Obama’s Last Presidential Lies

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Nobody lies with the style and aplomb of Barack Hussein Obama, soon to be an ex-president of the United States. In his last address to the nation, Obama lied about his support for labor; economic and social justice for Black people; climate change and, of course, the rightwing Republican program that is his shameful legacy, Obamacare. Virtually everything the man says is a form of lie. But he does it so well, and some folks want so badly to believe.

Obama’s Last Presidential Lies

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

“Obama spent his first term sabotaging every effort to create mandatory limits on emissions.”

Barack Obama has spoken to the nation as president for the last time. Hallelujah! The man I dubbed the “more effective evil” now gets a chance to make millions for himself, after spending eight years defending the wealth of the bankers and the rest of the One Percent.

Obama is going out like he came in: telling lies, with great style and skill. So many lies. He said he favored giving unions “the power to organize for better wages.” He said the same thing when he was campaigning for his first term, promising to support the “card check” bill that would have allowed workers to rebuild their union membership. But he betrayed organized labor and did nothing to push the bill in Congress.

The outgoing president pointed out that “the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t just vanish in the Sixties” – that these effects continue to plague Black people. But 100 days after first taking the oath of office, Obama told reporters that he would not consider programs targeted at Black communities -- that Blacks would have to depend on a rising tide to lift all boats, even though no such tide has ever risen for Black people in America.

Obama said the U.S. has “led the world...on the promise to save the planet.” That’s an outrageous lie. The U.S., China and a few other powerful countries have been the problem, not the solution to climate change. Obama spent his first term sabotaging every effort to create mandatory limits on emissions.

“On his watch, no federal charges were brought against any killer cops.”

The First Black President acknowledged that many Americans are “convinced that their government only serves the interests of the powerful.” But, he didn’t take any of the blame, even though it was under his administration that Wall Street bankers were deemed “too big to jail,” or even to indict. In the same dishonest fashion, Obama declared on Tuesday that “We need to uphold laws against discrimination...and in our criminal justice system” -- when, on his watch, no federal charges were brought against any killer cops, except one who had already been indicted by local authorities.

Obama got downright cocky in defense of Obamacare, the rightwing Republican health program that Obama adopted as his own. The president said: “If anybody can put together a plan that is demonstrably better, I will support it.” But don’t bet any money on the letter and spirit of Obama’s promises on health care. Back in 2003, when Bruce Dixon and I asked him if he favored a single payer health care system, Obama answered that he favored “universal health care for all Americans” and intended to introduce or sponsor legislation toward that end.” He kept saying that for the next five years, until he was elected president, and then proceeded to isolate and crush supporters of single payer, to the delight of the insurance and drug industries, which no longer had to fear single payer. Obama is sneaky, that way.

Finally, Obama bragged that the U.S. has “taken out thousands of terrorists, including bin Laden.” What he didn’t say was that his administration presided over the jihadist takeovers of Libya and much of Syria and Iraq. The truth is that tens of thousands of jihadists have been trained, armed, financed and protected by the United States and its allies – not under Bush, but under Obama, making him fully responsible for the deaths of half a million people in those three countries, alone. Not to mention Obama’s other wars. But, I’ve run out of time. The good thing is, so has Obama.

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The United States of Amnesia memory hole

Thanks much, Glen, for not letting Obama's failures (& of course not just the ones you had time to mention) -- but then "FAILURE" TO WHOMMM? -- certainly not to Wall St., & the Zionist neocon-guided imperialist war machine, & corporate-controlled health care, & Krazed Killer Kops impunity, among others you mentioned & didn't have time to mention -- go down the ole MSM-reinforced United States of Amnesia's MEMORY HOLE in the now saccharinization of Obama.

Of course, that's along with his main PR life-partner, Michelle, who plays the dutifully wifely PR role of, grande dame of the manor, and "truly an inspiration to us all", and 'mom' to all American kids in telling them to hand-garden and eat their organic vegetables (this as Barack appointed pro-GMO agricorp revolving-door industry types to the FDA & Agriculture Department), in yet another political power-couple team, now headed to riches for their memoirs and institutional speaking fees, as the ideal post-presidential couple, a credit to their race, but not one that pulled their race as a people up any, but actually where their race precipitously slipped down in socio-economic measurements over the Obama's two terms.

