Freedom Rider: Farewell Congressman Kucinich


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

With the gerrymandered defeat of Dennis Kucinich, the Congress has lost its last, best progressive. “Called crazy or wacky, Kucinich is nothing more than what other Democrats ought to be.” Kucinich stood firm, when all in the Progressive and Black Caucuses folded. “If there is no room for one, not even one true Democrat, then there should no longer be any allegiance to that party.”

No FEAR: Chapter 3 -- Ultimatum To Public Service


by Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Dr. Coleman-Adebayo, a heroine of the whistleblower movement, tells her story in the book No Fear: A Whistleblowers Triumph Over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA. She is also an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report, and has graciously allowed us to serialize her book. This is the latest installment.

Is Barack Obama a Fit Role Model for Black Youth?


by Paul Street

The last refuge of the Obama apologist is to hold up the president and his family as role models for Black America, especially Black youth. The reality is that Obama has “put a technically black presidential face on each of what the democratic socialist King called ‘the triple evils that are interrelated’i – economic exploitation (capitalism), racism.” This alleged role model is better described as “the latest and re-branded out-front Don Corleone for the biggest mob outfit of all time – the white-owned and white-run American State-Capitalist Empire.”

Occupy Education vs Gates Foundation: Policy Throwdown!


by Jesse Hagopian

The direct ancestors of today’s high stakes tests were “designed by racist pseudoscientists of the early 20th century” to “prove that whites born in the U.S. were the most intelligent of all peoples.” Today’s tests, championed by corporations and the Obama administration, are designed to “prove that some students – Black students, students of color generally and working-class kids – belong at the bottom.” Occupy movement teachers challenged the billionaires' minions to a debate.

Attorney General Eric Holder: Wrong on the Law, the Politics, and on the Wrong Side of History

by Wilmer J. Leon III, Ph.D.

The first Black president and first Black attorney general have so twisted the Constitutional guarantees of due process of law, that “not only can American citizens be indefinitely detained, they can also be assassinated by their own government at the will and whim of their President.” Eric Holder’s interpretation of the nation’s basic law is both sinister and incompetent. “Holder sounds a lot like former Bush administration counsel John Yoo, the author of the opinion justifying torture.”

New Data Show Black Students Have Been New Jim Crowed


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

New data indicate that Black stigmatization as criminals pervades the nation’s public schools, just as it saturates the larger society. “For teachers and school disciplinarians, just as with street cops and prosecutors, race is the most important factor in who is charged with an offense, and how severe the penalty is.” A doubling of school suspensions and expulsions has occurred since the early Seventies, the same period that brought us mass Black incarceration.

Freedom Rider: Liberal Whores


by BAR editor and senior consultant Margaret Kimberley

Call a Georgetown law student a slut, and the liberal universe goes into supernova. Destroy Somalia and Libya, or obliterate due process of law, and the same people just yawn. Attorney General Eric Holder “asserts that the president can in fact decide to kill anyone he wants, as long as he claims that person is a terrorist.” Liberals love the guy.

No FEAR: A Whistleblower’s Triumph over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA - Chapter 1


by BAR editor and columnist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Dr. Coleman Adebayo’s tells her own story as a whistleblower in the Environmental Protection Agency, and the growth and triumph of a movement to protect all the truth-tellers in the federal civil service and beyond. She has graciously allowed us to serialize her book. This is the first installment.

The “Be the Help” Campaign and Black Disappearance among the Multiracial Left


by Tamara K. Nopper

An alliance of convenience was struck between the makers of The Help, the film about African American domestic workers in the civil rights era, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance, comprised mainly of immigrants. What has “disappeared” is the Black American critique of the film, and the “unexplained absence or departure of Black people from various spaces, be it cities, jobs, and progressive politics.” The African American story seems to be useful for everyone but African Americans, who grow harder to find every day.

