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The Big Sell-Out: The Congressional Black Caucus and the Internet

Submitted by Glen Ford on Tue, 07/15/2014 - 20:28

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Before the pivotal elections of 2002, when corporate money started systematically wooing Black Democrats, the Congressional Black Caucus was a consistent voice on the (relatively) leftish side of the Congress. Only a few years later, the Black Caucus was more firmly in the pockets of huge telecom corporations than the rest of the Party. As a bloc, the CBC is no friend of Internet neutrality.

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by Pascal Robert

The truth is more evil than Netflix fiction. Staffers at the Congressional Black Caucus – doubtless mimicking the morals of their elected bosses – eventually formed their own mercenary lobbying structures to sell out the interests of African Americans. Their principal clients are “those same financial institutions and corporations that caused the Black community to be targeted during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.”

Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of U.S. Imperial Policy in Africa

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 02:04

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The “humanitarian” U.S. military occupation of Africa has been very successful, thus far. “The Chibok abductions have served the same U.S. foreign policy purposes as Joseph Kony sightings in central Africa.” Imagine: the superpower that financed the genocide of six million in Congo, claims to be a defender of teenage girls and human rights on the continent. If you believe that, then you are probably a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Black America More Pro-War Than Ever

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 09/18/2013 - 07:40

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

During President Obama’s run-up to war with Syria, “African Americans were, for the first time in polling history, the most bellicose major ethnicity in the United States.” How could such a political role-reversal come to pass? “The progressive, peace-seeking African American worldview is out of sync with the deep imperative to support the First Black President.”

Who Are the Minions of War in the Black Caucus?

Submitted by Glen Ford on Tue, 09/10/2013 - 20:52

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

For the first time in five years, “the Black Caucus was treated like royalty, rather than a nuisance, as is usual, at the White House.” The reason: Obama needs their votes to continue his rush to war against Syria. “If past voting behavior is a guide, the majority of the Caucus is likely to put Obama’s political interests ahead of their constituents’ wishes and the welfare of humankind.”

Philly Cops on Killing Spree

A rash of police shootings of Blacks has prompted Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey to call for a federal investigation of his own department. “This is not a few rogue cops,” said Dr. Tony Monteiro, professor of African American studies at Temple University. “I think Ramsey recognizes that this is institutional and structural.” Mayor Michael Nutter’s political rhetoric “gives sanction to this type of behavior,” said Monteiro, “and there is also the sense that the DA is not going to rigorously pursue killer cops.” All three officials are Black.

Obama = Bush on Secret War Guidelines

Just like his predecessor, President Obama wages illegal wars behind a screen of secret “guidances” and classified interpretations of the law, said Coleen Rowley, a former FBI agent and noted whistleblower. If Obama is serious about eventually ending America’s perpetual wars, he must begin by making his war-making guidelines public. Otherwise, said Rowley, “he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, after giving that speech, for why he’s so secretive,” said Crowley.

Obama Big Liar

Barack Obama’s portrayal of himself as a morally conflicted commander is pure play-acting, said Chris Hedges, the former war correspondent and complainant in a suit against Obama’s preventive detention legislation. “It’s called the Big Lie,” said Hedges. “It worked pretty well in Nazi Germany and it’s working pretty well, here.” U.S. culture “is utterly awash in lies and very sophisticated forms of propaganda,” said Hedges. “The snuffing out of the First Amendment is pretty far advanced, if we are not already there.”

Obama’s Killing Touch

Black America’s long legacy of opposition to U.S. military adventures abroad “has been destroyed under Obama,” said Black Agenda Report senior columnist Margaret Kimberley. African Americans “see everything through a prism of protecting him. There are now 30 million Secret Service agents in the Black community who think they have to throw themselves in front of Obama and defend him from his critics,” Kimberley told Solomon Comissiong, producer of the documentary film The More Effective Evil: The Impact of Barack Obama on the Black Community and Humanity. “It’s killed Black politics.”

McKinney Book Details Black Caucus Subservience to Pelosi

In her new book, Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom, former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney says she was “shocked” to discover that “my friend, my buddy, my brother” Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was “an FBI informant.” The veteran lawmaker, who ran for president in 2008 on the Green Party ticket, recalled the Congressional Black Caucus’s subservience to House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. When orders came down to avoid ANSWER Coalition anti-war demonstrations, McKinney was “the only one who showed up.” Democrats were forbidden to take part in Republican hearings on Katrina – and all but McKinney complied.

