Washington Refuses to Call Off Its Dogs in Honduras

crowd scene in HondurasA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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While President Obama issues vacuous statements claiming to support the general principle of electoral democracy, his own State Department officials blame President Zelaya for provoking the coup.” Nobody in Latin American believes the U.S. is not complicit.
Washington Refuses to Call Off Its Dogs in Honduras
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Washington has bought time for its Honduran puppets.”
The “new face” of U.S. policy in Latin America is just that: a face, a false front. Barack Obama's famous smile is a Greek mask, behind which lurks the same old Uncle Sam that plunged nearly all of Latin America into military and oligarchic rule in the period following World War Two.
The U.S. is trying to run out the clock on Honduras's democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a June 28 coup that could not have happened without Washington's approval and ongoing support. The U.S. is the only country in the Western Hemisphere that continues to maintain an ambassador in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa. The American ambassador's purpose there, is to hold the hands of the Honduran generals, to assure them that Uncle Sam has their back. While President Obama issues vacuous statements claiming to support the general principle of electoral democracy, his own State Department officials blame President Zelaya for provoking the coup by exploring the possibility of a referendum by the people on a second presidential term.
Obama seeks plausible deniability for that which is undeniable: U.S. complicity in Zelaya’s ouster. No one in Latin America is fooled. The airplane that was used to kidnap President Zelaya and deposit him in nearby Costa Rica, first dutifully stopped at the airbase in Soto Cano – a facility that is as much a U.S. base as a Honduran one. The U.S. relationship to the Honduran military is like that of a father and child. There may be no purer annex and creation of the U.S. military than the Honduran officer corps, which is led almost entirely by men trained at Fort Benning’s School of the Americas, sometimes called the “School of Coups” or “School of Assassins.” The generals and oligarchs that carried out the coup have literally no reason for existence aside from service to U.S. neocolonialism, without which they would be swept away.
The U.S. relationship to the Honduran military is like that of a father and child.”
Through the most cynical maneuvers and double-speak, Washington has bought time for its Honduran puppets, wearing down Zelaya's domestic popular forces despite their daily demonstrations as time runs out on his presidency, due to expire in January. If the military is still in charge on the ground in November – which is clearly the plan – then scheduled elections can be rigged or cancelled. The coup will have been a fait accompli, despite Obama's lame protestations that Washington had nothing to do with it.
This sends a very loud message to the rest of Latin America's elected leaders; it tells them that a nod from the U.S. ambassador can still bring instant exile, even death. It is a powerful warning to keep one's distance from Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador and other nations that are forging an independent political and economic path.
President Obama had the gall to describe as “hypocrites” those who urge the U.S. to exert real pressure of the Honduran coup-makers. “The same critics who say that the United States has not intervened enough in Honduras,” said Obama, “are the same people who say that we're always intervening and the Yankees need to get out of Latin America.” But there is no contraction. Everybody knows the Honduran generals are Washington's dogs. Obama needs to call his dogs off. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.



