Romney, Obama, and the Darwinism That Substitutes Culture for Genes


by Paul Street

Mitt Romney’s ideas on cultural superiority are “as American as apple pie.” The First Black President plays on the white culture team, too. “Obama has repeatedly played Booker T. Washingtonian haranguer of impoverished blacks for failing to think and act right and thereby to take advantage of the great opportunities supposedly afforded them by the ‘magical place called the United States.’”

August 'Riots' One Year On: A Black Power Perspective

by Sukant Chandan

Last summer’s uprisings in cities across England struck fear in the ruling order. But, what did Black Brits learn from the experience? “We cannot understand what happens in Tottenham, Brixton, Peckham, Handsworth, etc. unless we understand what is happening in Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

The Revision and Origin of Black August


by Kiilu Nyasha

The commemoration of Black August is inseparable from the lives and struggles of revolutionary freedom fighters: “George and Jonathan Jackson, James McClain, William Christmas, Khatari Gaulden, and sole survivor of the August 7, 1970 Courthouse Slave Rebellion, Ruchell Cinque Magee.”

A Few Things Americans Can Learn from Cuba


by Solomon Comissiong

Americans could learn a lot if they would just look and listen to the world around them, a place where lots of peoples and nations are smarter, kinder and happier than we are. Cuba is making great progress towards its goal to become a “medical superpower,” while in the U.S. “African/black political prisoners continue to languish in solitary confinement in the bowels of the world’s most despicable prison system.”

Romney and the “Culture” of White Supremacy


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

For the Mormon American multimillionaire, human destiny and divine will are revealed in macroeconomic data.” But Mitt Romney’s assertion that Palestinian underdevelopment is proof of Israeli cultural superiority is no more racist than the usual celebrations of western wealth, power and so-called “civilization.” In the U.S., most whites view economic disparities between races “as more a natural phenomenon than evidence of cumulative injustice.”

Freedom Rider: Michael Eric Dyson and Barack Obama


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The presidential election cycle is underway, which means that Michael Eric Dyson is pledging his undying love for Barack Obama. Apparently, the president’s handlers have favored Dyson with “access” – a quality that is worth far more to some folks than truth and self-respect. “What it all comes down to in Dyson’s world, is rubbing elbows with the president and bragging about it.”

Obama's Second Term Agenda: Cutting Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid

by Matt Stoller

Across the country, activists are shaking their heads and repeating to themselves the usual justifications. The Supreme Court, the Lesser Evil, he's not a white racist. They prepare to re-elect a president who has done practically nothing to further progressive agendas, and all in his power to shield banksters, corporate criminals, Big Ag, Big Oil, and the like from paying for their crimes, kept the thousand overseas military bases abroad and the billionaires bipartisan agenda at home...

Should We Really Re-Elect This Fracking President?

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Fracking is the energy industry's answer to peak oil, catastrophically offloading the increased cost of oil and gas extraction onto farmers, ranchers, humans who drink water, and the environment itself. It's about as ethical and responsible as the brain deciding to mine the liver and sell the contents. And it's national energy policy under the Obama administration.

Obama and the Bank Protection Racket


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Wall Street knows, with great intimacy, that it is perched on the lip of the abyss, that the next crash can come from any number of directions, that all its faults are active and all its contradictions, acute.” Wall Street’s protectors in the Obama administration understand this, too. “The U.S. Justice Department’s job, as Eric Holder sees it, is to immunize the criminals from prison time, and then fine their companies to preserve the illusion of justice.” However, when the next crash comes, a State of Emergency will follow.

Freedom Rider: Mass Murder Hypocrisy



by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Being President of the United States requires moral multi-tasking. One minute you’re gloating over the bodies of people you’ve targeted for death, the next you’re bemoaning all the senseless violence in the world. “As the United States becomes more and more firmly entrenched as the world’s bully, it is insulting in the extreme for Obama to act the part of comforter-in-chief.” The fact that U.S. presidents don’t find themselves morally conflicted, tends to indicate they have no moral underpinnings, at all.

With Poverty Worst in Decades, Maybe We Owe Tavis and Cornel an Apology


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

In much of Black America, it is dangerous to one’s political health to put forward a critique of the First Black President. Just ask Dr. Cornel West and veteran broadcaster Tavis Smiley. “Whenever Smiley and West try to bring up poverty, they are shut down, like the cousin who wants to tell grandma that her delicious soul food is going to give her diabetes.” It seems that protecting the political prospects of the Top Black Icon is more important than fighting growing poverty among the Black masses.

“This is How Duvalier Started”: Critics of Haitian President Imprisoned


by Meena Jagannath and Fran Quigley

Although the reviled United Nations occupation force remains the main muscle in Haiti, the farcically elected president, Michel Martelly, is a dictator-in-waiting. “Sweet Micky,” as he is known, is a fan of Papa and Baby “Doc” Duvalier, the father and son despots who slaughtered tens of thousands. “Martelly argued that Duvalier should receive amnesty for decades of human rights violations, including arresting, torturing, and killing political opponents in a notorious three-prison ‘Triangle of Death.’”

Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America


by Solomon Comissiong

Garbage in, garbage out. “America's foundation is built upon the bloodied, mutilated, and lifeless bodies of innumerable people – mostly of color.” Is it any wonder, then, that the United States would become, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. concluded, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” – mainly directed against non-Europeans. “We cannot evade the fact that America is a swampland of institutional racism and white supremacy; these realities make it easy for many Euro-Americans to accept the mass killing of people of color across the globe.”

The Concept of “Black” Elections


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

When a Black candidate that fails to gain majority Black support wins an election, is that a Black victory, or a Black defeat? The Black Is Back Coalition holds a national conference in Newark, New Jersey, on August 18, to explore the potential and pitfalls of electoral politics. “This notion of elections=politics is pervasive across the American racial landscape.” It causes Black people to abandon their historic strengths. “The rejection of mass, grassroots action is a negation of, literally, the vast bulk of the Black historical political experience.”

GA Prison Hunger Strike Continues, Families Protest, State Officials Stonewall, Feds Refuse to Intervene

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Georgia prison officials, who denied the existence of a hunger strike its first four weeks, finally acknowledged that some prisoners are on their 36th day without food. But they refused to meet with families and citizens who came to its Forsyth GA headquarters early this week. And despite the fact we have a black president and attorney general, and an open-and-shut case of conspiracy to violate civil rights, the feds seem not interested.

Freedom Rider: Demonizing the Poor


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Americans don’t know how bad off they are, compared to citizens of nations that have real social safety nets. Their ignorance is encouraged by newspapers like the New York Times, which recently devoted thousands of words to blaming single motherhood for a host of social ills that are actually caused by low wages and inadequate child care and health care. “Instead of needlessly glamorizing married people, and making one segment of society seem superior to another, we should have a much needed examination of what kind of country we ought to have.”

Wages of White Affirmative Action: Predatory Lending & The Ghetto


by Sikivu Hutchinson

Whites are “returning” to South Central Los Angeles, the place they left for the suburbs in federally subsidized waves generations ago. The lure: cheap housing in neighborhoods savaged by color-coded lending policies. And so it is that whites whose exit from South Central was smoothed by racial advantage, return in the same way. White dislocation is called a tragedy, while the uprooting of Blacks is dubbed “gentrification.”

America Is Not Broke, It’s Broken


by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

The Right claims “entitlements” are the root of America’s financial crisis, and that the “job creators” – their ridiculous euphemism for the rich – are under siege. “Welfare” – meaning any benefits dribbled to the poor – is something the country can no longer afford, they say. But “conservatives do favor welfare, depending on the recipient.”


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