Apartheid is the Root of Israel’s Aggressions

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
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Israel reacted with typical feigned outrage at the United Nations report on war crimes and human rights violations committed by its forces in Gaza, last winter. The Jewish state's serial violations of international law are rooted in the barbarism of its governing principle, apartheid, which leads Israel to place itself “above the accepted norms of civilized behavior.”
Apartheid is the Root of Israel’s Aggressions
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
“Underlying Israeli lawlessness is the concept of a settler state constructed for the benefit of one ethnic group.”
The State of Israel, by far the world champion violator of international law as interpreted by the United Nations, is once again raining vitriol and insult on the world body that gave it birth 61 years ago. Since almost the day that the U.N. recognized the Jewish state in 1948, Israel has placed itself above the accepted norms of civilized behavior. In its six decades of existence, Israel has violated virtually every United Nations declaration and flaunted countless tenets of international legality, most often with the diplomatic, economic and military protection of the United States. Israel’s arrogant disregard for the world body reached new heights with the release of a U.N. report urging Israel to conduct an “independent” investigation into “war crimes” and “serious violations” of human rights during its brutal attack on Gaza, last winter.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office claimed his government’s own investigation, which absolved Israel of crimes in the killing of 1,400 Palestinian men, women and children, was “a thousand times more serious” than that conducted by the U.N. Shimon Peres, Israel’s president, charged the U.N. with legitimizing “terrorist activity” and making “a mockery of history” by failing to recognize Israel’s right to “self-defense.” Other Israelis complained that the U.N. was making a case for “moral equivalency” between Israel and the Palestinian resistance.the wall
“How can one make peace with a state that claims the right to adjust its borders according to its own whims?”
On that count, in a fiendishly perverse sense, Israel is right: there is no moral equivalency between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation and aggression. Palestinians have every legal and moral right to resist being occupied on the West Bank and caged and quarantined in the world’s biggest jail in Gaza. Israel has no moral or legal ground to stand on – which is why it chooses to dismiss and vilify every organ of international legality centered on the United Nations. Israel is not even a recognizable state, having no borders that Israel itself recognizes.
The Israeli state behaves as if its borders are anywhere it may sometime in the future declare them to be. This borderless state constitutes a grave threat to every one of its immediate neighbors, and an insult to hundreds of years of evolving international law. How can one make peace with a state that claims the right to adjust its borders according to its own whims? This is an affront to humanity, yet it is the essence of Israeli foreign and domestic policy.
Underlying this essential Israeli lawlessness is the concept of a settler state constructed for the benefit of one ethnic group on land seized from other peoples. That is the definition of apartheid, and the root of all of Israel’s constant assaults on international law. It is a barbarism that must be rejected, boycotted and isolated – not just to relieve the suffering of Palestinians, but for the sake of human civilization.
For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.



And the US gov't allows it to happen. I think Israel gov't

policy is rooted in wanting as much land as
possible. And ignoring the needs of the Palestin-
ians both inside Israel and what's left of
Palestinian "territory". It might be worse than
I was thinking again,this morning,
listening to DemocracyNow, on Israel policy and
Obama's not doing anything to stop the settlements,
that the Israeli gov't knows the US will not stop
the policies, not yet.

Many of the policies are similar
to what the US is doing in the Middle East in re
bombing civilians, white phosphorus (Fallujah in
2004 or so), blockades. That thought leads me
to wonder if the US policy might "mind" that
saying "no" to Israel policy might make the US
gov't look like hipocrytes...but I doubt that the
Obama administration worries about that. There
has been a sizable peace group in the Israeli
Jewish population for a long time, which is
ignored by the gov't.

And I am a Jew (atheist Jew), who made protest
art in re the attack on Gaza, and earlier, also.

A piece I wrote about the threat Obama plays to pan-Semitic...

...and Persians (upper middle class)  here in urban South America (I'm also atheist Ashenaz) with his psycho Latin American policy.
Here's another link to something I wrote this week about what's happening in my home country, La Republic de Panama

PanaSamitaSioni:read your comment(s):two ques. please

  1. You wrote a comment on anther article with a
    subject line in Spanish.  I can't translate it.  Could you
    add it in English also?   I speak to people in Spanish
    and they answer me in English.  So, my Spanish
    is not so good, but I figure people are understanding
    the question. 
   2.  Could you give the website for the links you just
      posted?  Thanks.  I have read many of your
     comments over recent weeks.  I do recall you
     were concerned about payment, international.
    I meant to say that it used to be possible to send
  an international money order (so you could donate
  to BAR), so I'll put the comment into here.  Thanks.

