Freedom Rider: U.S./Israel Axis of Evil

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

If anyone can get away with making Israeli fantasies of regional domination come true, it is Obama.” He’s got more faces than a Hindu god, and smoother moves than the NBA. “He killed Gaddafi, he is destroying Syria, and he is sending troops to occupy the African continent.” If only he was on our side.

The Shame of America’s Gulag

by Chris Hedges

The barbarity of solitary confinement was reintroduced into the U.S. prison system following the Black Freedom and anti-imperialist movements of the Sixties, part of the “seamless evolution of political and social incapacitation of poor people of color.” At root “is the predatory nature of corporate capitalism itself.

Human Trafficking and the Human Rights Agenda Against Eritrea

by Simon Tesfamariam

Eritrea is among the very few African nations that have avoided entanglement with the U.S. military machine. As a consequence, Eritrea has been subjected to a campaign of sanctions, threats and lies, much of it centering on allegations of human trafficking and use of child soldiers. “Eritrea is not allowed to defend itself in court, in the media, or anywhere in the international arena.”

War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity: The story of U.S. Exceptionalism in Iraq

by Ajamu Baraka

A decade after the US attempt to “shock and awe” humanity and usher in its new “American century” more than a million Iraqis are dead, and trillions of dollars have been squandered, while the high ranking architects and enablers of these monstrous crimes are still riding high...

Creating Terror in North Africa

by Jacob Mundy

The Sahel region of northern Africa was among the first to be militarized under U.S. “war on terror” doctrine. It is now described as “an arc of instability said to run 4,000 miles from Somalia through the Sahel to the central Sahara.” The U.S. created the conditions that will “likely constitute a key argument to justify the amplification of AFRICOM’s budget.”

The U.S. Scorched Earth Policy, Ten Years After Iraq Invasion

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

In desperation to halt the slide into “non-empire” status, the U.S. makes every government on Earth a potential target for “humanitarian” military intervention. The imposition of chaos is Washington’s default foreign policy as an alternative to “the Chinese handwriting on the wall.”

Freedom Rider: Rand Paul Exposes the Democrats

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Rand Paul was denounced as the wrong man with the right message, but most Democrats were too craven to deliver any message at all on the high crimes of their president and his killing assistant. “At the end of the day, only two Democrats (Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley) and independent Bernie Sanders joined Republicans in opposing Brennan’s nomination.”

Silence On Privatiztion Is Complicity

by the Atlanta Public Sector Alliance

In metro Atlanta, North America's second largest concentration of African descendants, local elites including black Democrats, are aggressively consolidating the privatization of public education and public transit.  If they can do it here, with the active help or complicit silence of the black political class.....

“Scientific Assassinations” are Part of the CIA’s Modus Operandi

by Wayne Madsen

President Hugo Chavez believed that foreign enemies had given him and other Latin American leftist leaders cancer. His successor agrees that “Chavez was struck in a ‘scientific attack’ by Venezuela’s ‘historical enemies.’” No one doubts Washington’s willingness to use its thousands of stockpiled doses of “oncogenic and immunosuppressive viruses.”

Whites Use More Drugs Than Blacks: The Great Narco Lie

by Auset Marian Lewis

According to some studies, whites do significantly more drugs, including crack, than Blacks. Yet, the Black man has been made the face of drug crime. “Using fear of ‘the other’ as a chisel to carve out a hidden political agenda is boilerplate American strategy and nothing new.”

Hugo Chavez: New World Rising

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The great Bolivarian is gone – which means the U.S. will soon escalate its destabilization campaign against his country. “Washington hopes that Venezuelan socialism cannot survive without Chavez.” But the U.S. cannot roll back the movement that Chavez did so much to ignite, “the dark awakening in the barrios, favelas, rural villages and native highlands of the continent.”

Freedom Rider: Obama’s Torture of Bradley Manning

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The simple decency of Bradley Manning, who faces life in prison for being a good citizen, throws in graphic relief the infinite depravity of the current U.S. regime. “Lawlessness has now become perfected and normalized under the Obama administration.”

Whistleblower Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to Exposing US Atrocities

by Kevin Zeese and Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Bradley Manning, a prisoner of the U.S. military and the national security state, could serve life in prison for revealing the “true nature of twenty-first century asymmetric warfare.” His crime was to expose the real “purpose, posture and pretenses of the US government around the world.”

The U.S. Holds the Key to Duvalier Prosecution in Haiti

by Fran Quigley

The United States claims that human rights is central to its foreign policy – a dubious proposition, and one that is certainly false, in Haiti, where former dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier is trying to make a comeback. Washington is taking a “hands off” approach to Duvalier – as if the U.S. has ever embraced a “Hands Off Haiti” policy.

Why Does the US Chamber of Commerce Want to Train or Replace Your Elected School Board, If They Haven't Already?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

A key role in the elite drive to privatize public education is being played by privately owned school “accreditation” agencies, which are immune from public scrutiny, and under the absolute thrall of pro-privatization forces like the US Chamber of Commerce and the Broad Foundation. Are you hearing stories in local corporate media about your school board being “dysfunctional” and your school systems accreditation threatened? It could mean the US Chamber of Commerce and the Broad Foundation just want to replace them.

Freedom Rider: Hollywood’s Propaganda

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Hollywood helps Americans feel good about being part of an empire that kills other peoples at will. “Movies have become a happy arm of the United States government as they advocate for violence and war crimes.” Tales of torture and wanton killing are blockbusters in the USA.

Mali, France and the War on Terror in Africa

by Horace G. Campbell

The current insecurity in Mali is a direct result of the US military presence...and why Africans must be more forthright in opposing the expansion of the US Africa Command.” France plays a special role in this escalation, as she maneuvers to hold on to her African holdings. The U.S. and France trained and financed the same jihadists they are now fighting.

Goodbye Black Studies!

by Cecil Brown

Black Studies is in deep trouble, on the internal and external racial fronts. “The test of whether a Black Studies department will survive depends on how many white teachers and students they have.” Meanwhile, the absence of an African American political movement has undermined Black Studies, which has “lost the self-respect and the respect for other blacks.”

Mississippi Finally Ratifies the 13th Amendment – Here Are Some Other Things that Mississippi Decided to Ratify First.

By Kamau Franklin

Mississippi is the poorest state in the union, and the state with the highest percentage of people with African ancestry. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But the list of things the magnolia state is first and nearly first in, apart from balmy weather, is not a good one.


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