianity.  That in itself is interesting.


    I'm not your enemy, Cynic.  I'm not a blank slate, devoid of experiences and learning with their associated prejudices but I'm open to discussion.

    Paul vs. Paul

    Rand Paul wants to call Morales and Chavez "petty dictators" but both were elected democratically and have done more to sidestep Wall Street, the IMF and create better conditions in their countries than any punk ass in our government. Also - Venezuela has a much lower debt to GDP ratio than ANY of the European countries that are currently experiencing economic crisis and has way more chance of surviving this economic crisis because it doesn't rely solely on debt to finance itself. Rand Paul should start with getting his facts straight and/or stop catering to the ignorant American mindset of distorting history. The Constitution says nothing about being a political hack. Perhaps Rand Paul is the Obama moment for the "tea party" - soon libertarians will likely see with Rand what progressives saw in the year after Obama got elected. He's already states he is for military tribunals, supports the recent Supreme Court decision about corporations basically bankrolling candidates, makes it seem like Obama is some kind of socialist with intimate ties with leftists like Chavez and Morales, when he in fact is a corporatist(thank you Ron Paul). Rand Paul speaks for the coal industry - on his site he is very obviously distorting facts when he says "solar and wind" special interests are distorting the market in relation to energy. The mofos who have stacked the deck for decades are coal and oil industries. Yet - no talk of this from Rand. So far, Rand has outright lied about several facts, and he isn't even in office yet. 

    Positive "nullification"

    State owned banks:

    Keeping the federal government from utilizing state's national guards for the purposes of empire building(only possible with acquiescence to federal mandates):

    South Carolina legislator wants to ban U.S. currency in his state:


    Local currencies:


    Why Progressives And Liberals Should Consider Secession:


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