La Cosecha Del Odio

That means essentially "you reap what you sow."  Nobody in Latin America was fooled from about two weeks after the election onward.  There had been agents-provocateurs in La Paz, Bolivia, from the CIA, who tried to foment some popular rebellion against the Morales government.  Morales dealt with it with way more patience then was merited, but I think that until the coup in Honduras, Chavez, Correa and Morales, especially, have been willing to give the USA quite a bit of slack in the line in the hopes that finally the US media will stop the propaganda at least against them and tell the true story about their governments.
Well, two weeks after Obama's election, the CIA started the same stuff up again in La Paz, trying to infiltrate unions, and trying to convince members of Morales's own party that Morales was Raul Castro's puppet and all that nonsense.  What it really had to do with was a government-owned natural gas field whose exploration rights Morales was putting up for international Dutch auction, instead of giving US and UK interests some sweetheart deal, as the previous government had.  So, Obama in his cheesy way makes a big to do about a "new beginning" with Morales and calls him to say all these nicities and Morales says "Mr Obama, I congratulate you on your victory and I identify with you a lot being the first Indigenous president of Bolivia, but please stop causing trouble in La Paz and just stay the fuck out of Bolivia."  I knew it was going nowhere good.  The Caracas Harbor episode followed that.  And whatever reporting you got about Obama at the America's Summit and the pictures of hugging Chavez and all that, it was a lie.  The local reporting told a very different story.  A story about Obama beginning with his "moving forward" lecture and instead of going over marvelously as CNN reported, it infuriated everyone there and everyone right, left and center across Latin America.
There's a "manners culture" here which acts as a social glue.  One of the absolute rules of social conduct nevermind diplomatic conduct is that YOU NEVER CRITICIZE OR LECTURE A STRANGER. NEVER! Every six-year old child knows that.  In the audience when Obama did that, were many heads-of-state and opposition leaders who had even recently been political prisoners of US-backed regimes: Bachelet, Chavez and Simon, the most prominent among many.  To say in this forum to strangers who had overcome the horrors of their imprisonment to be leaders in new democracies is an offense far, far, far, worse down here than the stupidest remarks made by the stupidest people at these phony Town Hall medical things. 
Condoleeza Rice tried that at a forum at the National University here in Panama and the students literally chased her all the way to the airport! Martin Torrijos was their president at the time and his father was assassinated by the CIA and for her to come and say how glad she was that Panama had "moved forward" from the communist dictatorship of Omar Torrijos was, well...I have no words for what that was.  I'm just glad that I was working when that happened because I'd have joined the students in a second.  I would give Martin Torrijos a lot of credit for patience, too, for ALLOWING her to get safely back on that plane after saying what she said about his father.
That's just Obama's offensive WORDS.  Honduras and Plan Colombia have the whole region on tilt right now.  Hint: don't be an American tourist in Latin America any time soon.  My son is only 10 and he has nightmares now about being invaded.  I'm a well-off guy and hardly a radical of any kind, but I'm telling you that the US government can only push this stuff so far.  Whatever divisions there are within even the client states like Colombia and Peru will dissolve at some point and be focused where they should be. Nobody wants that.
Instead of congratulating themselves for Obama's "wonderful" way with "them" (Latinos), Americans should consider backing-off and just conducting normal trade (without these onerous FTAAs and the IMF) among neutral countries. Instead of trying to snatch a natural gas field in Bolivia, why not make THE HIGH BID in the open auction instead? They should try a little cooperation and look for mutually good solutions instead of all this self-congratulation coupled with violent imperialism.  It's not 1974 anymore.  The US is an enormous net debtor to Latin America.  Without firing one bullet, MERCOSUR could devoid itself of its dollar holdings and add INFLATION to your RECESSION just using their trading accounts on the ICE and CME.  That would affect everybody up there,  unfortunately, good peace loving, reasoning people, such as the writers and commenters here, as well as Americans who don't want imperialism in their name even if they don't think about these issues. 
The world knows who the villains are.

A Bankrupt Empire puts Latin America in the crosshairs

From Pepe Escobar, "US Arc of Instability Just Gets Bigger,"

"The US has already set up three military bases in Colombia, plus a dozen radar stations. Now this will be upgraded by the Colombian government to seven bases, one of them - Palanquero - with air access to the whole hemisphere. Seven bases in Colombia is a natural Pentagon response to the US losing the Manta base in Ecuador, and losing its grip on now leftist Paraguay. Washington already trains the Colombian armed forces, special forces and the national police.

