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NSA Could Ensnare Anyone in National Security Trap

“Every single person in this country owes Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning a debt of gratitude,” said Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, renowned whistleblower and a founder of the No FEAR Coalition. The NSA program that tracks human networks endangers all Americans, said Coleman-Adebayo, “because everyone is only a person or two or three or four away from being implicated in some scheme that the National Security State comes up with.” She called Bradley Manning’s 35-year prison sentence for exposing government secrets an example of growing “tyranny.”

Ray Kelly’s Rise Halted By Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

It is highly unlikely that New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly will be appointed head of Homeland Security, said Robert Gangi, of the Police Reform Organizing Project of the Urban Justice Center. A federal court found that the city’s stop-and-frisk practices routinely violate the constitutional rights of Blacks and Latinos. “There is now a big black eye on the face of New York City policing,” said Gangi. “Ray Kelly is no longer the iconic law enforcement figure he was a short two years ago.”

Black Is Back Coalition Magnifies Grassroots Forces

The betrayals and predations of the Black Misleadership Class can be overcome by out-organizing them. “Our objective is to replace that misleadership, not just to complain about it,” said Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. Black is Back seeks to “provide the ability for all of these” grassroots organizations “to come together and to magnify their presence many times over,” said Yeshitela. The coalition recently held its national conference in Harlem.

Cornel West on Obama and the New Jim Crow

The Obama administration seems to believe it is immune from effective Black criticism. “It’s sad to see us pimped like that,” said Dr. Cornel West, the activist and academic currently based at Union Theological Seminary, in New York. “All of our suffering is rendered invisible because they know we will be highly protective of them.” The administration has “that kind of power, that kind of bully pulpit, but they can’t say a mumbling word about the New Jim Crow – and they’ve been in office for five years. That’s disgusting!” Dr. West spoke on the latest edition of Black Agenda TV.

Nursing Students Charge Fraud in Philadelphia

Six Black women, who call themselves the Liberation of Students Rights Group of Philadelphia, charge the now defunct St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing cheated them out of $22,000 each and a year of their lives. Sabrina Whitaker said she and her fellow students, all college graduates at the time, had heard that the school had a Black dean, and “wanted to work in an area that was African American.” But the school turned out to be unaccredited. “We had to share gloves, we had to share needles when learning how to do IVs,” said Whitaker. The women hope to prevail in court, to prove that “if you keep fighting, keep striving for what you believe in, your dream too can come true.”

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Even Hollywood is promoting gov't spying.

The Hurt Locker wins Best Picture a few years ago, over Avatar which was basically a movie about an indigenous peoples winning out over the Colonialist Imperialism by a militarily backed up corporate mindset that says we want your natural resources because we do(there was also the point that earth had destroyed its own, making it mandatory to exploit others' resources) and we're willing to destroy you and yours and the planet itself to get our way. Essentially an attitude like all colonialists, that we are better than you and we even have a Mandate from GOD who's, of course, a Supreme Being that rules over all(the fact that the idea can be questioned of a being even existing is never considered), and yes, having a few token minorities in the group shows we are not just white European descendants who GOD has ordained to control the Universe.

There are several popular TV Crime Shows that are sneakily getting us to accept passively as that's just the way it is, loss of rights and due process, because after all, the Big Brother of us all, the Federal Government's Military Services, CIA, NCIS, NSA, FBI, are all on the job to protect us using their ability to, when charged with a crime(or not, even), find out varied information on anybody(especially those who may have been convicted and incarcerated and so are first suspects whether they've reformed their ways or not)in minutes, having connected the whole databases of Federal and State Government agencies, from medical charts, to bank and financial data, to what you've purchased at Wal Mart using your credit/debit card.

One show particularly, Person of Interest, supposedly capable of watching everything from events seen through traffic cams, on the streets, to active in realtime on the Internet. But they say it's to protect people, to save lives, never mind that the info they're getting is in violation of the US Constitution(that fact which they play way down, as no biggie), and they watch everyobody looking for supposed victims, and it's not clear what they do with info on those folks not being threatened, and who are apparently safe.

In these shows there are subtle banters going on that are lighthearted and happily engaging, by the actors, and even blithely entertaining to hide what was said elsewhere in the show, using threats to the  perp of the awe and power of the Patriot Act and how they can wield it to destroy the arrested person.

I'm referring here to the most popular shows that folks are watching each week, whether of the FBI, a military 'FBI,' or even local city police are in the act, and all of this corporate/gov't partnership propaganda is to show how much they care for US citizens. BUNK, pure BUNK, they're placating us before our slaughter.

Thank goodness there are groups like The Black Agenda Report that are willing to stick their noses out while screaming, even shreiking at the top of their lungs to get citizen's attention to tell everyone that the Emperor is freaking naked. Sadly, the fluffertainment corporate media  is just so powerful, that it's like a David and Goliath proposition, but I'm encouraged because there are more Edward Snowdens, Chelsea Mannings, Sibel Edmonds who have shown they are up to the task.  There's Glen Ford(whom actually woke me up around the time of elections, as I listened to Sam Seder's Majority Report's guest, Glen Ford) I was a Michael Eric Dyson-like Obamabot drum beater until I looked closer to the actual decisions President Obama was actually doing and I listened more and more to Glen and those who work with him at BAR. 

Clearly, I was an apathetic and willing blind cynic, as I just wanted to close my eyes as I was so sick of the CONservatives narrative imposed for the last 30 years, and the Democrats Bluedog majority shutting out Progressives and going along with the Repugnant GOP, that it was hopeless, then a great speech by Sen Obama, and suddenly I thought, wow, maybe I can join other like minded folks and we can actually change things for the better, especially since Obama seemed to know what I wanted, he seemed to understand, alas, I begn to notice how much I was becoming an excuse maker, an apologist for Obama, even when clearly no GOP actions were keeping him from taking action on a few things, e.g., the Public Option, which never even got to the table, and his opening up the East Coast and large swaths of areas for drilling. Then came the 2010 elections with the Prez telling me and implying I was too much the Purist, too much of a whiner who shouldn't be able to get everything I wanted, and to "Buck up,"and just accept whatever the hell Obama was doing, that he knew best. Then and there was gone my inkling of things about to change, and I knew business as usual was taking place. I ought to have seen the early signs, Obama siding with banks before homeowners, Obama wanting to go forward and not go back and punish the criminals, those advocates of enhanced interrogation techniques, Guatanomo still open, though promised as a first action as the Prez, Obama hiring as Treasury Secretary, Tim Geitner and Obama hiring Larry Summers, a couple of guys whom, one could argue may have been partly responsible for the 2008 thrashing of Wall street, and now Obama and company has a Kill list???!!!

Yep, Glen Ford shook me from my sleep when he said Obama is dangerous due to the Democrats refusal to call him out on his bad decisions and policies and I am so grateful to Mr Ford, as I learned so much in his interview with Sam Seder.

Thanks Glen...and company at BAR.

Oh, BTW, great show this week, thanks. I so love Cornel West, a true and caring human being.

Question: I'm a white guy, how can I help with the Black is Back?I'm so naive sometimes.