EC, if you meant ¨"La Cosecha Del Odio"...

I wrote a translation in the comment in the first paragraph.  It translates directly to "Harvest of hate" but the contextual translation is "You reap what you sow".
I´ve written a lot of comments here and I´m prone to write Spanish unconscious because I´m equally fluent in both languages but I only "speak" English online so sometimes  with a long comment I´ll forget.
Let me know any other Spanish phrases I´ve used and I´ll happily provide translation.

Thank you.

Idioms are interesting.  Hello.  I was thinking about one
of your earlier comments and wondering and sure that
it is a good story why your family went to Panama and
not the US.  No doubt re visas.

Those who claim..

to love Israel unequivocally don't really love Israel at all. The Zionist policies are not good for Jews, whether in Israel or around the world. Israel cannot nor should it want to be a Sparta in the 21st Century.

Militarism, contrary to conventional thinking creates more instability than stability. If Israel is backed into a corner, and one day they will be if they continue down the current path, what's to stop a nuclear holocaust from occurring? Israel should have learned with the fight with Hezbollah and the Gazans (as the Americans are learning in Iraq and Afghanistan) that none of those pretty, sophisticated, high tech weapons can defeat asymmetric warfare. Even Van Crevald wrote that dilapidated homes are better than standing ones in the world of warfare.

If one loves Israel they would not be encouraging it's suicide.

E.Cynic:I read your comments. "love of..." reminds me of Zinn

comment on nationalism, that one needs to think more
globally.  it reminds me that people say, "I love America."
and that fits with your comment about those who "love  Israel
unequivocally".   I wonder, as an American,* and a Jew
who is near 70 (I remember WWII as a child), if some
people think of Israel differently than they think of other
  *funny thought this morning when waiting for the
weather report on WINS AM and I heard the announcer
say re (what I think is another "sting"(s) alleged terror
attacks, "...in the U.S. and NYC.".   I have always
felt, as a New Yorker (Bklyn raised), who lived in
NOLA and Denver in the 1960s, and a teachers' college
upstate NY in the late 1950s, that NYC isn't like the
   Jews have had a dilemma for decades about Israel:
how to reconcile the policies of the state with the history
of oppression against Jews?  At this time, I don't think
the majority of Jews in the US are supporting the
policies of Israel.   I know that polls indicate, as well,
that the majority of Americans do not support the US
gov't policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and other US policies
(torture, rendition, etc).  I was sort of shocked (even
though it's been referred to on BAR) that on Democracy
Now, a guest from Pittsburgh, historian of the "steel
city" it once was, was saying that since Obama spoke
to the Labor convention recently in Pitts., making all
kinds of promises re the Labor Free Choice Bill, etc.,
Labor was quiet (his words were better) for the G20
and "stood aside", not being part of the protest.  He
described the police attacks on peaceful demonstrators.
So the same kind of dilemma exists, perhaps, for
those who voted for Obama, as used to be for Jews
who so very much wanted to support Israel as refuge
for Jews.  (Note: 79% of Jews voted for Obama for
Pres.  Yes, I did,too. Never again. - bad unintended pun,
but I'll leave it. Sleepy day.)  See (my links don't work at
times, but it's correct typed)