The infamous Fort Benning-based School of the Americas, the flagship US training ground for ultra-repressive military dictatorships, that is, the "School of Assassins", re-baptized in 2001 the Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation, trained not only over 10,000 Colombians, but the coup leaders in Honduras as well. "
It's encouraging to see that Latin Americans are not duped by warmed over US Gunboat Diplomacy, 19th century redoux by Mr. Smiley Face.  The Puppet-in-Chief, Chief Vampire of the Empire.
p.s. Biden is saying the "stimulus package" has ushered in the end of a recession instead of the beginning of a depression.  Exhibit A in American delusion.  I'm asking Santa for Rosetta Stone under the Xmas tree, so I can learn Spanish or some foreign language real soon and skip town before the empire flames out.  Looks like Lying Biden didn't get the memo the US Imperial Government is BANKRUPT and the dollar decoupling is underway, the rising tide will soon wash ashore in Amerikka.  Sadly, our vanity, hubris, depravity, militarism won't be sufficient to stem the tide.  Reality will soon meet rhetoric; it won't be a pretty date.
There are meetings being held Monday and Tuesday (June 2009) in Yekaterinburg, Russia, (formerly Sverdlovsk) among Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and other top officials of the six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The United States, which asked to attend, was denied admittance. Watch what happens there carefully. The gathering is, in the words of economist Michael Hudson, “the most important meeting of the 21st century so far.”
I called Hudson, who has an article in Monday’s Financial Times called “The Yekaterinburg Turning Point: De-Dollarization and the Ending of America’s Financial-Military Hegemony.” “Yekaterinburg,” Hudson writes, “may become known not only as the death place of the czars but of the American empire as well.” His article is worth reading, along with John Lanchester’s disturbing exposé of the world’s banking system, titled “It’s Finished,” which appeared in the May 28 issue of the London Review of Books.
“This means the end of the dollar,” Hudson told me. “It means China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran are forming an official financial and military area to get America out of Eurasia. The balance-of-payments deficit is mainly military in nature. Half of America’s discretionary spending is military.  (And 70% of GDP is CONSUMPTION) The deficit ends up in the hands of foreign banks, central banks. They don’t have any choice but to recycle the money to buy U.S. government debt. The Asian countries have been financing their own military encirclement. They have been forced to accept dollars that have no chance of being repaid. They are paying for America’s military aggression against them. They want to get rid of this.”
China, as Hudson points out, has already struck bilateral trade deals with Brazil and Malaysia to denominate their trade in China’s yuan rather than the dollar, pound or euro. Russia promises to begin trading in the ruble and local currencies. The governor of China’s central bank has openly called for the abandonment of the dollar as reserve currency, suggesting in its place the use of the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights. What the new system will be remains unclear, but the flight from the dollar has clearly begun."
Welcome to the Multi-Polar World and the collapse of the American Imperium. In about 4-5 years we'll be asking the Missionaires in Latin America to send us clothes, medicine and bottled water.

EC, you are very well informed on how the pieces fit globally...

