Cornel West: Obama “Is a War Criminal”

by Jacob Chamberlain

I would rather have a white president fundamentally dedicated to eradicating poverty and enhancing the plight of working people than a black president tied to Wall Street and drones," activist-academic Dr. Cornel West told British journalists. Barack Obama, like his predecessor, should be tried for war crimes.


Cornel West: Obama “Is a War Criminal”

by Jacob Chamberlain

This article previously appeared in Common Dreams.

You can't meet every Tuesday with a killer list and continually have drones drop bombs.”

In an interview with the Guardian published on Sunday, renowned professor and prolific critic of the "military-industrial-complex" and rampant "plutocracy" in the U.S. and around the world, Dr. Cornel West explained his views on the state of America today and his fall from grace, by design, with President Barack Obama: "He's just too tied to Wall Street. And at this point he is a war criminal."

"They say I'm un-American," West told interviewer Hugh Muir, referring to Obama's team.

But from someone who actively campaigned for the man, only to be quickly and vastly disappointed, West sees in Obama the epitome of Washington corruption:

"He talked about Martin Luther King over and over again as he ran," West said of their campaign stops together, adding later, "You can't just invoke Martin Luther King like that and not follow through on his priorities in some way."

"King died fighting not just against poverty but against carpet-bombing in Vietnam; the war crimes under Nixon and Kissinger."

He hasn't said a mumbling word about the institutions that have destroyed two generations of young black and brown youth, the new Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex.”

West goes on:

You can't meet every Tuesday with a killer list and continually have drones drop bombs. You can do that once or twice and say: 'I shouldn't have done that, I've got to stop.' But when you do it month in, month out, year in, year out – that's a pattern of behavior." [...]

I think there is a chance of a snowball in hell that he will ever be tried, but I think he should be tried and I said the same about George Bush. These are war crimes. We suffer in this age from an indifference toward criminality and a callousness to catastrophe when it comes to poor and working people." [...]

"I knew he would have rightwing opposition, but he hasn't tried," West said of Obama's unwillingness to curb Wall Street's hold on Washington. "When he came in, he brought in Wall Street-friendly people – Tim Geithner, Larry Summers – and made it clear he had no intention of bailing out homeowners, supporting trade unions."

And later:

And he hasn't said a mumbling word about the institutions that have destroyed two generations of young black and brown youth, the new Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex. It's not about race. It is about commitment to justice. He should be able to say that in the last few years, with the shift from 300,000 inmates to 2.5 million today, there have been unjust polices and I intend to do all I can. Maybe he couldn't do that much. But at least tell the truth. I would rather have a white president fundamentally dedicated to eradicating poverty and enhancing the plight of working people than a black president tied to Wall Street and drones."


Cripes, I think you've got him pegged all wrong.

U must have a few drops of white blood.  U know that makes you a hustler.

What has he done so wrong?  I have followed him for years, met him in Atlanta, Ga. in the eighties and he is still marchin' and preachin' with the best.  He has a huge backbone.  U watch, he will be targeted by whitey and probably taken out like MLK, Jr.  What will u say then?

Don't want to wish u anything bad but one of us is a fool and I hope I am correct about Mr West.

West is a war criminal enabler & hustler

You've   got  to   look  beyond    the "marchin' and preachin."  He's  always   selling   something,  especially   his   never  ending   "latest  book."  I  read   "Race  Matters"  and   bought   his    rap   cd  Sketches   Of   My  Culture. I   saw   him   numerous  times on  CSpan,  with  his   pal Tavis  Smiley,  on   the   State  Of Black  America, sponsored   by  WalMart,   Wells   Fargo,  etc.  You  know,   the   Wells   Fargo   that   targeted    blacks  for   ripoff  subprime  home  loans.

Over  time,  I  finally   realized Dr  West   is   a   "hustler." West  is a  longtime   member  of  the   pseudo  Left,  a  subsidiary   of   the   war   party,   the democratic  party.     His  hustle  is   books,  cd's,  "marchin and preachin."  And   he  uses  them  to   keep  gullible   blacks voting   for  a  party  that  does not  represent   their  interests.

