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Georgia Dept of Corrections Withholding Medical Care to Brutalized Inmates, Retaliatory Campaign Continues

From the correspondence of their attorney and the testimony of their families and friends, details are emerging which indicate a still ongoing campaign of brutal beatings and withheld medical care in the wake of the December 2010 inmate strike in Georgia prisons. Does the fact that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has take charge of inquiries into the beatings confirm the suspicion of some that the Department of Corrections is not to be trusted with investigating itself? And is it time, as Rev. Kenneth Glasgow of The Ordinary Peoples Society suggests, for a thoroughgoing yearlong series of public hearings into all aspects of Georgia's troubled prisons?

UPDATE: The American Dilemma in Libya: To Bomb, Invade, Partition, Or All of the Above


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

UPDATED: As Khadafi’s forces prepare to encircle the rebel stronghold at Benghazi, western media remain curiously unable to “provide a coherent overview of rebel politics, beyond an incandescent hatred of Khadafi.” However, the corporate press seem to have suddenly “undergone a crash course in the intractable nature of Libyan tribal politics,” an indication the U.S. is considering drawing a line in the sand to effectively partition Libya.

Georgia: The Next Show Me Your Papers State?

 "Americard" illiustration by Ian Geldard

If some racist Georgia politicians have their way, Georgia will be the next “show me your papers” state. Legislation has already passed in the GA House that will criminalize the everyday activity of undocumented persons, further isolate and stigmatize them, and allow any yahoo with a computer and legal forms standing to sue police departments, judges, city and state officials and agencies who fail to enforce these laws with sufficient rigor and viciousness. Sign the petition demanding GA governor Nathan Deal veto Georgia's proposed Brown Codes, and your signature will be presented to the governor's office on March 24, Georgia's Day of Truth & Dignity.

Freedom Rider: Japan’s Katrina


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Japan’s nuclear industry, which was never favored by majorities of the Japanese people, has been cracked, drowned and discredited by the earthquake and tsunami. Many U.S. reactors share the same design flaws and inherent dangers, yet “the United States government still has no real means of responding to disaster.” President Obama is America’s biggest booster of nuclear power – as well as the oxymoron, “clean coal.”

Arrested Georgia Correctional Officer Oversaw Vicious Beating of Prisoner “in His Capacity” As Supervisor

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

In this, the first of several reports on the aftermath of the courageous protest of Georgia prisoners last December, we update the case of Terrance Dean, brutally beaten by prison guards at Macon State Prison on December 16, 2009, and the role played by TOPS, The Ordinary Peoples Society, in working with his family and legal team, and in the larger struggle to roll back the nation's policy of mass incarceration.

Does the Black President Owe Anything to the Black Community?


by Kamau Franklin

For the first time in generations, a presidential election campaign saw virtually no demands from the Black side of the electorate. Two years into Barack Obama’s term, a code of silence remains in force. “Are we so wrapped up in the symbolism of a black president that we can’t hold him accountable to the demands of a community that voted for him upwards of 97%?” And why this peculiar behavior by Black people?Other communities don’t give up their right to make demands on political leaders they vote for.”

Is Obama Even Worse Than Bush?

by David Swanson

George Bush threatened and blustered, while President Obama’s m.o. is to “operate through deceptive propaganda.” But substantively, Obama pursues – and expands on – Bush’s policies, and adds new twists of his own. “Obama should be prosecuted for his crimes,” but “the reason I can't get 20 people into the streets to demand Obama's impeachment is that nobody in Congress is even pretending to give a damn.”

Moral Combat: An Interview with Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson


by Nathalie Woods

Frequent BAR contribuor Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson’s new book confronts the web of patrimony and religiosity that often binds Black America to its historical tormentors. “Despite longstanding traditions of secular humanism, skepticism, and Freethought espoused by such thinkers as Frederick Douglass, Zora Neale Hurston, Nella Larsen and Richard Wright, Atheism remains a taboo belief system in black communities.”

Race and Arab Nationalism in Libya


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Although a reawakened Arab nationalism “represents a catastrophe for U.S. imperialism,” the conflict in Libya dramatically exposes an “endemic” racism in the North African Maghreb. This racism “is not just against other Africans, meaning non-Libyan Africans, but also within Libya itself." Its manifestations are immediately recognizable to African Americans.

