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War On Libya

Massacre in Egypt Hastens Demise of U.S.-Jihadist Alliance

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The secularists and leftists that backed the military’s coup in Egypt “cannot escape culpability for Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi’s current and future crimes.” But the clock is also ticking on the decades-long U.S. strategy to deploy Muslim jihadists as foot soldiers for imperial objectives in the region. The unholy alliance will shatter – and usher in the Mother of All Blowbacks.

The Military Coup in Egypt: Requiem for a Revolution That Never Was

by Ajamu Baraka

In the two-and-a-half years between the ouster of Mubarak by the Egyptian military and the ouster of President Morsi by that same military, no revolutionary process occurred. Yet, “the emotional response to seeing hundreds of thousands of people on the streets seems to have created a case of temporary insanity,” an imagined revolution in which the “military and the people are one.”

Freedom Rider: Support Assata Shakur, At Your Own Risk


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Thanks to The First Black President and The First Black Attorney General, “the only people safe in speaking of or contacting Shakur are those who mean her harm.” To speak of Black liberation, its heroes and history, is a crime of terror. “Barack Obama has made manifest his predecessor’s desire to create a truly fascist machinery in this country.”

Obama and Romney: Brothers of the Same Imperial Lodge


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Monday’s performance by the top presidential contenders turned out to be a grand consensus on foreign policy. “There is not one ray of daylight between the two.” Since Obama and Romney have no substantive disagreements, the choice is simple: vote for – or against – the one you think is most competent at waging imperial war. Peace and the rule of law are not options, on either ticket. Welcome to the Imperial Hegemony Dome.

The 4th of July: Indoctrination, Oppression and Hypocrisy

by Solomon Comissiong

We must reject all forms of injustice, as well as symbols of inequality that have been imposed upon us. The 4th of July holiday,” says the author, “is one of those repugnant symbols.”

NATO, AFRICOM and the New White Man's Burden


by Harold Green

With the era of formal colonialism only recently ended, and only 125 years after the Europeans and the United States formally divided Africa among themselves, NATO has begun the military reimposition of Euro-American rule of the Continent. The conquest of sovereign Libya has encouraged Washington, London and Paris to escalate their armed incursions under “humanitarian” guises, and with the eager participation of native collaborators. “The imperialist powers are obviously up to their old tricks of using treacherous Africans to help in doing their '’dirty work.’''

The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Moammar Gaddafi’s last minutes gave clarity to NATO’s war in Libya. It is a mission of mass murder and theft of sovereignty through the arming of savages. “The saner sections of America’s psychological operations machinery were doubtless as horrified as anyone at the Libyan jihadis’ insistence on revealing so graphically to the entire planet the barbaric character of the ‘revolution.’” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s “hands and gums ooze blood – a lasting impression on decent world opinion.”

Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist and Thoroughly Non-Revolutionary Regime


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The United States and the corporate media would have you believe that President Obama and the U.S. corporate media are celebrating the triumph of a “revolution” in Libya. But there was no revolution. “’Revolutionaries’ – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units ‘the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.’” And they have not yet triumphed. “The armed conflict in Libya “has been an imperial project from the very beginning,” and the people know it. Obama is working from an old playbook, deploying “Islamists to wage war against non-compliant secular regimes and movements in the Muslim world.”

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