Same kind of dilemna indeed

for those who voted for Obama, but especially for African Americans who voted for him.  I do sports-talk radio at kbbg.org, 88.1 FM, a hour Fridays.  Last week I tried to explain how wrong and counterproductive it was for Blacks to deem all Whites who criticize Obama as racist.  A small minority of truly racist whites IMO, though magnified into a "movement" by the media.  My wife actually cautioned me this morning to not hit Obama so hard, that the politics of attacking him would cause people to stab me in the back.  That's a dilemna, isn't it?
Likewise the dilemna exists in the relations of Blacks/Jews.  For many years sentiment felt or seemed like, "we're in this together,"  allies against racism and anti-semitism. Talking Civil Rights Era in particular.  But along came Bakke and this dreadful schism occurred.  No doubt a contributing factor was conduct of Israel ESPECIALLY when compared with conduct of the average liberal Jew.  Israel's alliance with S. Africa pre-Mandela didn't help either. And the neo-conservative and pro-Zionist Jewish intellectuals have taken the animosity to a new level.  This is why I argue if you care about Jews you wouldn't be urging them towards Armegeddon.  If and when an attack on Iran pushes gas to $6-7 a gallon, you know as well as I do no one will care one twit about Israel, they'll be concerned with survival.  It reminds me of the double-speak re: Iran.  Let's nuke em, but oh. wait, wait, there's a democracy movement afoot there.  It can't be both, that's a dilemna.
In high school I worked p-t at a Jewish clothing store, one of the top men's stores in my smallish town.  A wonderful family-run business with a completely spoiled and dysfunctional son whom they captiulated to.  It was a fun time, I was treated very well.  Every weekend I'd watch and wait knowing "Steve" was going to whine and pout his way into going camping for the weekend.  His aunt was the manager in our dept., the interplay between them was hilarious.  They made me appreciate the insightful brilliance of Woody Allen's idiosyncrasies.
Yes, there are all kinds of dilemnas.  But the constants of truth and justice can get us beyond them.

E.Cynic:much to think about - will reply and later reread -

Where is kbbg.org?  I think I am older than you (and I'm
a woman).  I was involved in a small way in the civil
rights movement and came to learning about Israel
(and US history) late, as compared to younger people.
  I am glad you saw the similar, yet different, dilemma
for both groups.  I do shy away  from generalizations
because African-Americans and Jews are not "mono-
lithic" (not a great word, but I've heard it used).  There's
such a variety.  I appreciate your wife's point. 
 (On sports: I'm a Mets fan who grew up Bklyn Dodgers
fan and that's the only sport I like.  Spouse is same.)
    I smiled at store owner's son, Steve.  I used to make
jokes about "Jewish prince" behavior and treatment.
I don't relate to small towns.   I did go to a small teachers
college, upstate NY, late 1950. (I was very young.)
    It took me years to "hear" what Israel was doing - for
it to sink in.   As I have aged, I have moved further left.
No ideology, but in my heart I'm a socialist.
    It took me years to "hear" what the US was doing in
foreign policy.   I heard an intresting thing on Dem.Now
when Irving Kristol died and someone was talking about
him.  (I didn't read him.) (My background is working
class. Does BAR save comments - we could read
each others' old comments (some websites like the
Guardian have them under a screen name).  I saw
that someone said you are formerly "Lou".  I
appreciated your comment about the difficulty of
registering when site changed format - I had a mess
and ...) ...sorry for the ramble...it's my illness and age,
but the person talking about Kristol and conservatives
was saying that Kristol was not like the Christian (white)
Conservatives, who are authoritarian, he said, because
"he was a Jew and Jews are antiauthoritarian".   The
guest on DemNow was not a Jew, I add.  I tend to be
very antiauthoritarian.
   I am thinking about what your wife said.   I have the
privilege, luxury of having lived in integrated apartment
house rental for forty years, as well as having friends
(and my first fiance).  But I come from a widowed mom
who was "my country right or wrong" when I was a teen,
to when she died, 2 years ago at 93, questioning the
gov't in re all things.  She even saw that Israel gov't
policy was wrong - and that was something.
     Many Jews are ignorant of what's going on in re
Israel.  Heck, many are ignorant, like so many other
Americans, about what this gov't does and has done.
     I do marvel at how some stereotypes and hate
speech about Jews continues in same vein for hundreds
of years.    And, the civil rights movement in the South,
had a kind of split in the mid1960s, as I saw it in NOLA.
Many of the Black activists were going into nationalism
and that's where I first learned about Israel policy.  I
did not like being blamed as a Jew, but I understand
the process.   Jews were involved in many places,
and may still be.  I remember hearing a guy from
South America, maybe Argentina, saying how 10%
of the "disappeared" were Jewish students, activists
when the population of Jews was a smaller per centage.
    Finally, Pacifica Radio Archives had a good multipart
documentary on Blacks and Jews, the relationship
during the civil rights movement and the later years.
It might be many years old, but sounded good.   Who
benefited from Blacks and Jews being apart? they
asked.   I do note that white supremacist hate groups
are happy to lump both groups in the literature. 
       Do you know the work of Earl Caldwell, from WBAI?
He is from a small town in Pennsylvania.  Longtime
journalist.  "The Caldwell Chronicle" www.wbai.org
where it's archived for 90 days each show. 
Note:I support the "undo the coup" movement, see
       www.takebackwbai.org   and www.wbaix.org
     and www.wbixradio.org