I guess that Obama's 'wink-wink' in his first presidential election campaign was just him playing us with the okey-doke. You know, the aspiring 1st (well, 2nd) Black president who refused to go to Memphis, which Hillary and even*McCain* did, to go memorialize the 40th anniversary of the death of MARTIN LUTHER KING, because Barack didn't want to be seen as too close to Black people. Oh, how we forget (or delude ourselves) in the United States of Amnesia.

But, my question for Black-America remains:

What's the point of electing / having a Black president if a Black president can't do for Black people because he is Black!?

Then 'funny', some "Black [mis-]leaders" intimated this time that, oh because Hillary is *white* she could do for us what Obama *couldn't* do because he's Black!

(Btw, who also remembers -- in this United States of Amnesia -- back when the Clintons were first running for office for the *first* Clinton-&-Clinton administration, that the Clintons -- the Clintons always go nasty when they get desperate -- with Bill of course taking the out-front verbal lead -- and of course Hillary was co-planner -- because Bill 'had' to verbal signal white society, in order to raise his then campaign poll numbers with white people, not to take his dark sunglasses & jazz saxophone playing, his 'acting Black' [or as Tony Morrison of all people would UNCONSCIONABLY proclaim as Slick Willie becoming "our first Black president"], too seriously -- Bill not only 'Willie Hortonized' an educated, progressive, pro-positive & culturally very conscious Black woman, Sister Souljah -- but that Slick Willie Bill Clinton even publicly equated Sister Souljah with *DAVID DUKE*!! That sounds like something we'd otherwise expect Donald Trump to do in an election campaign.

Democrap presidential hopefuls or presidents always get away with saying & doing despicable stuff (like Barack joking about *torture* or *drone* strikes, at a White House dinner ceremony speech, in spite of the fact that a university study showed that the majority of drone victims were *innocent* "collateral damage" victims) that progressives would never let Republicans get away with -- unprotested.

And we didn't find Gloria Steinem, the rest of N.O.W., or any of those other leading white feminists say a single word of criticism about Slick Wilie / the Clintons contriving a calculated attack on, of all people, a Black woman.

But, I'm glad to see that the Clintons had long worn out their 'welcome' by the majority of younger Black-Americans who definitely weren't amped for the indeed -- just as even Trump said right -- the sleazily "crooked, lyin'" Clintons anymore.)

Staying close to the action

The Obamas' purchase of a mansion in DC indicates their intent to stay close to the action.   

Stay close to the action as

Stay close to the action as long as said action doesn't get hit too close to home.  The Dronebamas also purchased a $4.9 million mansion in Dubai, United Arab Emirates   A little getaway perhaps in case an indictment or scandal befalls the Droneman???  Same for Killary:  the Clinton Foundation transferred 1.8 BILLION dollars to Qatar Central Bank.  Ummm.  Stashing some cash in case the Trump DOJ actually follows through with investigation and indictment???  When during a Presidental Forum, Matt Lauer asked Killary a question not on the pre-screened list of topics, Killary launched into a banshee tirade backstage - throwing water bottle at staffer, cursing, and going off on anyone within earshot.  She yelled at Donna Brazille and called her a "brain-dead" buffalo and called Matt Lauer much worse.  Killary also said that "if that "efffing" Trump gets elected, all our heads will be in a noose."   No surprise both she and Dronebama are making plans to vacate the States if things get too hot to handle.

Obama's Last Lies

I watched Obama's speech and read the text the next day. In his speech Obama only made one direct reference to Black Amercans, he used the tem blacks. Every other reference to us was indirect using the terms slavery, Jim Crow, Selma and race relations. Obama dierctly addressed immigransts and  refugees four times directly using those words.  Of course he spoke up strongly in defense of Muslims Americans.  When will we ver get it? Obama and  the democtracts are not that into us. The democrats focus is immigrants legal and illlegal.  This is why I call all Black Americans to do a Blackxit out of the democrtic party.  We should be the most independant voters there are. I have been independent the last 10 years and have never regretted it.