A Corporate Black President?

Does Barack Obama represent African Americans? All Americans? Gangster banksters? Or our transnational corporate elite in general? Glen Ford visited Capital University in Columbus Ohio last month to explore and explain...

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Obama's name are well-notify

It is very sadden than Pres. Obama is creating bad impression to his people because of the continues recession that our STATE enduring.  Many are going for quick loans to help them recover and assist as well in there financial difficulties. Imagine  , President Obama is being called now as Gangster banksters. I hope as the state people we should try to judge accordingly and try to do our very best to survive, always remember that for every mistake we make there is always US who will suffer. Now, as what I always hope for, economy recovery should be done for the good of all people.

Right on the money Glen! Or

Right on the money Glen! Or should I say right on the derivitatives...or more accurately left on the derivatives.  Thanks for the great analysis