Sports talk and politics

With usually 3 sometimes 4 guys we do an hour of sports talk, but don't hesitate to get into thorny political issues.  The name of the show is "Put it on the Line," and that we occassionally do.  You probably won't see my name on the radio's website which is fine, that too is emblamatic of small town politics.  While people tune in to listen because they love my candor and in your face style privately, publicly they are less enthusiastic.  I've been a volunteer for six years and never once have they mentioned by name at the annual banquet.  I could care less.  As I always half revealing/half jokingly say:  "My ego is too big to be stroked."  Seriously, I don't need back and head pats to do what I do. I volunteer because not only do I like sports, it's also a forum for me to try on occassion to "communicate to educate," which is the station's motto. 
The question arose 2 weeks ago:  "What is the responsibility of Black athletes as advocates?" Or something to that effect, so I took the opportunity to lodge some Obama criticisms and to make the point:  "How do you expect athletes to be activists when none exist elsewhere in the Black community?" 
We're on 6 to 7 pm Central time zone.  We can be streamed on-line.  Most of the time its sports analysis and prognostication.  But like the circus maximus during the Roman Empire, sports has a large cultural and social imprint in America.  Dissecting it is oft times an exercise in dissecting our social and political landscape. 
Little wonder athletes aren't like Jim Brown, Ali, Kareem Jabbar and so forth.  Look at the cultural and arts community, same absence.  How quickly Blacks forget the symbiosis between the Ossie Davis's and the Jim Brown's.  Now all we get is unfettered adulation of Obama, from mainstream artists and athletes, not surprising when you get the same thing from the mainstream Black political landscape.


