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    "Teach For America" Trojan Horse Among Ferguson Activists?

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Teach For America has done vast and indisputable harm to black communities across the country, funded by hundreds of millions in deep corporate pockets and tens of millions of federal dollars. Could this be why the St. Louis TFA exec director was picked to meet the president, supposedly as one of the "young black activists"?

    “Why are They Doing This to Me?”: Seattle Students Walkout on Ferguson Decision and Racism

    by Jesse Hagopian

    Ferguson is everywhere – including Seattle, where thousands of students took to the streets last week. “What is sweeping the nation—something the media cannot acknowledge without legitimizing challenges to their own supremacy—is a politicized populace of Black people, people of color, and their allies, with a goal of uprooting institutional racism.”

    Perspectives and Concerns of Black Parents

    by Solomon Comissiong

    In addition to its many other failings, the U.S. educational system insults and devalues Black lives by force-feeding reverence for degenerate slave-holding monsters. “It should be considered mental cruelty to brainwash African/black students to revere slave masters like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as ‘Founding Fathers.’” Combating the US’s Destructive Educational System:

    Is Democrats For Public Education Just a Toothless, Cynical Sound Byte?

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Last month the DNC's Donna Brazile announced the formation of Democrats For Public Education. But with their own Democratic president being the chief pusher of school privatization, nobody really imagines Brazile and other top Dems will publicly oppose the White House and the Department of Education. So is DFPE just a cynical sound byte to liven up teacher union rank and file to go door to door for Democrats in the next presidential election?

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    Stop Blaming Black Parents for School Achievement Gaps

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    Helping your kids, or neighbors’ kids, do their homework almost certainly will not improve their school performance, according to a new study. “The idea that parental involvement will address one of the most salient and intractable issues in education, racial and ethnic achievement gaps, is not supported by the evidence.” However, a demonstrable commitment to social values can change a child’s whole outlook on life.

    The Souls of Black Boys

    By Sikivu Hutchinson

    Black males are now down to about 1% of current UCLA freshmen. It's neoliberal California, where black boys are destined for marginal labor if they're lucky or pipelined to prison if they're not. Still, community activists in Los Angeles are fighting back, trying to nurture and prepare the next generation of black organizers, scholars and intellectuals.

    Why Was Atlanta's Beverly Hall Indicted For Racketeering While Michelle Rhee Won't Be?

    By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Atlanta's black former school superintendent and 34 other black teachers and administrators have been indicted for “racketeering” in a cheating scandal. Why aren't others like former DC Schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and her team indicted? Should we be rallying the racial wagons around Dr. Hall and the other 34? No way.

    On Education, Barack Obama is the President of Privatization. Can We Stop Him? Will We?

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    By the time his term is over, President Obama and his Race To The Top program will have forced the closure and privatization of thousands of inner-city schools, a feat no white Republican or Democrat could have accomplished. But he'll only be president 4 more years. If we can stop this now, his successors won't be able to do this again. Can we? Will we?

    Black Agenda TV – Season 1, Episode 2

    by Black Agenda Report & BW Moving Images

    In this edition of Black Agenda TV

    Black America and the Genocide in Congo; African Americans have not used their political clout to stop the killing.

    Obama’s Race to the Top Hurts Black Students, Teachers, Communities; Drives school closings and helps charter profiteers.

    Black Misleadership Class to Launch “February 30th Movement” to hold President Obama (and themselves) accountable.

    Black Agenda Radio on PRN -- Week of Feb 11, 2013

    Obaama's promised homeowners relief hasn't arrived
    UNAC: US and France out of Africa!
    Bush Policies Still in Effect Under Democrats
    The NAACP’s Flawed Image
    New Orleans Children Are Guinea Pigs in School Privatization Experiment

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    BA Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of Feb 4, 2013

    Obama's "Race to the Top" is racist;

    Ras Baraka for Mayor of Newark;

    Anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death;

    Students Against Mass Incarceration announce Conference on Criminal Justice at Howard U;

    Is the EEOC dismissing racial discrimination cases en masse?;

    The carving up of Africa has begun.

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    Melissa Harris-Perry Buries The Lead Story on National Wave of Public School Closings

    By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    When print or broadcast news outlets grab a compelling story, only to distract attention away from what the public needs to know, that's called “burying the lead.” That's what Melissa Harris-Perry did in her Jan. 26 segment on whether the nationwide wave of public school closings were “racist” or not.

