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Israeli apartheid

US Foreign Policy –Wrong Side of History, Wrong Side of World Opinion

by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

President Obama has turned his back on his 2009 promises to the Palestinian people, and instead ratcheted up support for Israeli wars, bigotry and racism. “The NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and other organizations should be front-and-center in condemning the Israeli government’s actions and the Obama administration’s support and encouragement of them.”

Radical Black Reading: Summer 2014

by The Public Archive

For your Summer edification: the works of “Black writers, scholars, artists, and activists” explore how “the policies of the Israel towards the Palestinian people mirror the historic regimes of apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow in the United States.”

Shocking Decline in Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate


by Renee Ghert-Zand

Jewish Ethiopian women were given contraceptive injections before immigrating to Israel and after arrival. The result: a 50 percent decline in birthrate, and a ‘missing generation’ of Ethiopian children.”

Stevie Wonder Disgraces Himself with Concert for Israeli Military


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Stevie Wonder, who once penned a song against apartheid in South Africa, will star at a fundraiser for the Israeli military, early next month. How shocking that a Black cultural icon would help throw a party for the soldiers of “a system that some describe as even worse than that practiced by the white South African regime.”

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Black Solidarity With Palestine


by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

The Palestinian cry for dignity especially demands Black support” – today, as thousands of Palestinian prisoners emerge from a long hunger strike, just as in the late Sixties, during the Black Freedom Movement. Under an apartheid legal system, the “Palestinians have been subjected to an arbitrary system of military law.”

Dockworkers vs. Israeli Piracy, Rep. Rangel Bows to Tel Aviv, Supreme Court Fuels Terror Witch-Hunt, Prison Rape Deadline Missed

Listen to BA Radio on the Progressive Radio NetworkListen to BA Radio on the Progressive Radio Network

Israel’s Like South Africa…

Dockworkers at the Port of Oakland, California joined with community activists to temporarily halt unloading of cargo from an Israeli vessel. Union official Clarence Thomas said Israel was “just as vulnerable” to concerted worker and consumer protests as was South Africa during the apartheid era.

Rangel Makes Times Spectacle of Himself in Times Square

Harlem Congressman Rangel “in essence, denounced his own constituents” in favor of Israel at a recent Times Square press conference,” says BAR senior columnist Margaret Kimberley. Rangel joined New York politicians demanding that American flotilla activists attacked by Israeli should be investigated before being allowed back in the U.S.

High Court OKs Draconian Terror Law

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Obama administration’s broad interpretation of what constitutes giving “material assistance” to so-called “terror groups.” A Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer says the law amounts to “something very close to guilt by association” and “could have landed President Carter in prison for 15 years” for his peace-seeking missions.

U.S. Justice Department Fails to Come Up with Prison Rape Standards

Attorney General Eric Holder missed a deadline to submit national standards to combat sexual abuse behind bars. One hundred thousand prison inmates are raped every year, according to federal studies.

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. Click the player below to listen. Length: One hour.


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Israel's Big and Small Apartheids

more apartheidby Jonathan Cook
It is irrefutable that Israel is an apartheid state, established and maintained for the benefit of one group of its inhabitants. “There are, for example, some 30 laws that explicitly discriminate between Jews and non-Jews.” The same fate awaits the West Bank, if the Zionist mission is not halted. “The veiled apartheid facing Palestinians inside Israel is the blueprint for a veiled -- and more legitimate -- kind of apartheid being planned for Palestinians in the occupied territories.”

Israel And Apartheid: By People Who Knew Apartheid

Israel And Apartheid: By People Who Knew Apartheid
Apartheid is an abomination to civilization, and a crime against humanity. That apartheid is the ruling order in Israel is beyond question – just ask those who know the diabolical system best.

The Israeli State And Its Zionist Project Have Failed, Explains Ali Abunimah

The Zionist project, the Israeli mission of occupation, ethnic cleansing, expropriation and colonial resettlement of Arab Palestine is untenable, and cannot succeed even in the short run.  Just as in apartheid South Africa, Israel's native subcontractors cannot keep the natives in order, forcing that apartheid state to endlessly escalate the violence against the nation's indigenous population.  Nobody can predict the future, Abunimah reminds us, but the darkest and bloodiest deeds of racist South Africa occurred when its imminent fall could not be admitted by its leaders.

Apartheid is the Root of Israel’s Aggressions

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Click the flash player to listen to or the mic below to download the MP3 audio of this commentary.

Israel reacted with typical feigned outrage at the United Nations report on war crimes and human rights violations committed by its forces in Gaza, last winter. The Jewish state's serial violations of international law are rooted in the barbarism of its governing principle, apartheid, which leads Israel to place itself “above the accepted norms of civilized behavior.”

“My Hell in an Israeli Jail”: Israel Prison Population 90 Percent Black Africans

in jailby Voice Online, UK
It should come as no surprise that a settler state based on the rule of one ethnic group would be steeped in racist public policies. But the sheer scope of Israel's institutional oppression of Africans shocked human rights activists imprisoned for attempting to deliver humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza. “The first day I was there, I witnessed 500 Africans scooped from the streets of Tel Aviv thrown into prison,” said a Black British activist. “The prison population continues to grow daily with Africans falling victim to the Israeli judiciary system.”
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