Can Black Politics Be Revived?

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama’s presidency has been disastrous for African Americans, who have been economically crushed and disconnected from their historical roots in social struggle. Political fantasists now urge us to put our faith in demographics, claiming that change will inevitably flow from the darkening of America’s population. But, that’s a trap which leads to a descent into South Africa-like conditions.

BLACK AGENDA TV - Wealthy South African Blacks Front For Corporate Power; From Dekalb GA to Detroit MI & More

by The Editors

Glen Ford interviews Molefi Ndlovu, on the role of "Black Diamonds" black millionaires in South Africa who front for the powerful, speaks on black faces in the Obama cabinet, and Bruce Dixon on the hijacking of elected governments from black Georgia to black Detroit.

Black Agenda Television, May 15, 2013

Freedom Rider: The Obama “Dog Whistle”

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Obamas put a double-whammy on Black people, low-rating The Race at two institutions of higher learning, for the benefit of white people. In Maryland, Michelle lambasted those “mythical” creatures that think learning is “white,” while her husband did variations on the same theme in Atlanta. Black audiences applauded, wildly. “Most of us still worship a man who has nothing but contempt for us.”

Why Obama Will Walk Away Unscathed by the Current Political Scandals

by Pascal Robert

Don’t worry about Barack Obama. He’s far too useful to the rulers of America to be derailed by scandal, or even a combination of scandals. “Obama’s neoliberal government giveaways to private corporations and mercenary foreign policy already make him too valuable to the guardians of American empire to have his presidency threatened.”

Bullying Pulpit: Racism, Barack Obama and the Selective Call for Personal Responsibility

by Tim Wise

Once again, Barack Obama scolds Black men, this time at Morehouse College. The author, an anti-racist activist, writes: “To preach hard work to these men, as if they had never heard of it — as if they now intended to kick back and wait for things to be handed to them — is to not only insult their intelligence, but also to feed every vicious stereotype already held by too many white Americans.”

Rise Up or Die

by Chris Hedges

As more and more of the nation is transformed into “sacrifice zones” like Detroit and Camden, New Jersey, with civil liberties stripped bare, the biosphere pushed to the point of no return, and the corporate security estate triumphant, “it is time to employ the harsh language of open rebellion and class warfare.”

Racism and Classism Are Alive and Deadly: US Public Policies Create Environmental Injustice

by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese

The non-white poor bear the brunt of industrial environmental degradation, yet are barely represented among those groups that purport to protect the environment. “The failure to include and respect the diversity of voices of those affected by unfair practices is allowing the poisoning and disappearance of whole communities.”

Bards Behind Bars: Prison Literature In The USA

by William T. Hathaway

Prison literature is a major component of U.S. literature – as it should be, since the U.S. prison population is, proportionately and in raw numbers, the largest on earth. There are insights in incarceration. “Prisons can crush some psyches and produce diamonds of art and wisdom in others.”

The More Effective Evil

by Your World News

For some time now, Black Agenda Report has been calling the Obama administration not the lesser of two but the more effective evil, able to enact measures that white Democrats or Republicans could not without massive public opposition. Your World News Films, directed by Solomon Comissiong, presents the documentary "The More Effective Evil: The Impact of President Obama on the Black Community and Humanity."

Freedom Rider: When Cops and Prosecutors are Criminals

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It should surprise no one that the world’s biggest and harshest criminal injustice system puts many innocent people in jail, disproportionately Black. “America’s addiction to racism and violence creates outright criminality among police and prosecutors.” Police and prosecutors routinely frame the innocent, knowing that “mass incarceration depends on an assembly line of conviction.”

U.S. Guilty of Genocide in Guatemala Should be Real Headline

by Ajamu Baraka

Now that former Guatemalan president Efrain Rios Montt has been convicted of genocide, it’s time for the “hegemonic puppeteer,” the United States, to be put on trial. “U.S. officials were fully aware of the pogrom against the Ixil people in the mountains of Guatemala at the very moment that the U.S. government was involved in training and arming the Guatemalan military.”

Cornel West: Obama “Is a War Criminal”

by Jacob Chamberlain

I would rather have a white president fundamentally dedicated to eradicating poverty and enhancing the plight of working people than a black president tied to Wall Street and drones," activist-academic Dr. Cornel West told British journalists. Barack Obama, like his predecessor, should be tried for war crimes.

The Importance of Haiti

by Pascal Robert

Haiti this week marks its 210th anniversary as the world’s first Black republic. The descendants of Haiti’s self-emancipators have been forced to defend their national sovereignty in each succeeding decade. Yet, their struggle for freedom was “the single most important factor in shaping the geopolitical trajectory of the Western Hemisphere since Columbus.”

Theodore W. Allen’s The Invention of the White Race

by Jeffrey B. Perry

The White Man was invented in colonial America “in response to class struggle,” according to the classic work of Theodore W. Allen, now republished. The conferring of white privilege was “not only ruinous for African-Americans; they were also against the class interest of European-American workers.”

Dr. Gerald Caplan and the Rwanda Genocide Cranks

by keith harmon snow

Behind the genocide in Congo and elsewhere stand a host of well-paid academics, entertainers, politicians and professional propagandists for U.S. imperial policy. One of them, “Dr. Gerald Caplan, ignores the pain, mutilations, rapes and deaths caused by the western power brokers Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni to millions upon millions of Burundian, Congolese, Sudanese and Ugandan people.”


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