The Warrior Tradition

Freedom Rider: Peace Prize Torture


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The United States, governed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, tortures political prisoners. That truth is on display for all the world to see, in the treatment of Wikileaks defendant Private Bradley Manning, who is stripped naked every night in an effort to crush his psyche. “The enemy is anyone, anywhere who dares to consider revealing the truth about how this country actually conducts itself around the world.”

Black Is Back Coalition Holds March 26 Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The bulk of U.S. and European anti-war movements have never opposed all imperial domination of other peoples, and have therefore been selective about which conflicts would be recognized as actual “wars,” that should be protested. Thus, U.S. armed theft of Haitian independence is not considered a war, and the U.S. is free to deny culpability for the six million killed in Congo by America’s proxy wars. The Black is Back Coalition “will reexamine the globe to define more objectively where U.S. imperialism and its partners – heirs to previous European empires – are waging war against the various peoples of the world, and what to do about it.”

Climate Gambit: How Rightwing Hypocrisy Threatens Us


by James Thindwa

The Right is ever-eager to demand war on the slimmest of evidence of actual threat to the United States, but denies overwhelming evidence of the grave threat global warming poses to all humanity. “If Iraq’s alleged nuclear program was a looming ‘mushroom cloud’ worth risking American lives to prevent, how is the potential for climate meltdown—the mother of all mushroom clouds—not an emergency worth worrying about?”

Glen Ford: “The Re-Awakening of Arab Nationalism is a Gargantuan Problem for U.S. Imperialism”

The editors

The United States is finding it impossible to devise a coherent policy in the Arab world “because the very existence of a resurgent Arab nationalism eliminates a whole range of options for the United States and the Europeans,” said BAR executive editor Glen Ford, at a conference of Socialist Action in Hartford, Connecticut, February 25-26. “They have no viable options. The occupation of Libya may happen, but it is not viable – not in an Arab world in a fever of nationalism. The repercussions would be severe for the United States.”

The conference was part of the run-up to anti-war rallies in New York City and San Francisco on April 9th.

BA Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, Week of March 8, 2011

U.S. Has no “Moral Authority” to Take Khadafi to Criminal Court

The United States “doesn’t have a shred of moral authority” to take Libyan leader Khadafi before the International Criminal Court, says Michael Rattner, executive director of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights. “While Israel was killing 1,400 people in Gaza, the United States didn’t even try to stop it, much less take Israel” to the ICC. The U.S. is not even a signatory to the ICC. Military intervention through NATO would be illegal, says Rattner, and it is doubtful that the full UN Security Council would authorize an intervention. Unfortunately, the U.S. is no respecter of legalities.

Washington Silent On Its Allies’ Possible Genocide in Congo

The Obama administration has offered no substantive response to an October United Nations report that implicated Rwanda and Uganda in mass, targeted ethnic killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo, says Jacques Bahati, of the Africa Faith and Justice Network. The AFJN was among the groups that testified before a Capitol Hill hearing on genocide and resource plunder in the Great Lakes region of Africa. As many as six million people have died since Congo was invade by its U.S.-backed neighbors, in the mid-Nineties.

Black Is Back Coalition to Hold “Other Wars” Conference

It’s not good enough to just be for peace,” says Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. “One has to be against imperialism, which is responsible for wrecking the world.” The traditional anti-war movement, he said, “has never been able to deal adequately with what’s happening in Haiti, Congo or throughout Africa, or with the war that is being waged against African people right here in the United States” – the “other” wars. The National Conference on the Other Wars will take place on March 26, in Washington, DC,

New Orleans will once again elect a Black mayor and city council majority, predicts veteran activist and urban planner Mtangulizi Sanyika. In the wake of Katrina, the city’s Black population decreased from 67 percent to 60 percent.

Anti-Black Psy-Ops “have been going on for centuries,” says BAR’s Dr. Jared Ball. “Black America has suffered one constant ‘Shock Doctrine’ after another – a permanent psy-op targeting the identity of Blacks as human.”

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