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white supremacy

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    Freedom Rider: An Angry White Man Kills Again

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Craig Hicks was a dangerously belligerent man who lived in an apartment with a wife, four handguns, two shotguns and six rifles. His whiteness protected him from police attention or public censure. Hicks seems to have held a range of political views, “but more than anything Hicks was serious about being a white man.”

    The Ongoing Impact of White Supremacy on People of Color

    by Solomon Comissiong

    European global rule was imposed by both physical and psychological means. “White supremacy has falsely set a standard that implies anything white is not only right, it is the model for excellence.” Imperialism, no matter the color of the face that presides over the empire, “is yet another tool in the arsenal of white supremacy.”

    Dorner, Racism, and Police Repression

    From the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

    A central truth underlies the events surrounding Christopher Dorner's actions and demise: “Racism is endemic to all law enforcement agencies in the United States, and is part and parcel of the foundations of the United States government, its historic mission, and its systemic functioning.”

    Freedom Rider: Sniper Gets Sniped

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    America, born in genocide and constantly renewed by bloodbaths, treats mass murder as a virtue. Chris Kyle answered the “clarion call of white supremacy, manifest destiny and imperial delusion.” Now that he’s dead, the world is a better place.

    Freedom Rider: Killing Children


    Freedom Rider: Killing Children

    If America fails to finally find compassion for the legions of “other people’s” children it has killed, then it will never comprehend why its own, internal massacres occur with such frequency. “Indiscriminate violence made America what it is today.”

    Romney, Obama, and the Darwinism That Substitutes Culture for Genes


    by Paul Street

    Mitt Romney’s ideas on cultural superiority are “as American as apple pie.” The First Black President plays on the white culture team, too. “Obama has repeatedly played Booker T. Washingtonian haranguer of impoverished blacks for failing to think and act right and thereby to take advantage of the great opportunities supposedly afforded them by the ‘magical place called the United States.’”

    The GOP’s Tired, Poor Huddled Masses


    by Sikivu Hutchinson

    Having based much of American exceptionalist mythology on the cult of white immigrant “values” – and the matching slander that African Americans are values-poor – the Right will increasingly “ratchet up classic divide and conquer narratives tied to bootstrapping and a racialized mythos of hard work.” That suits many Latinos just fine. “Despite being of mixed black, Asian, Indian and European ancestry the majority of Latinos in the U.S. identify racially as white.” Plus, “Latino parishioners are fueling a resurgence of Pentecostalism in the U.S. and filling in the gaps of an aging white demographic in decline.”

    Obama Fronts for White Supremacy with Boycott of Durban Conference on Racism


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    durbanA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The injustices of the current world order are derived from those of the old order - which was based on white supremacy. The language of Euro-American hegemony has become more refined but, with the advent of the Barack Obama presidency, it has taken only two months to demonstrate that white supremacy - and its peculiar Zionist offshoot - has no difficulty exercising its power and privilege through the agency of a Black executive." The Durban II conference on racism has been eviscerated by the Black man at the helm of the racist superpower.

    Obama’s ‘Race Speech’ as Neoslave Narrative

    by Tamara K. Nopper

    "The neoslave narrative is the American dream story in which struggle and pain are part of a progressive journey toward ultimate assimilation and socioeconomic success." That the tale Barack Obama tries to weave, but there's nothing original about it. Ms. Nopper examines Obama's "Race Speech" to explicate the neoslave narrative at the heart of it, and discover why "Obama goes out of his way to condemn Black anger." Obama's neoslave fixations are especially obvious regarding Rev. Jeremiah Write. "The pastor is depicted by Obama as the slave who won't psychologically give up the plantation."

    America’s False Ideology of White Supremacy

    by Seth Sandronsky White Supremacyburning-cross
    Islamophobia is but another extension of white American fear and loathing for the Other. “One result has been a sort of silent consent for the torture of prisoners of the war on terror, mainly non-white Muslims.” Past obsessions with Blacks prepare racist minds well for nurturing hatreds of Muslims. “Crucially, this trend of caging and politically weakening the nation’s low-income blacks and Latinos foreshadowed the Bush II administration’s creation of Muslim ‘enemy combatants.’”
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