The Big Lie Behind the Eritrean Exodus Across the Mediterranean

by the Real News Network

Eritrea is one of the few African nations not part of AFRICOM, which makes it an enemy of the US. To destabilize the Eritrean regime, the EU grants expedited entry and semi-legalization to Eritreans who reach its shores. Hence migrants from across Africa, says Glen Ford, are masquerading as Eritreans, enabling the US and EU to paint a false picture of alleged mass exodus from that country which will serve to justify future interventions.

Obama’s Failed State Policy in Africa

by Thomas C. Mountain

President Obama’s is a state-destroyer, especially in Africa. Chaos, misery and failed states are his legacy on the continent. Obama’s fatal touch causes “already failing societies to begin to disintegrate, filling our screens with ever more scenes of death and destruction.” South Sudan is a state that failed before it began.

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