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BAR Morning Shot 12/14/2010

GA Prisoner Strike Continues a Second Day, Corporate Media Mostly Ignores Them, Corrections Officials Decline Comment

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The peaceful strike begun by inmates of several Georgia state prisons continued for a second day on Friday, according to family members of some of the participants. Copyrighted news stories by AP, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and local TV stations in Macon and Atlanta quote state corrections who say several institutions were placed on lockdown beginning Thursday in anticipation of the inmate protest, on the initiative of wardens of those prisons.

Obama Slipping: Black America Waking Up - To the Nightmare

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

A consciously Black opposition to the First Black President, on issues of peace and economic justice, is taking shape.” Some of the players “on tour”: Cynthia McKinney’s “Eyewitness Libya” tour; Tavis Smiley and Cornel West’s “Poverty Tour”; and Congressional Black Caucus efforts to put distance between themselves and Obama on their “Job Fair/Town Hall” tour. Meanwhile, Obama’s minions attempt to maintain a “Black Wall” around the president, with diminishing results. “The realization that the dream was a chimera is one thing, but to awaken to a catastrophe in which the Great Black Hope is revealed as the Great Black Betrayer, is another magnitude of pain.”

GA Prison Inmates Stage 1-Day Peaceful Strike Today

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

In an action which is unprecedented on several levels, black, brown and white inmates of Georgia's notorious state prison system are standing together for a historic one day peaceful strike today, during which they are remaining in their cells, refusing work and other assignments and activities. This is a groundbreaking event not only because inmates are standing up for themselves and their own human rughts, but because prisoners are setting an example by reaching across racial boundaries which, in prisons, have historically been used to pit oppressed communities against each other. PRESS RELEASE BELOW THE FOLD

Obama: The Republicans' Reliable Interlocutor

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

It was an ugly performance by “an unrepentant, unreconstructed, center-right, corporate operative,” as President Obama defended his “latest grand accommodation with the GOP.” But it is incorrect to say that Obama “caves” to Republicans. His m.o. is far more aggressive – against fellow Democrats, whom he has relentlessly pummeled since his first days in office. With Obama in the White House, who needs Republicans?

Celebrating Secession

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists welcomed the Civil War, and John Brown gave his life attempting to kindle the armed conflict as the only route to freedom for the slave. Rather than denounce the very idea of celebrating the 150th anniversary of arguably the only “good” war the United States ever fought, African Americans should be planning their own festivities. “It was not just Lincoln’s determination to preserve the Union that defeated the South, but the determination of black Americans to bring about their own liberation.”

The Truth Will Always Win

by Julian Assange

In its short four years of existence, WiklLeaks has been responsible for exposing corporate and governmental mendacity and murder from West Africa to Great Britain to Iceland to Australia. Among its next releases are said to be a trove of documents from Bank of America exposing some of its fraudulent schemes. For this, WikiLeaks has been targeted by governments and the powerful around the world. Here's what you won't see in most other places – a word from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself.
At the end of this article you can find the current internet addresses of WiliLeaks, which are accessible despite the efforts of the US State Department, the Pentagon and other tools of Wall Street.

Julian Assange And A Broken Condom ‘Rape’ In Sweden: A Timeline


from Anorak

A day-by-day account of Mr. Assange’s meetings, travels and sexual hook-ups leading up to his arrest on rape charges in Britain.

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