Estimados Enlightened Cynic And NYCARTIST;
Both of you understand perfectly what it´s like to be a Diasporal anti-Zionist Ashkenaz.  My whole family was pissed off following 9/11 because in any discussions with any Americans we´d always get called "self-hating Jews" because of our refusal to buy the "official" story and refusal to  give a shit, really because in every Jewish home really, there´s a duality which we can live with of being capitalists and socialists at the same time.  Comes down to choicesp Jewish people had to make all over the world: are you going to take the thug´s path, the artist´s path, the scholar´s path, the profepssional path or the money-moving path?
I took both the scholar´s path and the money path and I write it without shame.  My communist father told me at age 11 that I had to figure out a way to dominate my environment because first male Jewish children carry the burden of survival of our family name even if I married a gentile womn.  This is the kind of pathology you find among itinerant second-class citizens everywhere.  He told me that I obviously wasn´t going to get anywhere as a thug because even though it was in him, he was very happy to shake free of who he HAD to be from age 10-age-28.  He´s a brawler with a lot of experience in doing collections, so much so that he cries every day now that he´s 80 over all his misdeeds he had to do while my grandfather was in prison.  So, the old man told me that I had to be aggressively smart. This, combined with a hereditary thing called synesthesia made me a deadly good hustler at any game involving chance from marbles to all sorts of street card and strategy games with math like los dados (dice) y los huesitos (dominoes), pitching pennies, flipping baseball cards, then poker, bridge, pinochle, kalabrias, THE FAVORITE JEWISH LATINO GAME: HOLLYWOOD GIN, and all the rest.
This was before HS, I got sent to private school in NYC for 7th grade.I This was his fantasy, not  mine, he had straightened himself out by then but he was aware and ashamed of how lowclass we were. I guess he saw each one of my successes as wiping away  his very sordid youth., Believe me, I´ve had a very  bizarre life! And at age 48, I was kind of hoping to find junior partners to take over a lot of my work.  Obama, though has nothing but contempt for Latinos and I´m also the wrong "kind" of Ashkenaz to be acceptable to David Axelrod and the other meshumedim (race traitors).Let´s just say I have a lot of Odets in me but very little Neil Simon!
In that era, you had to declare yourself with a power for safety.  My father chose being a communist, my mother reluctantly so. Me? I hated the orthodoxy and checkedout of the whole thing which is my style.  I  tried sunday  school but I hated it worse than communist group.
I´ve been very successful as a student and an "earner" or in Spanish "estafador" (hustler). I was liberal arts all the way in college, but after 7 years post college of being on a horse betting crew again in New York and my senior colleagues were and are dyed in the wool Jewish maoists-- Progressive Labor Party.That´s how I met Ms Cleaver, Mr Claver, Mr Brown (H. Rap Brown) and so forth.  So, I´m a mixed bag of libertarian and socialist.  Chavez´s set up seems to fit me best, although, Sra Senadora Piedad Cordoba de Colombia and Presidenta  Bachelet de Chile.
I guess in Marxist terms I´dve been LUMPENPROLETARIAT as young child and withambition and drive I was all by my own wits UPPER MIDDLE CLASS just from hustling and betting. Marx uses a  that doesn´t fit me really which is ¨PETIT BOURGEOIS.  Maybe
I´m somewhere between petit bourgeois and INTELIGENTSI.
This is all a means of explaining why I hatfe authority of any form and why I´m comfortable here and on libertarian sites.  I love socialism and moving money with math at the same time and while I´d like an egalitarian society anywhere, using math to hustle  is the only thing I´m really  good at,
If you understand my quick auto-bio, you´ll understand why I like Chavez, Correa, Morales, Bachelet etc. They all use libertarian principles to back up a very nice socialist  social sector..  In other words they keep budget surpluses so that they can afford a public sector for the poorest and free health care and education through sr year college.
And I have plenty of Arab and Persian friends who had the same kind of street upbriging and elitist educations that I had.
So, what does a random Jewish guy have to do with anything on BAR? I know you have the answer but I´ll explain.  The Jewish/arab/persian communities in big city South America hate Obama the most.  When he preaches about how´s fighting a new "War On Narco-terrorism" and calls Panamanians and Colombians "shady, violent narco bosses", I realize that Obam a is a worse  racist than Bull Connor was.  I am not a narcotraficante nor lavador. My 9 1-2 year old son sure isn´t.  But I am Jewish in big city Latin America which means by American ideas I am ipso facto a narco or prestamista or lavador or all 3.
I also know that just like Persian Jews of Iran, I don´t want to ever go to the USA again and certainly not Israel.  I love South America and London where a lot of my cousins live.  OK NOW THE POINT OF IT ALL:IF OBAMA GOES THROUGH WITH  AN EXPANSIONIST WAR IN  SOUTH AMERICA HE HAS A GOOD CHANCE OF KILLING MORE THAN 100,000 JEWS.  In a weird way I find that less scary than when I told an American "liberal" Ashkenaz woman of my acquaintance in NYC what was going on down here, she couldn´t have cared less, such is her ID with Obama.  She said "give him a chance" and I said ·"Mira, tu eres una conversa de mierda q no de ni un bledo pa´sus parientes"  That kind of means "you are an Uncle Tom who doesn´t give a used tampon for your own people."
Trust me on this, even during the Reagan era or
Clinton era, no Ashkenaz Jew in NYC would ever cop that dictatorial position to a relative stranger or cop it at all.  This is another element to Obama, he blurs things so bad that all the old codes of honor are valueless in America today. My loathing for white american liberals gets stronger and stronger every day.  That is his base and I don´t begrudge him his win nor the love everyone has for him (ALSO, IT´S WHY I LOVE BLACK AGENDA REPORT `-- strong intelligent opinion based on rights and liberties and  action against oppression).
I know Obama´s the smiling face of tyranny and exploitation, but he´s told America that it´s OK to hate Panamanians and Colombians because we´re evil aand nd shady with our speculators and private banks and we´re the enablers of cartels like the Arellanos. No pile of evidence will ever trump a "feeling" with Gringos. Fuck them.  I´m tired of Americans and I´m nauseated by Obama.