...outside of the non-corporatist money-moving world, I don't read too many US-focused poltical blogs which get the global macroeconomic situation.  Sure, Faber, Celente, Grant, Henwood and Chomsky get it but that's their main focus.  Robert Shiller and Bradford Cornell did some strong highly academic work about 8 years ago on the American equity illusion, but without a global poltical context.
You've hit all the high notes.  I was absolutely AMAZED that when China started talking about going off the USD to the SDR basket, that it wasn't front page news in the United States every day.  This portends Ekaterinburg even more surely than a united MERCOSUR or UNASUR voiding into the f/x and debt markets collectively.  The Chinese have been both the biggest borrower and the biggest lender of USD in the world.  OK, the SDR, however,  it would be recomposed, would still be roughly 50% USD, but that means also 50% NOT USD.  So, half of China's peg and lendings would be off the USD.  They say that China only has a $1 Trillion in US Deb in its central but I don't believe it.  I think between China and the Gulf Oil Monarchies, they've got closer to $5 Trillion, which. let's say is half China's.  What do you think would happen up there if there were even strong expectations of $2.5 TRLN hitting the f/x and interest rate markets? It would be a holocaust.  RECESS-FLATION.
I guess Kisinger and Hu worked out a delay on that or something, but the USA dodged a bullet there.  OK.  The there's the Ruso-Pan Asian alignment you refer to.  This was a small item for those who were paying attention about 5 weeks ago. Again, those are also the biggest investors in the USA's "enemies" in Latin America (which are EVERY COUNTRY but Mexico, post-coup Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru).  How that wasn't front page news in the US papers is beyond me.  If that alignment and Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, and the Baltics went off the USD, now you're talking FULL ON HYPERINFLATION WITH FULL ON DEPRESSION IN THE USA.
I'm not surprised that no one listened to Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul during the 2008 campaign as they hammered on the Bush Administration's military fiscal insanity combined with the loosest monetary policy of any country fighting a two front war in HISTORY.  Even Sra La Corporatista De Siempre herself, Hillary Clinton, mentioned this in a couple of debates in March, not with the detail Kucinich or Paul used but she cited the debt and deficit as a big problem.  Obama, of course, claimed that "if we all pull together and use good old American know-how we'll grow our way out of the debt and budget problems..."
When the shit hit the fan in October, this was the best of all possible worlds for the corporatist cartel.  There was one moment of patriotism and that was when the House Progressives got together with Ron Paul, the pseudo libertarians, and the far-right Evangelicals to vote down the first "bailout" that Paulson had written up granting himself unlimited power.  I guess this is where your anger at the Congressional Black Caucus is rooted, really, although to be fair outside of 7 or 8, they like the Progressive Caucus ex the CBC cross-overs and 30 more, have been kind of weak from the moment Obama was elected.  But candidate Senator Obama did a reeally irresponsible thing in my mind, following the House rejection of Paulson.  When they redrafted it, Obama as candidate jumped in and played Black Caucus Whip to get all the Black Representatives to join the Blue Dogs and Moderate Fascists, leaving the Progressive Caucus and Ron Paul in the dust.
He's a good salesman, man.  He got nearly every one of those votes including BARBARA LEE.  When I saw that Barbara Lee had voted for a gift to Henry Paulson, I thouoght I'd lost my mind.  Barbara Lee and Barack Obama DON'T AGREE ON A SINGLE ISSUE, LEAST OF ALL THIS ONE WHICH WAS SO VERY IMPORTANT.  Lee was a leader.  On these issus she, Kucinich, Paul, Conyers, Woolsey, Grayson, Wexler, Lewis, Ellison and so on used to be ROCK SOLID.  It makes sense.  As I mentioned about Hugo Chavez and certainly Michelle Bachelet, social-democrats make the best fiscal and monetary conservatives. Why? Because they don't overspend on the military and aren't in the pockets of GE and Raytheon! So, they can use a flexible prudent Keynesianist fiscal policy and a flexibly prudent Fisherite monetary policy.  So, social democrats usually have SURPLUSES even after taking care of a good-sized social sector like Venezuela and Chile have.  That's real STIMULUS. Not giving free money to the 20 largest banks owned by the 1000 richest families.
But it was in ignoring the message of Kucinich and Paul about the debt and deficit because the movement in economic activity was a steep drop, thus keeping too much air in the dollar, and the lower commodity prices which followed persisted well past the inauguration.  This was a perfect set up for the reverse Robin Hood thing Bush and Obama pulled off and Obama continues to pull off.  The media loves "themes" so, they sold this as "America's Depression" and Obama as "The New FDR."  The idea was Obama with an open, limitless wallet for "stimulus" because inflation was absolutely not a worry at all, why LOOK AT HOW STRONG THE DOLLAR IS!
The people I blame most for this were these do-gooder liberal economists like Krugman and Robert Reich who bought into the "cool FDR spend spend spend" myth, when true people-oriented economists like Stiglitz, Perkins and Roberts were SCREAMING about the debt, deficit and the coming re-contango in the the commodities markets.  I thought that of the politicians, again Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul had exactly the right approach.  Yes, by all means do STIMULUS but make it smaller and take care of the neediest first because you get more of a muliplier and more velocity giving it to the neediest first and on UP THE LADDER and can to the true stimulus much, much cheaper and also FAIRER.  Their other idea which was absolutely right every left-wing economist and every right-wing economist agreed: PEACE, PEACE, PEACE AND MORE PEACE.  That's how you can let some air out of the dollar slowly in an environment on backwardated commodities curves instead of these psycho upward sloping contangos we observe once again today as in 2007.
But if you get to SPEND SPEND SPEND freely, call it FDR-stimulus as Nobel Prize winning jerkoff Paul Krugman roots you on as you really just hand a blank check to the military, the contractors and Wall Street, there's your recipe for the greatest robbery in broad daylight in the history of mankind.  And that it was Reverse Robin Hood, well....there have been violent revolutions over much less!.  I call Krugman a jerkoff even though I sort of respect him because I believe that he knew he was enabling irresponsible policy but he was afraid to use what might seem like Right Wing Code Words if he expressed concern about pending inflation because of all the inflationary factors.  Again, if Kucinich is an inflation hawk and even Noam Chomsky and Hugo Chavez are, WHY IS IT SO "RIGHT WING" FOR PAUL KRUGMAN TO NOTICE THIS AND EXPRESS THE TRUTH.  He sure ain't to the "left" of Kucinch, Chomsky or Chavez, that's for sure!  But Krugman didn't even bother to question where the money was going.  If he was such a "do-gooder" couldn't he at least have had the same kind of fiscal compassion that Ron Paul did? Couldn't he have asked to re-federalize AFDC and stay stongly social but for a more prudent amount.
Well, that's where Gringolandia is today.  A country that can steal trillions from its poorest and most productive citizens, raise their earned income taxes but not give them HR 676 healthcare like I have in Panama.
Foolishness and knavery, sadistas, cobardes de mierda y no se que, pue'...si o no?
They never did the smart thing with Chavez and become his partner and now they whine about the Ruso-Latino Pact of 2008. Well, gee whiz, what is Russia and Latin America supposed to do to protect their huge investments from a geographical, military expansionist USA?
I have to stop writing now because I've studied this too deeply and have worked in the business for too many years and now I'm fucking burying friends murdered because of  US fascism!

