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The Whitening of Chocolate City

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Before the next U.S. Census, several great American cities will lose their Black majorities, an historical development welcomed by some as encouraging racial integration. The author believes otherwise: that Black urban dislocation has created a false impression of fading residential segregation in America, but is “actually a snapshot of a phenomenon in transition towards the unknown.” There is nothing progressive about gentrification, which devalues and expels Black population concentrations as unfit for the “new” city. The great shame of it all is, “Black urban mis-leadership has for decades been attempting to dis-empower their own constituents.”

Freedom Rider: White Supremacy in 2011

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The entire notion of the U.S. as a post-racial society is nonsensical, as even the most cursory review of the past year attests. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, sometimes mentioned as presidential caliber, “recently made headlines when he fondly reminisced about the old days of segregation” when “things weren’t that bad.” A well paid pundit says Michael Vick should be executed, and Black farmers can’t find justice above or below the ground.

Obama Uses Bully Pulpit Against Own Constituents

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Wall Street is “feverishly preparing to destroy the financial integrity of local and state governments, much as speculative capital has ravaged member states of the European Union.” Rather than resist this grand assault, President Obama and other top Democrats pave the way for it with their attacks on unions and the public sector.

Somalia: Obama's Unholy Alliance With Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni

by Black Star News editorial desk

The Obama administration’s ongoing alliance with Ugandan leader and war criminal Gen. Yoweri K. Museveni has allowed the dictator “to suppress domestic dissent and to commit wars of aggression against Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and now the Central African Republic.” Museveni’s service to U.S. policy in Somalia, where thousands of Ugandan troops prop up a “fictional” government, prevents the Somalis from forming a legitimate regime.

Africom Unmasked, Unwanted and Vulnerable

by Mark P. Fancher

All African nations except Liberia have so far refused U.S. requests to establish a U.S. Africa Command headquarters on African soil. But “AFRICOM is likely to continue nibbling away at Africa’s resistance through projects like the National Guard partnership program” with African militaries. “Mass resistance must take place in the U.S. as well,” if Africa is to be spared further U.S. penetration and militarization.

Brutal Reprisals Against Peaceful GA Inmate Strikers Confirmed. Was One Victim Hidden For Weeks By Prison Authorities?

By BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

Why was Macon State Prison inmate Terrance Deane brutally beaten by prison authorities, and his condition and whereabouts concealed from his family and the public for almost two weeks? How many other inmates have been savagely attacked by correctional authorities in retaliation for the prisoner strike of December 2010?

Community Coalition Meets With GA Corrections Officials, Visits First Prison. What Would Dr. King Say or Do?

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon, with assistance from Ingemar Smith

Last Friday members of the Concerned Coaltion to Protect Prisoner Rights met with Georgia correctional officials. The following Monday they commenced the first of a series of fact finding visits to the state's correctional institutions, seeking the reasons and right response to the stand of inmates demanding their human rights. Dr. King's annual holiday is coming up too. What would he say about the prisoners and the nation's misguided public policy of mass incarceration? What would he do, and what should we?

Freedom Rider: A Whiter New York City

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Vast changes in urban demographics don’t just “happen” – people in power seeking profits cause them to occur. Just as government, developers and banks created the white suburbs and Black inner cities, these same forces are engineering the gentrification and whitening of New York and other major cities. “Black, Latino and immigrant groups are steadily being pushed to suburbs,” some of which “are now themselves ghettoes.

Revising Malcolm X

by J. L. Samboma

Jack Barnes, of the Socialist Workers Party, is “fomenting discord where there need be none” with his book on the politics of Malcolm X. The book argues that, after Malcolm’s split with the Nation of Islam, he made a “class break” and ceased to be a Black nationalist or Pan-Africanist. Some of Barnes’ conclusions are “supported neither by empirical evidence nor by logical exposition.”

WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia's Arm to Invade Somalia

by Rob Prince

U.S. officials were lying when they claimed to have attempted to restrain Ethiopia from invading neighboring Somalia in late 2006. Newly unveiled documents show that “the Bush Administration pushed Ethiopia to invade Somalia with an eye on crushing the Union of Islamic Courts,” which had established relative peace in much of the country. The U.S. also tried to assemble a “coalition of the willing” to overthrow Robert Mugabe’s government in Zimbabwe.

The Humanity and Courage of the Prisoners at Pelican Bay and the Moral Responsibility to Support Their Demands

by Li Onesto

No moral human being can defend the U.S. prison system, a gulag of torture and debasement designed primarily for the mass incarceration of Blacks and browns. “Nobody—no matter what they have done—deserves to be tortured. Nobody deserves to be put in such extreme conditions of isolation where prison guards try to extinguish everything that makes you human.” The challenge is to act in solidarity with those who struggle against the horror from within the walls.

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