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Harriet Tubman

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    Escaping the Corporate Hip Hop Plantation: Building a Nation of Revolutionary Emcees

    by Solomon Comissiong

    It’s come-to-meeting time in the world of Hip Hop. “It is imperative that politically conscious and revolutionary minded Emcees of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, and of today, organize a closed-door summit.” Cultural and economic liberation should top the agenda.

    Beyonce: Poster Woman for Black Misleadership Class Collaboration with Imperialism

    by Danny Haiphong

    The Black Misleadership Class comes in all genders, and cares only for itself. Beyonce has forged a putrid class alliance with Condoleezza Rice, “a war criminal responsible for the deaths of millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.” Beyonce is a bipartisan suck-up to Power. She’s already buddies with the top Democratic imperialist, Barack Obama. 

    Help, Help, Mama Harriet, Help!

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    “US like bloodhounds, strip-searching our souls, stealing star-studded

    Smiles from our children’s eyes, chaining them to hitching posts like

    Horses or mules.”

    Dr. Ben Carson: Send in the Clowns

    by Auset Marian Lewis

    The world-famous Black brain surgeon from Baltimore is nothing but a “Samuel L. Jackson-Django turncoat,” says the author. If the great Ida B. Wells encountered Ben Carson, “she probably would shoot him with her Winchester.”

    What Would the Ancestors Say?


    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Baptist, baritone strains:

    "I've been to the mountaintop,

    But this is not the mountaintop”

    Harriet Tubman Tests?

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    The poet is talking about those who peddle “pork barrel pedagogy…selling blankets bearing smallpox— blankets smothering spirits and crushing minds of black and brown babies, like cigarette butts.”


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