Cuban Five Trial “Rigged,” Says Gonzalez

Rene Gonzalez, the Cuban Five member who served his prison sentence and was allowed to return to Cuba for his father’s funeral, said he and his comrades were convicted in “a rigged trial, which took place in an atmosphere of fear.” The five Cuban intelligence agents infiltrated Cuban exile groups that were launching terror attacks from southern Florida. Instead of arresting the exiles, the U.S. charged the Cuban Five with spying. Four remain behind bars. “The American people, who are supposed to have been the victims of our ‘crimes,’ are not aware of the details of the trial,” said Gonzalez.

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The Black Caucus’ Relentless Pursuit of Insubstantial Symbolism

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 03/13/2013 - 08:25

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

If only the Congressional Black Caucus would pay as much attention to the substantive areas of government policy – “how government policies affect the great mass of Black people” – rather than huff and puff over the symbolic trappings of power. Unfortunately, for the Caucus, “it’s the appearances that count.”

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Just Like Crack in the 80s, the Police State Thrives on Gun Hysteria

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 02/13/2013 - 00:53

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

African American politicians and activists implored President Obama and others in authority to “do something” about gun violence in inner cities. Be careful what you ask for. The current gun hysteria will serve as an excuse to expand the police state, through a new wave of “mandatory minimum sentences and adoption of New York-type stop-and-frisk policies.”

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The Shameless Vacuity of Susan Rice's Black Boosters

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 14:35


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Africa doesn’t matter, U.S. wars don’t matter, nothing matters to the Black Misleadership Class except the sickly prestige of basking in the (distant) glow of power. Susan Rice’s “Black boosters embrace an abettor of genocide and endless military interventions as one of their own – and indict themselves.”

Is Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett the One Who Keeps Barack from Dealing with Black Issues?

Submitted by Dr. Boyce Watkins on Tue, 09/18/2012 - 15:56


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

We can no longer live in a world where anyone who asks President Obama to do something is defined to be an enemy of the administration.” Yet, it appears the president’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, believes her job is to silence Black critics. “It’s as if we’re being told to ‘stop snitching’ on the White House, while Obama Administration officials sit back and laugh at how stupid we are.”

Many Years Too Late, the Black Caucus Turns on Artur Davis

Submitted by Glen Ford on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 21:19


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Former Alabama congressman Artur Davis’ name is mud with Black Democrats, for speaking to the Republican National Convention. They say he’s flip flopped on his old “progressive” policies. But Davis “was always among the worst, most right-wing members of the Congressional Black Caucus.” That’s why the Rahm Emanuel-Barack Obama wing of the party once considered him a “friend.”

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The Need for a Black Agenda

Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 13:18


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The African American Left’s failure to formulate a Black Agenda has made it “largely irrelevant during the greatest crisis of capitalism since at least the Great Depression, and the worst economic and social crisis for African Americans since the death of Reconstruction.” The default Black Agenda is Obamaism, which is corporatism, and the death of Black politics. “If all that matters is Obama, then there is no need for a Black political agenda – except four more years of Obama.”

Freedom Rider: Silence on Cynthia McKinney

Submitted by Margaret Kimberley on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 22:45
cynthia mckinneyby BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
The shallowness of what passes for Black leadership reveals itself most dramatically at times of outrage and death. “While Cynthia McKinney languished in an Israeli jail, black leaders mobilized to say and do absolutely nothing,” preferring to make themselves part of the Michael Jackson story. “The only national action requested by” Rev. Al Sharpton, “the president of the National Action Network, was a demand for a Michael Jackson postage stamp and a national day of mourning. 

A Sincere and Painful Apology to the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 05/20/2009 - 01:36

Alberto Jonesby Alberto N. Jones
Mainly white Cuban exiles in Miami, Florida, and Union City, New Jersey, who have never been friends of Blacks in either Cuba or the United States, now claim to be champions of racial equality on the island. The author, an Afro-Cuban whose roots go back to Jamaica, apologizes to Black U.S. lawmakers for the antics of the hypocritical Cuban rightwingers. Afro-Cubans, who have the most loyal to all of Cuba's revolutions, need no assistance from "mercenaries" from Miami.

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