Eshu’s blues: “Republicans” and why politics is still just show business for ugly people


by Michael Hureaux Perez

Civilized people worry about the Republicans’ antics this election season. “Why this parading of the cracker factory in full daylight and without their sheets and hoods?” Could it be that the Nixon’s old Southern Strategy has finally gone berserk? The author’s theory “is that the ‘Democratic’ faction of the Neo Confederacy has moved so far to the right that it’s actually overtaken the ‘Republican’ party and is bankrolling it.” The fix is in, and the landslide is coming.

US and NATO-supported Libyan "Rebels" Continue Persecution of Blacks in Libya

Video By RT

Libyan rebels humiliate/torture a group of black Africans


March 03, 2012 "RT" -- A shocking video has appeared on the Internet showing Libyan rebels torturing a group of black Africans. People with their hands bound are shown being locked in a zoo-like cage and allegedly forced to eat the old Libyan flag.

Like Bill Clinton, Obama Drives Crazy Republicans Even Crazier

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When a right wing Democrat occupies the White House it does stranger things to Republicans than the full moon does to werewolves. If history is any guide, it doesn't do much positive for the rest of us either....

Freedom Rider: Obama Usurps the GOP


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If the Republicans have been sounding particularly insane, this year, it’s because Barack Obama has staked out so much traditional Republican political territory, they have been forced into Loony Land. The GOP presidential contenders spend their time taking bizarre positions on social issues as “a direct result of Barack Obama having taken over every other Republican talking point.” Obama has traveled “as far to the right as Ronald Reagan but Democrats still see him as their savior, the facts be damned.”

Populism and the Two Bubbles That Went Pop – the Banks’ and Obama’s


by Paul Street

Occupy Wall Street has “performed the remarkable service of calling out the name and address of the nation’s true unelected masters: corporate-financial capital and Wall Street.” It was a truth whose mass acceptance was made possible, first by the meltdown of the banks, and then by President Obama’s refusal to deliver real “change.” The First Black President’s brazen service to the “1%” made clear the need for popular action outside the Democratic and Republican parties.

Infiltration to Disrupt, Divide and Mis-Direct are Widespread in Occupy - PART I


by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

It has become clear that political and police infiltration is having an effect on the Occupy movement, say two key activists. Whether the infiltration comes from police, civilian agents of the police, or from the Democratic Party, “it takes the Occupy off of its political agenda and turns people off to participating in the movement.” In a survey by the authors, “41% of respondents reported Democratic groups attempted to co-opt the occupation”

Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement and Occupy 4 Prisoners


by Bill Quigley

The United States is the world leader in both mass incarceration and the systematic isolation of prisoners. President Obama has earned his own grotesque superlative, having “prosecuted more whistleblowers for espionage than all other presidents combined.” In the case of Bradley Manning, “much of what was published by Wikileaks was either not actually secret or should not have been secret.”

The Need for a Black Agenda


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The African American Left’s failure to formulate a Black Agenda has made it “largely irrelevant during the greatest crisis of capitalism since at least the Great Depression, and the worst economic and social crisis for African Americans since the death of Reconstruction.” The default Black Agenda is Obamaism, which is corporatism, and the death of Black politics. “If all that matters is Obama, then there is no need for a Black political agenda – except four more years of Obama.”

Freedom Rider: The Media’s True Lies


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

One out of three Americans believes Iran is this country’s greatest enemy – testimony to the corporate media’s powers of distortion and the grotesque national worldview that results. “We are told that Iran is poised to develop nuclear weapons, kill all Israelis, launch terror attacks in the United States and perhaps create bad weather too.” U.S. media have little value “beyond predicting when they will allow a president to begin carrying out bad deeds.”

Obama Shoots the Messengers, Attacks Whistleblowers

by Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Barack Obama campaigned under a banner of transparency in government, but has proven to be the most secrecy-fixated president of all time. Across the breadth of the bureaucracy, there is a mania to hide the facts from the people. Senior leaders of the Department of Defense intentionally and consistently misled the American people and Congress about success in the Afghan War.” Public employees labor in fear. “These agencies are corrupt and we are still on the bus fighting like Rosa.”


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