    Seattle Teachers Boycott of Unfair & Unnecessary High Stakes Tests Spreads to Second High School

    A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Teachers in Seattle are standing up to the high stakes testing regime and refusing to administer an unnecessary test. Students and parents have lined up to support them, and the boycott has already spread to a second Seattle high school. President Obama in his 2012 State of the Union said teachers shouldn't have to “teach to the test”. Will be commend the efforts of Seattle teachers? Don't hold your breath.

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    Obama's Race To The Top Drives Nationwide Wave of School Closings, Teacher Firings

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Among Obama supporters, the gap between popular perceptions of the president's policies and the actual content of those policies is nowhere wider than in public education. While the president pays lip service to the centrality of public education, teachers and parent input, his Race To The Top is paving the road to privatization, closing more public schools and firing more teachers than any president in US history.

    Standing Up For The People: Chicago Teachers Union Strikes, 1969 - 1987

    CTU, the Chicago Teachers Union, is about as real as unions get these days. Thanks to the courageous struggles of its members over generations, it has a history of standing up for its members, for students and for the people of Chicago.

    Ten Years of No Child Left Behind: Disaster Capitalism in the Schools


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    No Child Left Behind has only been a failure if you believed the hype about its purposes. In fact, NCBL has been a roaring success in using “federal spending as a hammer to impose corporate governance over privatized public schools.” Wall Street has converted publicly-financed education into a no-risk market, teachers unions have been “demonized, demoralized and rendered largely politically inert,” and Black community control of schools is more remote than ever.

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    LAUSD’s Apartheid Hall of Shame, Part 2: A View from the Classroom

    by Sikivu Hutchinson

    The Black student “push-out” phenomenon is directly related to Black mass incarceration. Studies show that “African Americans go to the dean’s office for less serious offenses than do Latinos and whites.” Disruptive behavior is in the subjective perception of the beholding teachers, some of whom “go off about ‘these black kids’ and what are you going to do with these black kids ‘cause I can’t teach in my classroom with these black kids going out of control.” Predominantly Black schools and faculty are often no better. “South L.A. schools with significant or majority black faculty and administrators are just as culpable.”

    Los Angeles Schools’ Apartheid Hall of Shame (Part One)

    by Sikivu Hutchinson

    It sounds like racial profiling in education, on a massive, institutional scale. “Black students are targeted, penalized and pushed-out in dizzyingly obscene numbers that predict and mirror their disproportionate numbers in L.A. County juvenile detention centers and adult prisons.” Those are the conclusions of a recent report on schools in the Los Angele Unified District, where Black kids are grossly overrepresented among students ejected from classrooms. What’s more, such collective punishment occurs “regardless of the racial background of the faculty and administration or racial demographics and socioeconomic background of a given school.”

    Obama Celebrates “Common Ground” with GOP on Education


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    President Obama’s “admiration fest” with Republicans is in high gear, especially in the education arena. The administration’s mass charterization policies “represent an even bigger danger to public education” than George Bush’s private school vouchers. “The charter school racket is the perfect Trojan Horse for corporate domination of the classroom, at public expense.”

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    Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys' Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks.

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Chicago's Daley regime was a half century orgy of arrogance, racism and plunder. Thanks to President Obama, it not only continues with the succession of Rahm Emanuel to the fifth floor office of Chicago's mayor, but with nationwide implementation of diastrous policies toward housing, schools, infrastructure and public workers, all pioneered in Chicago.

    Torturing Detroit's Kids for Racist Fun and Profit


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    While President Obama expounds on the need to “out-educate” the global competition, Detroit’s public schools have been ordered to pack each classroom with 60 students for the next four years – double the number most educators consider acceptable. “In a modern society, this is the equivalent of declaring Detroit – an overwhelmingly Black metropolis – a failed state.”

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    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey

    Obama Made His Career “Collaborating with the GOP”

    I think he liked the 2010 election outcomes, that brought the Right back to power in the House,” says Paul Street, author of The Empire’s New Clothes: Barack Obama and the Real World of Power. “I think that’s his comfort zone. This is his career, collaborating with the GOP,” says Street, who worked for years as a researcher for the Chicago Urban League. Although “deluded liberals and progressives” continue to insist that Obama shares their values, “they just don’t get it. This guy is just very conservative.”

    White House Retaliates Against Whistleblowers

    The Obama administration is taking retaliation against whistleblowers “to a new level,” says Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, herself a renowned whistleblower and author of the book, No Fear. “The president has suggested that psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists should be deployed throughout the federal government to ferret out whistleblowers,” says Coleman-Adebayo. “They want to see if there is even a potential that you might blow the whistle on injustice or corruption.”

