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NAACP Image Awards

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    Anti-Lynching March Set for January 15

    The time has come to pass anti-lynching laws in this country,” said former Delaware State University professor Jahi Issa, who was fired following a student protest against a spate of suspicious hangings of young Blacks. “If these are suicides, then we want the federal Centers for Disease Control to come in and investigate why, all of a sudden, Black men are hanging themselves from oak trees,” said Issa. A protest against lynching is scheduled for January 15, in Dover, Delaware.

    Anti-NAACP Demonstration, February 1

    Hundreds are expected to picket the NAACP Image Awards ceremonies on February 1, in Los Angeles, according to Rev. Edward Pinkney, a former president of the civil rights organization’s Benton Harbor, Michigan, chapter. “They no longer fight for civil rights, and we’ve got to hold the NAACP accountable for their actions and inactions,” said Pinkney, who charged the organization with selling out to corporate interests. “We give other Black people a free pass, and that’s why we’re in such a compromised position, today.”

    NAACP in Democrats’ Pockets, Says Former Chapter President

    We all know for a fact that” the NAACP is “a political machine for the Democratic Party,” said David Lowrey, former president of the group’s Chicago South Suburban chapter. Lowrey is circulating a petition to have the NAACP’s non-profit status revoked for acting as a “political advocacy arm” of the Democratic Party. Except for getting out the Black vote for Democrats, the NAACP has become “a big social club,” said Lowrey. “They rake in millions of dollars from all of these sponsors,” then “look the other way on major issues like racial murders and police brutality.”

    The Tracks of Obama’s Tears

    President Obama’s tearful performance following the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, was “theater for the public,” said Dr. Johnny Williams, professor of sociology at Trinity College, in Hartford, Connecticut. “These tears were shed for a particular group of children, not for children overall,” said Williams. “Violence has been going on ever since Obama has been in office, especially in his home city of Chicago where, I’m sure, more than 26 kids have lost their lives during the year. But Obama has shed no tears about that.”

    Racist Roots of 2nd Amendment

    Historically, the principal activities of the Founding Fathers’ ‘well-regulated militia’ were Indian killing, land stealing, slave patrolling, and the enforcement of domestic apartheid,” said BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon. The 2nd Amendment institutionalized the massing of “universally armed white men against Blacks and Indians.”

    Renters Barely Protected from Foreclosure Evictions

    Despite comprising “a majority of households in several of our most populous cities,” renters rely on a single piece of federal legislation to safeguard their rights in the ongoing foreclosure crisis. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, which is set to expire in 2014, should be made permanent, said Tristia Bauman, of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. Bauman is author of the Center’s recent report, “Eviction (Without) Notice.”

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    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of December 3, 2012


    NAACP Image Awards Targeted for Protest

    Benton Harbor, Michigan, activist Rev. Edward Pinkney plans to lead hundreds of pickets at the NAACP’s Image Awards ceremonies on February 1, in Los Angeles. “Our main objective is to wake up the NAACP, and show that they are out of touch with the community,” said Pinkney, longtime leader of the civil rights group’s local chapter. Pinkney charges the NAACP collaborated with a Whirlpool Corporation scheme to take over the Ben Harbor NAACP, in return for financial support. The Los Angeles protest will send the NAACP a message, said Pinkney: “We need you to stop taking these corporate dollars.”

    White House and Republicans Play Fiscal Tag Team

    The Obama administration and Republican congressional leaders “are pushing essentially the same solutions” to the so-called fiscal cliff problem. “Nobody on either side is talking about the military budget” or “serious taxation of billionaires; in fact, both sides are talking about cutting corporate taxes,” said David Swanson, publisher of the influential website War Is a Crime. “You don’t really have opposition between these two parties, you have agreement,” he said.

    Arne Duncan Must Go

    Black and progressive educators should push for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to be replaced early in Obama’s second term, said Dr. Sam Anderson, of New York City’s Independent Commission on Public Education. The concept of education as a “human right is historically rooted in our struggle to be free in this country, as Black people,” said Anderson.

    Bill Clinton Most to Blame for Congo “Holocaust”

    Millions of Congolese have died since 1996 due to policies set in motion by President Bill Clinton, said Prof. Yaa Lengi, of the Congo Coalition. Neighboring Uganda and Rwanda “are always coming up with schemes to foment chaos in eastern Congo” in order to exploit the region’s mineral resources. “Cell phones, lap tops, flat screen TVs – all those gadgets need the minerals of the Congo,” said coalition organizer William Misezuel.

    More Bad News for Congo: Oil

    Of late there’s been a major oil discovery in Congo, which makes it even more attractive” to outsiders, said Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of history and African American Studies at the University of Houston. “The United States needs to put more pressure on the Rwandan and Ugandan regimes,” since Washington “is the puppeteer” of the relationship. Dr. Horne spoke on Regent Radio’s Saturday Morning Show, in Toronto, Canada.

    UN Fails Haiti on Rights

    A report by the Paris-based Federation of Human Rights charges the United Nations with failing to take responsibility for causing the cholera epidemic in Haiti, and with inflicting other human rights violations on the occupied nation. In addition to spreading cholera, UN troops have “violated Haitians’ rights in various ways, from rapes to extrajudicial killings,” said Dan Beeton, of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington. The UN recently extended its occupation troops’ mandate for another year.

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    The NAACP House of Shame: Precious and the Big Payback

    Monique and Preciousby Ishmael Reed
    There is no Black image so foul that the NAACP will not embrace it – for a price. Tyler Perry's money bought much love for “Precious,” the “abhorent,” “repugnant” film. “The NAACP has given the segregated Motion Picture Academy an excuse to perpetrate a cruel joke on the black Americans.”
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