Dr  West reacted   with  anger  and   disappointment after  not   recieving  the   access  to  the  President he   expected  after      endorsing  &   campaigning   for   war   criminal   Obama;  so  i'm  not  convinced   his   issues  with  Obama  are   based  soley  on  policies.

I  give  Dr  West   credit   for   calling  out  Obama. However,  he  has   too many   baggage   issues,  over  a  long    time  span,   for  me  to   take  seriously.  He's  a war   party  enabler  and is  just  as   guilty as  war  criminal  Obama.

What is wrong with u people!

I would love to hear from Kimberly, Dixon and Ford on this discussion.  In your eyes, MLK was a fraud?  

Jesus, people!  I have not voted for years, even in local elections, because they are ALL cronies.  If Joell, Cripes or Beverly were elected to some slimy office, all of you would be soon corrupted, OR, thrown in jail for trying to change ANYTHING significant.  Power means compliance.  That's AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

He gave the finger to Harvard and Princeton and now is at Columbia Theological where he can speak his mind and the minds of us out here suffering under CAPITALISM.  If he has a fault, it is believing in a wizard in the sky, so, he needs to stop this fruitless waste-of-time activity.  You all believers?

When West gets assassinated, what you going to say?   



At some point all of us were (are) guilty members of fake Left

We were on this bankwagon for decades.  It's been only the past 10 years + that I came to MORE CLARITY that there is no real "Left" movement in America.  The "Left" is as phony (actually more phony) than the Right.

I don't think West is reacting because of access denied.  I think West is following his principles as well as his disappointments that Obama has not only failed to deliver on his promise(s) but is in fact a regressive character.   We all are (or have been guility of some cognitive dissonance.

Most of us knew the Vietnam War was immoral and predacious but we never considered JFK or LBJ war criminals, we would not give them such a pass now with the benefit of not only hindsight but FORESIGHT.

Let's not be so dogmatic that we can't allow some growth.  As I've said many times here over the years, political ideology is about as pure as the human libido.  We do ourselves a huge disservice by taking a Manichean, "Black and White" approach to analysis without giving some space for nuance and growth.

I give West credit where it is due.  At least he ain't Michael Eric Dyson, or perhaps worse, Al Sharpton.  At least he's speaking truth to power NOW even if he could have or should have THEN.

Frankly, how long is the list of persons in the public sphere who are speaking truth to power?

Let's see a roll call of well-known public personas who've critized Obomber, the list is pretty damn short. 

p.s.  Who sponors/funds the NAACP?  Or the Urban League?  Or HBCU's sadly and regrettably it ain't follks who look like us.  We too busy buying pick 3's and visiting casinos and shit, it is what it is, and we'll never be "free" until we finance our own freedom.

EC -

You speak many truths.

Let's all be nimble

Another of my favorite memes is "get in where you fit in," which is my way of eschewing dogamatism.  Look at the leading progressive forces in America, some would say, "what a joke."

The environmentalists are in bed with the GMOs and the industrialists.  You can't even say what is the Sierra Club's latest policy push?  The labor (especially the teachers' unions) are sidelined, just talking loud and saying nothing.

We are treading water through dystopia folks, be nimble.

If a hermaphrodite, alien from the planet Quasar can help me leverage MY causes and passions, it's all good. If Ron Paul is a closet-racist(??) but a staunch advocate of reducing the military industrial complex, then it's all good.  I know he may or may not want me residing in his gated community any damn way, accordingly my feelings ain't hurt and I can align with him on reducing the military footprint.  Even though Ron doesn't want those peace dividends reprogrammed for domestic spending, who gives a damn, some, potentially a lot of it will.

We've ALL BE ROBOTIC SLAVES to the Democratic Party for ever, dissing those Black Republican Bros. getting their hustle on.  A come up is a come up, it's what you do what it that counts.  A sellout is a sellout, don't matter whether a donkey, elephant, sheep or goat...or a hermaphrodite alien.... feel me?

"I seek wealth for creative production."  