For everyone's info

This might be an interesting documentary, I look forward to it.  Anything that helps dispell the irrational fears and idiocity of US foreign policy.  Hopefully means will be found to stop the US's "unofficial" censorship of this and like movies:
A new documentary by Oliver Stone called “South of the Border” follows his earlier trajectory of “Salvador” (1984), “Comandante” (2003), and “Looking for Fidel” (2004) as he talks to several Latin American leaders to understand what is happening on the continent and how U.S. perceptions of our own backyard are skewed.
A four-minute video clip is available on the Guardian Web site.
I also saw that Clinton et. al has apparently come out in favor of withholding some financial assistance from Columbia, but on the otherhand, IMF lending (IMF being a US proxy) appears to remain at status quo levels.  Is this another Obama/Clinton sleight of hand or "bait and switch"?

I'm looking forward to it even though I know the truth anyway

Democratic voters seem to like "buzz" and "fame" and "celebrity," so I'm hopeful whatever of that which Oliver Stone has will lead some of the Obama-philes to question U.S. Latin policy if only because Mr Stone is a CELEBRITY.
It's very clear to me from the link that what I've been saying about the Venezuelan government, it's president and governing party will show up in this film.  Viewers will not see a raving lunatic bent on world domination.  They'll see a very bright and professional head-of-state with a strong cabinet who has managed to blend concepts of socialism and classical (capitalist) economics in a way that promotes steady growth and equitable wealth creation, not concentration.  I'm an obsessive so I can go on at length about the policies of Ministro Rodriguez, etc, but Americans will get the bigger picture.
On green technology? Venezuela's about 5 years and $40 billion ahead of the USA.
Here's the thing about Hillary Clinton and Latin America.  She has a bit more of a reflexive openness culturally to the ways of other countries and governments in person than Bush, Obama, Biden, Holbrooke, Powell, Rice, or even Bill Clinton, have.  Though she and Chavez are aware that they are not the others' friend in the slightest, they are able to speak honestly to each other and to share a laugh now and then.  That's it.  I suppose if she could act on her own wishes, she be more peaceable, but it's hard to know where Hillary Clinton begins and K-Street ends.  She's merely the nicest and maybe brightest person of a very bad bunch.
There is not a chance in hell that Chavez, Correa or Morales are going to let the IMF back into their countries when each won the presidency promising to kick them out and then delivering on those promises.  Fernandez de Kirchner has tightened up quite a bit and is less receptive to US and IMF lies now.  Lugo will be strong in Paraguay as long as he can deliver economically.  The people like freedom and only imperialism by the US can screw that up.  Chile is a special situation because of Michelle Bachelet's moral authority.  She took Nelson Mandela's path footstep-by-footstep.  If she can meet with Robert Gates as her guest in Chile after what she went through in the political prison, more power to her. I personally couldn't do it.  But that's why these non-violence absolutists like Mandela and Bachelet are special.  Nevertheless, while she may have allowed more concessions to Pinochet's party (and Kissinger) than I would have, she has the highest favorability ratings of any head-of-state in the world, so when she nationalized the copper industry into CODELCO American journalists did whine they way they did when Chavez's government merely made the shareholders of Banco Mercantil a buyout-offer!
Everyone knows what's what and who's who down here.  So, whatever NPR say or PBS or the networks or CNN or any of them say is just nonsense.  They make it up as they go along or they're told what to say.  Obama wants a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia certainly while Uribe is president because there's a very good chance that he'll lose this third election (which is happening through the same process Chavez used to get a chance at a third term and the same process Zelaya had considered using).  Piedad Cordoba is on the short list for the Nobel Peace Prize and she's got way better credentials for it than Al Gore or Henry Kissinger!  She's through with Obama.  She gave him a chance to listen to Jim McGovern and Bill Delahunt on this and start a peace process and he blew her off.  I haven't heard her on the news or read about her in the paper or seen on her website the name "Barack Obama" at all.  She knows he's her country's worst enemy.  And she opposes IMF rules on sovereign nations.
With Eric Holder and Gregory Craig up to their eyeballs in this Chiquita mess, I don't trust Clinton or Obama or anyone connected with the Clinton, Bush or Obama administrations to do anything but cause more problems in Colombia if given a free hand.  As much as I'm for national sovereignty, I think American intentions are so malign that a strong UNASUR presence is needed to counter Clinton or Obama or Steinberg or Restrepo or whoever every step of the way.  If that's Chavez, it's fine by me. Bachelet or Lula de Silva or even Tabare Vazquez might "play" better in the US corporate media but we're long past worrying about that.  The game has officially started.  This can't be done through public relations and the press anymore.

