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Stand Your Ground law

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    Freedom Rider: Kwadir Felton and Cory Booker

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Kwadir Felton, one of Sen. Cory Booker’s constituents, faces 30 years in prison for allegedly assaulting the Jersey City police who shot and blinded him. But Felton can expect no constituent services from Booker. Black people demand next to nothing from their politicians. “Booker has no reason to lift a finger for this young man unless he knows he will pay a price for inaction.”

    Freedom Rider: Modern Day Lynching

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    It often seems that the American national pastime is murderous assault on Black people. The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s tally of one racist homicide every 28 hours is surely understated. The more Blacks die, the harder some whites push for broader latitude to kill them. There is no reciprocity in Stand Your Ground. “Self-defense means nothing when a black person asserts that right.”

    Freedom Rider: If George Zimmerman Goes Free

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    “As a group, how will we react to the denial of justice for Trayvon Martin and the hundreds of others whose names we don’t even know” that have been murdered by police and freelance racists? The last thing we need will be “mealy mouthed platitudes urging us to ‘talk about race’ and silly questions about why black and white people see things differently.”

    The Death of Jordan Davis: Is it Open season on Negroes?


    by Doshon Farad

    Another unarmed 17 year-old Black male shot dead by a Florida white man. Are white men really so terrified by the presence of Black males, or “is black life, specifically that of black males, seen as valueless?” Or both?

    Trayvon Killing Reveals Unreconstructed White Nationalism on the March


    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    “’Shoot the Blacks’ is a winning political platform.” That’s the message brought home to African Americans by the Trayvon Martin murder and George Zimmerman’s Stand Your Ground defense. Far from a post-racial society, the U.S. is, in many ways, devolving. “So bold have the racists become, they now seek to empower white citizens in general with lethal privileges to defend white space, wherever it is claimed – a reversion to lynch law, on top of police terror.”

    The Political Will to Protect Our Children: By Any Means Necessary


    by BAR editor and columnist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

    The racist vigilantism that killed Trayvon Martin has spread far beyond Florida, where justifiable homicides have tripled and “vigilantes are obviously a protected class, occupying the position of judge, jury and executioner.” More than 30 states have enacted laws similar to Stand Your Ground. “We have the power to roll back these reactionary and racist laws.”

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