There's a new play book folks.. that's all I'm saying.  Toss out the old rules.

talk the talk but wont walk the walk

As has been mentioned, West was similarly critical of obama and voted for him anyway in 2012. If he can't put his money where his mouth is, he aint saying a damn thing, as the song goes.

Oh, you've dropped ur pants now.

Throw anything out there and then run for cover!  You talk in circles.  We are talking about the same things except one thing.  We agree on everything but West.  I know the guy.  You are badly wrong.


With could all use a little introspection

Let's be clear.  Black folks been walking lock-step and voting lock-step with the Democratic Party for decades.  Decades, not just since 2008.   And frankly, I don't see where they plan on getting off the Democratic Party Plantation anytime soon much to my chagrin.   Do you see the labor and teachers' unions jumping ship?  Or the environmentalists?  Or the feminists?  Every so-called Progressive Institution in America has sold out, this ain't West's burden to carry alone. 

It is what it is.  Some folks are honest enough to admit their wrongs and change their minds and course, West is entitled to "that" as much as anyone of us here.  I don't know anyone who get's it right all the time?  Yall better learn to take what you can get, because that's our current state of affairs... peanuts and cookie crumbs.

Frankly, West didn't "lead" Black folks anywhere, Black folks "lead themselves" to this hell and the proof in the pudding is that while West rants (some of you say too late, I get it) Blacks IGNORE HIM.  The Black Mental Illness when it comes to Obama is much larger than Cornel West's complicity.  It's a mental illness for which there is no apparent cure.  I was standing in line at a lunch counter last week watching CNN and the President came on, and this professional looking Black women commented to her Black co-worker, "Oohh, look at that swag he (Obama) has."   You can't tell Black folks shit about Obama and that's why I'm done trying.  They can rhapsodize about his "swag" but don't say shit about levels of Black Unemployment that continue to climb under his watch.   Obama the sellout has "swag."  OMG.  This is how facile and child-like the Black mind has become.

By the way...on the way to work I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show and heard that McDonalds is one of the proud sponsors of the Essence Magazine Festival.  My point?  Unless and until Black folks FINANCE THEIR OWN FREEDOM  most if not all of us are talking loud and saying nothing because they institutions we revere (some of us anyway) are beholden to White Capital.  Maybe if we could harness some of that scratch-off and Pick 3 and 6 money we wouldn't be in such a bad shape?  Maybe that's a bigger issue then who is going to be the next Black Saviour (answer NOBODY).  

West will not criticize the Democratic Party

The   problem   is   the   Democratic   Party   not   Obama. Criticizing   Obama    is   just  a   diversion. From   1992-2000,   the    problem  was  not   Bill   Clinton,  it  was   the   party. As  we  can  see  with  Obama,  Clinton  could   easily   be   replaced  with  someone   just  like   him.

As  with   Clinton,    the   party   leadership  and   their   corporate-AIPAC   masters  are  very   pleased   with  Obama's   job   performance. Obama  is  just   following   orders.  Criticizing    Obama   is   like   criticizing a   puppet,  instead   of   the   puppeteer.

West   called   Obama   a   war  criminal, but   he   will  never  call   the  Democratic   Party   a   war   party.  Nor  will  he   ever   call  out  their   pseudo  Left  enablers,  because  he's  a  member  of   the  club.

West  has  a   Phd  &  has  been   described  as a  "superstar  intellectual." Yet   the    following     interview   is    what  we   get.

"Cornell  West  Plans   To  Vote for  Obama  In November And   Protest   His   Policies   In   February."

Cornell  West  is  a   Democratic   Party  shill.




Point taken, well stated, however......

....all I'm saying my Brothers and Sisters of all stripes is:  "Let s/he who is w/o sin (the sin

of being a slave to the Dummocratic Party) cast the first stone."  Yeah, I understand the outcry of the antiwar movement towards Johnson, but I never looked at Johnson like I do many of his successors.  That's real talk.  Now in retrospect, ALL presidents of the US are alleged War Criminals.  Which of course speaks to the idiocy of thinking a "Black" one would act any differently.  Whether or not at that point in time I thought LBJ was a war criminal had no affect on my comprehension that that job of the US President was to promote Euro-Centric interests and values at gunpoint World Wide.  So maybe I didn't "cast" or "label" LBJ a war criminal, but I damn sure understood the advancement of White supremacy at gun point.  I (we) learned that from Martin and Malcolm.