The Nobel Peace Prize will be very significant this year...

...because the Democratic Party and Obamaland are so dependent on media "hype" for political oxygen.  It would not be a factor if a Republican were president.  Of course, the Obama spin machine has anticipated this an has filled the media with stories about the Swedish government and various companies of being in league with the FARC and al-Qaida, but that's what Team Obama does pretty well, control the media, and make the targets of his violence into the aggressors against America and him personally in the mass population's  perception.
Nevertheless, there has never been a US president with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan who was as dependent on good press as Barack Obama is.  Therefore, it's a very good thing that both Cynthia McKinney and Piedad Cordoba are among the favorites to win it because of all of the USA puppet states, Israel and Colombia are by far the worst.  If Ms McKinney or Sra Senadora Cordoba were to win it, Obama would have to deal with that and deal with what his "image" would become should he continue the ultra-Zionist and ultra-Para Military Israel and Colombia policies without at least a LEGITMATE attempt at a peace process either towards a two-state solution in Israel/Territories or a Colombia-for-Colombians-ONLY solution there.

Stone is on the offensive, watch the long knives come out

MADRID — Spain’s King Juan Carlos should “shut up” and listen to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, US film director Oliver Stone said in comments published Tuesday in a Spanish newspaper.
“Your king should shut up and listen to Chavez more,” the top-selling daily El Pais quoted Stone as telling one of its journalists at the Venice film festival on Monday...."
Stone said: “Chavez is an extraordinary man who has managed to reduce by half the number of people living in poverty in his country. I am tired of seeing the media in my country call him a dictator, because he is not.”
How long will it be before Fox News, even Anderson Cooper and CNN go ape shit over Stone? 
If McKinney or Cordoba wins the Nobel Peace Prize that would be remarkable indeed, and if we are fortunate, give more voice to the antiwar movement, the international one, that sees death and destruction of Obama's or shall I say George Bush's Third Term.
I was trying to hold off with this link on the assumption that BAR might get around to doing a piece on Van Jones, one of Obama's advisors on the environment.  Chris Floyd has a must-read piece at Empire Burlesque.  It links an essay by Arthur Silber that is as powerful and telling.  Both are remarkable in revisiting and analyzing Obama denunciation of Rev. Wright and in general describing in detail what Obama truly stands for.  The title made me think about McKinney and the Nobel:

Van Overboard: Obama's Problem With Strong Black Voices

Written by Chris Floyd   

Monday, 07 September 2009 09:47

Barack Obama seems to be making quite a habit of throwing overboard any black person associated with him who might have spoken an uncomfortable truth or raised some disturbing questions at some point in their lives. First his lifelong friend and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now his "green jobs" advisor, Van Jones.


It's encouraging to see that

It's encouraging to see that Latin Americans are not duped by warmed over US Gunboat Diplomacy, 19th century redoux by Mr. Smiley Face. The Puppet-in-Chief, Chief Vampire of the Empire.
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I guess Kisinger and Hu

I guess Kisinger and Hu worked out a delay on that or something, but the USA dodged a bullet there. Mp3 Ringtones


It's very clear to me from

It's very clear to me from the link that what I've been saying about the Venezuelan government, it's president and governing party will show up in this film. Vi
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