PanaSamitasSioni: Ola. Why did you family go to Panama, not NYC

Can you say why?  I am an older woman, Jew, born into family mostly Orthodox from Warsaw at turn of 20th Century.   Working class family. Since boys counted more than girls, what I did was "less" important, in a way.  The problem was that I was intelligent and my father, whose mother was daughter of a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (whose family threw him out for marrying a Jew), wanted me to have education.  Alas, he was a postal worker (dropped out of high school when family had money until the Great Depression), and died after getting disabled as result of enlisting in WWII.  I got to college on the GI Bill at a young age.  I never wanted to go back to the 3 room apartment in Brooklyn on vacations and went to summer school to graduate early.  One summer school, there was a guy from California (school was a teachers college in upstate NY, across the Lake Ontario from Canada), who said this country is big enough so you can follow an individual path.  This was in the late 1950s.
     Nobody from my background (Jews from E. Europe and Italian Catholics in my neighborhood) understood my wanting to be an artist. On was on my own at 20, teaching and then left for art after 5 years.  My family (mostly gone) tolerates my politics as I move further left.
   I like the politics on BAR.  I don't comment on things black, since I can only speak to what my experience is and I'm not black. Basta.  (My high school Spanish is limited.) and that might have been Italian. 
    PS When Irving Kristol died, a professor (not Jewish) spoke on Democracy Now www.democracynow.org, and said that Kristol (from NYTimes, and I never read him), although a conservative politically, was different from the R wing conservatives in the US because he was Jewish and Jews question/challenge authority and that the R wing conservatives are very authoritarian.   I have always challenged authority, but never thought of it as Jewish.
       I have always been an "outsider".  It enabled me to feel at home with diverse groups, individuals and fit nowheres. 

Apartheid is the Root of Israel’s Aggressions

What started as a small movement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has grown and is growing at a geometric rate. Regardless of our sentiments towards Arab states, the plight of the Palestine people is something that must cause deep sadness and sorrow in all human beings. This racist Zionist movement has refused and rejected internal criticisms from its own opinion makers and intellectuals who reject their policies of genocide. They are bent on destroying the State of Israel which they claim they love by constant violence, expansion, killings, and genocide directed at the Palestinians making the prospect of peace impossible. Like cancer this tiny state is eating the body of the host the world body polity. It is only a matter of time Israel is is going to cause another world war. Your voice is a courageous voice, truthful voice, passionate and just voice that is needed now in a world of cowards and liars.

At this point, is there any real difference?

That is to say, is there any real difference morally between what Israel does to Palestinians now, and what Nazis did to Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, and other groups during the Holocaust? Many will cringe at such a comparison, unwilling to acknowledge that the same level of genocidal hatred and brutality exists now in Israel. This, however, cannot be denied: a nation that wages war on entire ethnic groups, for whatever perceived reason, is morally no different — and certainly no better — than the likes of Nazi Germany (or, for that matter, the American government in its own Holocaust of American Aboriginal Nations).

Such hatred cannot be fought with resolutions. It must be fought with sanctions, defense of oppressed peoples, and international support from the bigger players in the world community. Since the U.S. is an enabler of Israeli apartheid, it cannot be counted upon to act in such a capacity. But others, such as China and Russia — the powers most affected by this regional war with the strength to back up their efforts, might be. The question is, what can be done to bring the more powerful nations of the world together to finally end the evil of apartheid?

Imagination & Conspiracy


Once again, I ask all seeking the truth to "follow the money". This is the opening scenario in the use of those bases in Columbia. To prop up and support the US agenda for plantation economies throughout Central and South America. Until the US Congress repeals PLAN COLUMBIA Latin America is experiencing the first stages of the next phase in the colonization of Latin America.
Everyone will see the same situations occurring in Africa, thus the US has, for the first time, instituted a military cadre (AFRICA COMMAND) just for Africa. The colonialists of the Empire are making a last best effort to reaffirm their power over the nations of the southern hemispheres and to extend their power and influence into the 21st Century.
General comments and disclaimers regarding the purpose of this website

Certifiable lunacy and insanity parading as conventional wisdom

The headlines in the vapid, tainted US Media are screaming about Iranian "secret" sites. The "secret" site they are having a conniption about was "discovered" by GWB years ago as reported at CNN.com and reported to the IAEA months ago, as dictated by the NPT.

