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    Freedom Rider: Van Jones and Charles Blow Absolve White America

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    U.S. corporate media have made it easy to identify Black “leaders” and “spokespersons” to call on at times of racial crisis. They simply hire them. Van Jones and Charles Blow are part of well paid cadre of Blacks whose main talent is telling white people what they want to hear. “In the glare of black anger they make it clear that they are on the side of the well paying gig which means they are the enemies of the people they are alleged to represent.”

    “Chicagoland” Hero Cops Cook Books to Make Murders Disappear, CNN Pretends Not To Notice

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Chicagoland, the 8 part CNN campaign commercial falsely claims teacher pay and pensions have drove the city to fiscal ruin, that big league stadiums are job creators, that massive school closings are good for the city, and Chicago cops have lowered the murder rate. Except they haven't. Real Chicago journalists have revealed Chicago cops cooked the books to make dozens of murders disappear. CNN missed that, and is still missing it.

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    Joy Ann Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry as Prosecutor & Cop Go After Snowden, Wikileaks, & the First Amendment

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Gandhi once said that western civilization would be “a good idea.” So would black journalism. One white TV talking head said he was ready to arrest Glenn Greenwald. Not to be outdone, MSNBC's black talking heads too, are ready to personally scalp Wikileaks and put the cuffs on Edward Snowden. Public opinion, which favored Snowden early, has to be pushed in the administration's direction. A dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

    CNN's Black In America: What Happens When Popeye's Teaches Chickens History & Current Events

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

    Comedian Lily Tomlin once said that no matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up. CNN's latest installment of “Black In America” with its focus on the “tragic mulatto” proves her right. CNN's version of history erases the actual origin of North America's “one drop rule.”

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    To Obama: Require Television To Cover Black Political Issues

    by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

    President Obama must intervene to ensure that Blacks gain meaningful access to the television airwaves. The author points out that “no public programming, on any day, exists in six commercial television stations broadcasting in three states for persons of African ancestry in the largest television market in the United States,” the New York City metro. As things stand, “the Telecommunications Act of 1996…has virtually stopped minority ownership of radio and television stations.”

    Freedom Rider: Attack of the Cruise Missile Liberals


    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Americans are warlike – as long as they think they can be victorious. These nominal Democrats and Republicans “differ only on who they want to see doing the dominating.” Today, a Black Democrat is the head killer in charge, allowing the likes of Ed Schultz, Bill Maher and Juan Cole to endorse the criminal assault on Libya. When the chips are down, fraudulent anti-war liberals show their true racist, Manifest Destiny-loving colors. “The true anti-war movement must reawaken itself and hit the streets in the hundreds of thousands.”

    Samuel Yette and The Choice: Black Survival in the United States

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball

    Sam Yette chose to speak and write as a Black man and a professional, thus making himself no longer employable at Newsweek magazine during the Black Freedom Movement. In his book, Yette concluded that “black Americans are obsolete people.” It is up to Black people to refuse to accept America’s verdict – and dare to make our own verdict on America.

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    Black Bloggers Get Played By the White House

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon
    When the White House wanted to get its latest message out to black communities, it didn't call a press conference. Its spokespeople didn't turn to BET or black radio. They called in black bloggers, most of them not even remotely political, and few if any working journalists. What the White House hoped to accomplish was crystal clear --- to use them the manner corrupt and lazy reporters are used, to seduce them with the illusion of “privileged access” in return for the ability to plant anonymous stories and gossip as “news” items.

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    National Wave of Privatization Scandals and Disasters Ignored By Media, Concealed From Public

    the real vandalsA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce Dixon
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    The total absence of local journalism in many markets, and the fixation of what news reporting there is on a handful of crime and celebrity stories helps conceal from the public the real price of global empire and the Wall Street Bailout, or how the privatization measures widely undertaken by state and local governments to relieve their financial pressure have been a cavalcade of corruption, a cascade of scandal and failure that make the rich even richer and the rest of us... well, you know.... 

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