One more observation about our "freedom" (which is on lay-away and UNFINANCED).  I don't know about your locale but the Foundations fund activities in Detroit to the tune of hundreds of millions, do yall suppose those persons of color administering those grant edicts are "fighting the power?"  Or do you suppose they offended if you call the Big "O" a war criminal?  Food for thought.

Come on yall, grow up a bit.   Like I said, name me 3 prominent Blacks willing to call Obama a War Criminal and otherwise criticize him publicy?  I know it sucks but better take what you can get, these dem times we living in.

Ask the HBCU grads that scorned West if you don't believe me?  Or them Sisters loving O's "swag."  (They want all you Black men to be "Ken" like O is to "Barbie"/ Michelle.  If only you could get our shit straight like the Big O preaches).  LOL

What can I say?  Some people are foolish enough to think some institutions are potentially transformational,.... like the Dummocratic Party or marriage.   To the gay populations of the world, be careful what you ask for...your predictament might just end up just as bad as Black folks wishing for another "Black" president.  LOL


Lots of folks looking for

Lots of folks looking for another party to support. Seriously now because things have gotten so extreme.

Correct libbi

and let me highlight 'NOW" being the operative word in your statement, thank you for that clarity.  My point all along,  who among us, criticized the DemoRatic Party until recently or as libbi states "seriously now."  Yes we saw signs of a debacle in 2008, some of us anyway, but until then we were all (I'd guess 98.999% of us) picking cotton on the DemoRatic Plantation.

Those who left the Plantation only recently became "Djhango Unchained."  West is simply following in your footsteps to freedom.  LOL

Yall know Aunt Rose  and Uncle James and nem still got JFK's picture on the wall next to Martin's, and still love them some Bill Clinton.  

p.s..  Just because West has a Ph.D. doesn't make him the Albert Einstein of politics and social movements.  I know a lot of Ph.Ds who are dumb as hell, except in one narrow specialization.  It's sort like just because you go by Rev., Bishop, or Minster, don't make you one damn bit holy.

If I'm wrong, then call me Bishop E.C. hereinafter.  LOL



put things off too much and never seem to get started. Thanks though.Urban Oasis

One more thing

Can you really say West is not calling out the Dummocrat Party when he's calling out the TITULAR HEAD of the Dummocrat Party?  That deserves some analysis and debate, right?

Second, I haven't parsed all of West's comments but can we at least IMPUTE his criticism of Obama with a critique of the Party?   I know some of yall don't like NUANCE, but too bad.  And/or is it fair to assume that West WON'T evolve in that direction if he hasn't arguably done so already?

Stay tuned.....or not.  Because the MSM will cut West's access to media off and marginalize are they doing that already??  Like NPR in Chi Town.

Case in point.  When was the last time Cornel appeared on Bill Maher? Never seen him on CNN or MSNBC.  Is Amy Goodman getting cold feet?  Yall tell me, inquiring minds want to know.  That ought to signal something, agreed?

Look.. there aint gonna be no more Martins and Malcolms.  BAR is about as good is it gets (and they're damn good btw).  Not just because of the BACKWARD spiritual evolution of mankind, but also because of the virus of capitalism infecting all manner of thought and outlook on Americans and the human species as a whole.  Everybody's trying to get rich or die trying.  

Last but not least, the US Pravada didn't have such a strangle hold back in the day.  Does NY Times cover occupy Wall St. like they covered the peaceniks?   Or did CNN beam video of 200K anti-war protesters during Bush's term?   At present, right now shits truly virtual and viral.  And I can't tell CNN from Real World or Real Housewives... maybe it's just me, but it sho seems everybody a damn drama queen? LOL  Do you suppose every TV achor or co-host is on Prozac???  They damn sho manic.


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