    Baby Doc” Has Friends in High Places in Haiti

    Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the dictator who returned to Haiti 25 years after being run out of the country, still has “cadres in power of some sort in the [Rene] Preval administration, and in business and many other venues in society,” says Haitian journalist and community activist Roger LeDuc. In addition, France, the United States “and, to some extent, Rene Preval,” are anxious to divert attention from the recent disastrous elections. Duvalier has been charged with corruption and embezzlement, and prosecutors say they are investigating possible crimes against humanity.

    Progressive Candidate Claims Detroit Teachers Victory

    Steve Conn, candidate for president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers on the Defend Public Education/Save Our Students ticket, says he is the rightful winner in the race, and that incumbent Keith Johnson rigged the vote count. Conn charges Johnson and national union president Randi Weingarten with “running the union as a tool of [education secretary] Arnie Duncan and the anti-public education privatizers.” A Day of Action is schedule for March 2, in Detroit.

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    Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    Waiting for Superman” is pure propaganda for the hedge funders that seek to “create a private market in for-profit educational services that can be traded on the stock market and bet on derivatives.” Obama has deployed his presidential bully pulpit as a booster for this “bait-and-switch” scam of a film, and for the underlying privatizing project.


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    Black Chicago Teachers Win Discrimination Lawsuit Against Arne Duncan's Mass Firings

    Back in June of 2009, BAR told the story of activist teachers who sued the Chicago Public Schools to reverse the firings of hundreds of committed, experienced, mostly black and female teachers in dozens of schools and their replacement with less experienced, younger, whiter teachers at lower salaries. This pattern of discriminatory firings and school closings has since been replicated across the country, and is a core element the Obama administration’s education policy. Since then, some of those same teachers have won the leadership of Chicago's 30,000 strong teachers union. Earlier this week, a US District Court judge ruled in their favor.

    Privatizing Education: The Neoliberal Project To Re-Imagine America For Them, Not Us

    In this 55 minute audio by U of Illinois scholar and activist Pauline Lippman, she explains how the bipartisan push to privatize education by starving existing public schools, introducing charter schools in the name of “choice” and destroying teacher unions is key to a radical re-fashioning of American society by our wealthy corporate elite, one that is disastrous for the rest of us, our communities and our children. Courtesy of KPFA's Against the Grain.

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    Cory Booker: A Clear and Present Threat to Public Education

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    What media call "philanthropy" for the public schools are actually seed monies to establish a private "market" in publicly-financed education - an enterprise worth trillions if successfully penetrated by corporate America. Cory Booker, one of the "New Black Leaders" financed by the filthy rich, is key to creating a "nationwide corporate-managed schools network paid for by public funds but run by private managers."

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    Freedom Rider: Charter School Lobby Buys Elections

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    When hedge funds invade the public schools arena, we are no longer talking about education, but of markets. Obama's version of education reform is to turn the schools into profit centers for the speculator class. “Education is up for grabs and at the mercy of the highest bidders and the most cynical and ambitious.”

    High Stakes Teaching and the “Value-Added” Sham

    by Sikivu Hutchinson

    The Los Angeles Times recently weighed in against the city’s scapegoated teachers, giving public school elementary educators low marks on so-called ‘value-added’ assessments – a term that is as corporate as they come. The new regime serves neither teachers nor students. Rather, “the intersection of high stakes testing and zero tolerance discipline policies have created a perfect storm for black and brown students already deemed expendable by teachers and administrators.”

    Eshu’s blues: Launching a Teacher’s Fightback Newsletter in Seattle

    by michael hureaux perez

    If there is one organized force with the potential to resist Barack Obama’s corporate offensive, it is the teachers unions. Yet the multi-million-member American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association seem not to understand that they have been targeted for destruction by the man they fought so hard to elect. It’s up to rank and file teachers like Seattle’s Social Equality Educators to sound the alarm, before it’s too late.


    Chicago Teachers Wise Up to Obama School Privatizations

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    Reformists won control of the teachers union in the town where Barack Obama became a fan of corporate schooling: Chicago. The new union leadership seems prepared to confront privatization and high stakes testing head on. The tests measure the accumulated results of deprivation, not academics, said Karen Lewis: "Class sizes rose, schools were closed. Then standardized tests...measured that slow death by starvation."

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