I highly recommend a read of Glen Greenwald, a Jew, attorney, (atheists?), who writes masterfully about media affairs. Pointed out so that anti-semites understand the dangers of lumping all Jews in the same boat. (I say the same about conservative whites (as opposed to Right Wing ones), who the hell isn't concerned about national debt, dollar devaluation and hyperinflation, and government intrusion?)


Consider the insane parading as rational thought. In the midst of beating Iran War Drums, McChrystal is whining about more troops in Afghanistan, leaking dire warnings weekly. Simultaneously, the Obama Administration is replacing every soldier leaving Iraq with 2 private para-military gunslingers to meet McChrystal's demands. The beat goes on in two disastrous, losing military adventures. So the "solution" is to take a broken military, and merrily, lustfully, parlay conventional wisdom to gin up ANOTHER war with a far superior, and capable military power (albeit not on the same level as Israel or US). How quickly our arrogance morphs into insanity, our historical reference last night's news. Somehow our fear and arrogance clouds our memory and we forget that 2 outmanned and outgunned insurgencies have battled the largest, most expensive, technologically superior, military in the history of the world to a stalemate (at best) in Iraq and a lose in Afghanistan,-- for 8 years going in both theaters? Longer conflicts than Vietnam or WW2. Even McChrystal says we're losing in Afghanistan, that the panic button needs pushing, hence more troops are urgent.

And, again, sadly, those claiming to love Israel will be the first to abandon it, when the nascent Depression becomes full blown. When gas hits $5/6 a gallon (that's conservative)it will be every man or woman for him/herself, and, perhaps Israel reaping what it sows, might just give Khomeini and Ahmadejinad their wish that "Israel vanish from the pages of time." As people scramble to survive, a whole lot of things will "vanish from the pages of time," America surely among them.


Certifiable lunacy projected as normalcy, trumpeted as brave, "serious," courageous. Do people really think they'll continue watching American Idol and Housewives of Atlanta when shit hits the fan? Better start turning into "Real World" (not MTV) and "Survivor," not the tee vee version, the one on Discovery. Who'd a thunk it? Every cynic, like myself, convinced GWB wouldn't leave office w/o striking Iran, and now, presto "chango" it will happen on Obama's watch. Bizarro World indeed.

P.S. Speaking of "certifiable" lunacy, notice how the domestic "terrorist" plots are cropping up. The "byzantine plots" (I joke) carried out by the mentally insane or chronically stupid aided and abetted (entrapped) by the US government? It's deja vu all over again. The only thing missing from Bush's playbook is the color code, but perhaps the H1N1 scare will suffice. Obama is, after all, "smarter" than Bush?


Saturday Sept. 26, 2009 06:27 EDT
Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran?

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"Anonymous Obama officials yesterday dictated to Helene Cooper and Mark Mazzetti of The New York Times their version of the dramatic and exciting behind-the-scenes events that led to the administration's announcement this week about Iran's nuclear facility -- a late-night strategy session; secret consultation with allies; high-level diplomatic wrangling; the White House's decision to "outflank the Iranians." Cooper and Mazzetti faithfully wrote down everything they were told and produced this breathless front-page article (though, to their credit, they noted the motive of their anonymous sources: "all of whom want the story known to help support their case against Iran"). Perhaps the most meaningful paragraphs came at the very end:

The Chinese, one administration official said, were more skeptical, and said they wanted to look at the intelligence, and to see what international inspectors said when they investigated.

The lessons of the Iraq war still lingered.

"They don’t want to buy a pig in a poke," the senior administration official said.

That's rational, isn't it? Shouldn't the American media infuse its coverage with some of that same skepticism, along with a similar desire to see actual evidence to support the claims being made? Isn't that exactly the lesson every rational person should have learned from the Iraq War? Identically, don't the two decades worth of false warnings about how Iran would have a nuclear bomb in "a couple of years" if we did not act by themselves warrant a demand for evidence before mindlessly embracing these claims?"

E.Cynic:Scott Ritter was good on Dem.Now this morning on

the political "hyping" of the Iran testing, developing nuclear material, etc. www.democracynow.org It all sounds like the pre-Iraq attack media (gov't driven?) baloney, without realizing that Iran is a lot bigger....(not Ritter's words, mine). On Glenn Greenwald: his name is Jewish, is he? I don't know. I like his work, much of.
One can be Jewish and an atheist, as I am.  Some
people of other religions don't understand that.