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Rev. Al Sharpton

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    Why Black Liberals Need to Reclaim The Black Agenda From The Black Church

    by Yvette Carnell

    The Black Church’s central role in the African American Freedom Movement, is a myth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “himself lamented the ‘apathy of the Negro ministersand their interpretation of Christianity,” writes the author. In fact, “the presence of culture crusaders, who substitute morality wars for politics, has a demobilizing impact on black movement politics.”

    Al Sharpton: Obama's Junkyard Dog

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford


    A wise man once said: Be careful what you wish for. Rev. Al Sharpton has long craved entrance to the citadels of power, and may now have been granted his wish in return for services rendered to the Obama administration. But proximity to Power also brings intense media scrutiny. Can a shady-dealing preacher take the heat?


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    Sharpton, Jealous and Morial Make Small Talk at the Big House

     Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The three civil rights leaders attempted a tricky maneuver with last week's visit to the White House.  How could they appear to pressure President Obama to finally act on Depression-level Black unemployment, while making no such demand? It was a fool's errand, for which they were well suited.


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