Worse Than Apartheid: Black in Obama’s America

by Jon Jeter

The U.S. Black-white wealth gap is larger than in South Africa at the height of apartheid. The statistic is all the more remarkable when considering that South Africa virtually mandated gross inequality by law, while in the U.S. the great chasm exists “within a political economy that is at least nominally democratic” and packed with Black elected officials, including “the sitting head of state.”

Basketball Mayor Hypes School Privatization, Shoots An Air Ball

by Seth Sandronsky

Charter school operators and their political servants make bogus claims of educational gains – claims that are often passed along as fact by supposedly reputable media. Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson is a propagandist for privatization, and an ally of corporations that have a huge stake in undermining public schools. “It is vital to follow the money on issues such as public education.”

R2P As An Instrument of Aggression

by Edward S. Herman

“Responsibility to Protect” is a bogus doctrine designed to undermine the very foundations of international law. It is law rewritten for the powerful “The structures and laws that underlie the application of R2P exempt the Great Power enforcers from the laws and rules that they enforce on the lesser powers.”

Grenada: Remembering ‘A Lovely Little War’

by Bill Bigelow

If journalism is the first draft of history, then U.S. student’s history books have been horribly polluted by corporate journalism. The 1983 U.S. invasion of the island nation of Grenada is a case in point. “In their obsequious approach to the invasion of Grenada, the corporate textbook writers follow the lead of the corporate media who did the original reporting on the invasion.”

Who is Jeh Johnson, and Why Should Black People Be Hanging Our Heads in Shame?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The Department of Homeland Security is a secretive, lawless, largely privatized police and surveillance agency, with its own prisons and soon, its own drones. Now it's headed by a black man, a "progressive Democrat", a Morehouse man & Pentagon lawyer who invokes Dr. King as patron saint for murderous US global empire, a certifiable member of the black misleadership class.

Remember the Grenada Invasion

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The U.S. pounced on the island nation of Grenada like an “elephant on a flea,” 30 years ago, to wipe out the remnants of a revolution. Adding insult to injury (and violation of international law), the U.S. pretended that Grenadians didn’t fight back. Instead, “for weeks, the Americans claimed to be chasing an elusive force of Cuban super-soldiers around island.”

Freedom Rider: Forgiving White People

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Too much forgiveness is an unhealthy thing. It allows the excessively forgiven parties to believe that they can do no wrong. Of course, there have been times when Negroes had little choice but to forgive white people – or pretend to forgive – or die. Unfortunately, “in the 21st century we have reverted to grateful Negro status, even when our loved ones are killed.”

Blacks & Drones

by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

Two organizations that give qualified support to U.S. adventures abroad, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have issued reports critical of civilian deaths by American drone strikes. However, U.S. foreign policy is rooted in domestic practice. “U.S. Blacks have long been placed within a disposition matrix better known as ‘stop-n-frisk’ and they have long been the victims of normalized state assassination.”

Don’t Let Jones Day Sell Out Detroit!: Rejecting Kevyn Orr’s Dickensian Vision for Our City

by Tom Stephens

The bankruptcy that Detroit’s dictatorial Emergency Financial Manager has in mind would “put the whole city in hock to Barclays so they can pay off Bank of America and its bankster cohorts.” The scheme goes before judge, this week, in a trial that could set the precedent for wholesale corporate looting of cities across the country, and the end of what’s left of electoral democracy in urban America.

Ellis Haizlip and “SOUL!”: The Day the Blues People Created and Shaped “Black Power Public Television”


by Todd Steven Burroughs

Once upon a time, from 1968 to 1973, there was a public television show called “Soul!” that had the budget and the courage to present 360 degrees of “uncensored, undiluted Blackness.” A recent “Soul! Summit” explored ways to recreate a media miracle, brought forth by a people’s struggle.

The United States of War: An Addiction to Imperialism

by Solomon Comissiong

The U.S. is Number One is weapons of war and domestic civilian gun deaths – and very little else. Historically, peace has not been a priority for the United States, which has waged war every decade since 1776. “The people must demand an end to war, not because it costs trillions of dollars, but because it cost millions of lives.”

Who Sank Detroit – the “Hip Hop Mayor” or Wall Street?

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Many, if not most, Americans are eager to believe that what’s wrong with Detroit and other troubled cities is the fault of the inhabitants. “The irresponsible, profligate, corruption-prone Blacks, with their ghetto pathologies, are the problem.” But, the true source of urban instability can be found in lower Manhattan and the City of London.

Freedom Rider: Food Stamp Corporate Welfare

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If you think the SNAP food stamps debate is about poor people’s need to eat, you’re wrong. It’s about big corporations’ need to profit. “Xerox, JPMorgan Chase and eFunds Corporation have all successfully turned poverty into a profit center.” So have Coca Cola, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Kelloggs and a large slice of the rest of the Fortune 500 corporations.

The EPA's Golden Fleecing: How the Agency Crushes Dissent

by Kevin Berends

At the Environmental Protection Agency, protection of the hierarchy is the prime directive and whistleblowing is the cardinal sin. Dissenters risk loss of livelihood, reputation, freedom and health. Take a walk through the corridors of a racist, corporate-dominated government agency: The Shadow EPA.

Beyond the Spin, Some Facts About the Affordable Care Act

by Margaret Flowers, MD

President Obama’s market-based health care plan got off to a very shaky start, but the entire developed world already knows that private markets cannot deliver quality health care for all. “A single payer health system, also called Medicare for all, would both resolve the fundamental failings of our current system and is the solution favored by most Americans.”

The Fallacy of Racial Kinship Politics

by Pascal Robert

Every “brother” ain’t a brother – and that goes for the sisters, too. “The ultimate idiocy of racial kinship politics is that it empowers an elite Black Misleadership Class that protects its own class interests to the detriment of the majority of the Black masses.”

Confronting Columbus: Revisionism Versus Reality

by Colin Jenkins

The year 1492 marks the beginning of by far the greatest genocide in human history, and the inauguration of a global system of slavery. “The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are magically transformed from conquerors to ‘explorers,’ from murderers to ‘adventurers,’ and from slave masters to ‘patriots’ and ‘founding fathers.’"


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