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Obama Morehouse speech

Reject Obama's Personal Responsibility Snake-Oil

by Ajamu Nangwaya

In The Mind of Obama, white supremacy, sexism and capitalist exploitation are nonexistent or merely minor hurdles that can be overcome through personal responsibility and discipline. The First Black U.S. Presidentis under the illusion that his occupation of the White House is an indication of a new and better day across America.”

Freedom Rider: The Obama “Dog Whistle”

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Obamas put a double-whammy on Black people, low-rating The Race at two institutions of higher learning, for the benefit of white people. In Maryland, Michelle lambasted those “mythical” creatures that think learning is “white,” while her husband did variations on the same theme in Atlanta. Black audiences applauded, wildly. “Most of us still worship a man who has nothing but contempt for us.”

Bullying Pulpit: Racism, Barack Obama and the Selective Call for Personal Responsibility

by Tim Wise

Once again, Barack Obama scolds Black men, this time at Morehouse College. The author, an anti-racist activist, writes: “To preach hard work to these men, as if they had never heard of it — as if they now intended to kick back and wait for things to be handed to them — is to not only insult their intelligence, but also to feed every vicious stereotype already held by too many white Americans.”

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