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    Emergency Managers? School Closings? Are They Racist? Does It Really Matter?

    A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    For the black political class, the question “is it racist?” has become a substitute for inquiry into causes and cures, not least because so many of them are complicit in austerity and privatization schemes themselves. Circling the racial wagons is something we've done many times before, and poverty, the prison state and privatization are still all around us. Isn't it time to ask some new questions.

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    MLK Injustice Index 2013: Racism, Materialism and Militarism in the US


    by Bill Quigley

    The three great evils cited by Dr. Martin Luther King have proliferated since his passing. Here’s an index of their influence, today.

    The Limits of Anti-Racism

    by Adolph Reed

    What does it mean these days to be “anti-racist” and to struggle against racism these days when a black family is in the White House? Unlike today's anti-racist activists, the historic Freedom Movement had clear, if limited goals like the establishment of voting rights or the abolition of Jim Crow laws. What does it mean to be an “anti-racist” when America seems perfectly able to integrate its ruling circles at the same time preserving enormous wealth, health, education and incarceration disparities between the bulk of its white and nonwhite populations?


    Obama Fronts for White Supremacy with Boycott of Durban Conference on Racism


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    durbanA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The injustices of the current world order are derived from those of the old order - which was based on white supremacy. The language of Euro-American hegemony has become more refined but, with the advent of the Barack Obama presidency, it has taken only two months to demonstrate that white supremacy - and its peculiar Zionist offshoot - has no difficulty exercising its power and privilege through the agency of a Black executive." The Durban II conference on racism has been eviscerated by the Black man at the helm of the racist superpower.

    Department of Double Standards: Rep. Maxine Waters Maligned for Helping Black Banks

    maxineby BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    With the bankster class methodically looting the national treasure in collusion with purchased politicians, questions of conflict of interest have become a dead letter. Lawless banksters are “empowered to dictate the terms of their own deliverance from insolvency.”  Republican and Democratic administrations seem ruled by one master, by the name of Goldman Sachs. “But let a progressive Black congresswoman arrange a meeting in which Black bankers beseech the government for some miniscule piece of the bailout pie – and it is the stuff of scandal.”

    The Bloody History of ‘Race Management’ in the U.S.: An Interview with David R. Roediger

    race management The notion that the U.S. is is anywhere near "getting over" race is foolish, ahistorical, and only useful to elites who would hide our own history from us, argues Dr. David Roediger, author of "How Race Survived U.S. History: From Settlement and Slavery to the Obama Phenomenon.


    Roediger argues that you cannot be about change without owning your history, and in U.S. history race is foundational; it's so high you can't over it and so low you can't get under it.


    Freedom Rider The U.N. Investigates American Racism

    more_katrina03by BAR Editor  and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley
    The United Nations is sending a special observer to investigate the role that racism plays in the ordinary life of the United States.  With only three weeks, the special rapporteur will have a lot of ground to cover.  And the visit comes at a time when America's ordinary denial on issues of racial injustice and inequality are intensified by the presidential campaign.  After all, we are the nation which is about to "transcend" race.

    Let’s Just Get Along: Poll Passes Up Structural Analysis of Race

    by Seth Wessler


    Measuring racial attitudes is notoriously difficult, and using polls to probe the extent of institutional racism can only be useful if the pollsters are clear on what institutional racism actually is. Surveys of individual attitudes towards various ethnic and racial groups can yield only subjective data on how folks "get along" - or think they are getting along. In the end, any survey that "starts with an assumption that race and racism are primarily issues about how X individual of one race feels about Z individual of a different race" is of limited utility. Racism is more than the sum of a nation's individual human attitudinal parts. It's a system.

    White as ‘Average’ and ‘Normal’

    by Seth SandronskyShooterPortrait


    If being white in America is "normal" then what are the rest of us? A recent Salt Lake City shopping mall shooting spree by a young white man described as "average"-looking once again reveals the "white-as-normative" syndrome as pervasive in American life. Inevitably, it seems, whites are shocked to witness insane, homicidal behavior by people that look like them, while appearing to anticipate in advance anti-social conduct from non-whites.

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