The People’s Rage in South Africa


by Mark P. Fancher

South Africa did not complete its revolution with the transfer of government power to Black hands in 1994. The Marikana mine massacre shows that imperialism “will not tolerate any disruption in the flow of profits from the exploitation of highly valuable natural resources.” The question now comes to a head: Will the poor majority of South Africa tolerate a Black government that defends the interests of imperialism?

The 99% Take on the Republican National Convention


by Arun Gupta

About 500 protesters greeted the Republican convention, in Tampa. “What united the crowd was the 99% rhetoric,” which the White House has adopted – without the substance – from the Occupy Movement. No mention of how the president’s own austerity initiatives “helped enable the next stage of right-wing extremism that he is now running against.”

Voter ID Laws and the American Coup d'état 


by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

A small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus is attempting to effect regime change by corrupting the American democratic process.” The putsch is to be accomplished by photo ID legislation that is tailored to shrink specific political demographics in the American electorate. Not a shot will be fired but, make no mistake, “they are engaging in attempted regime change” – a coup d’etat.

The Secret Scheme To Sabotage Abu-Jamal's Appeal Rights


by Linn Washington Jr.

The State of Pennsylvania failed to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal, but its judicial branch remains determined to keep him prison for the rest of his life, by legal hook or crook. The same judge that helped cover up the trial judge’s promise to “fry that nigger,” this month attempted to sentence Abu-Jamal to life without parole, in secret.

Katrina Pain Index 2012: 7 Years After


by Bill Quigley and Davida Finger

Racists and land-grabbers were celebrating the inundation of New Orleans even before the dead had been counted. A “new” New Orleans, they predicted, would rise out of the floodwaters. Seven years later, it is a city of excruciating pain – as indexed by the authors.

Fletcherism and Fakery: Guarding Obama’s Left Flank


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama’s key apologists on the Left have released their 2012 position paper, in which “the facts of the Obama presidency – his actual behavior on war, austerity, and civil liberties – are deemed irrelevant.” We need four more years of Obama, they say, to open up “space” for progressive action. In reality, Obama’s “great legacy has been to create vast political space for Wall Street and the Pentagon.”

Scared and Silent: Censoring the Truth Under Obama


by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

Legacies are built around what is known about a presidency. However, President Obama is amassing a legacy of secrets kept and whistleblowers punished. “The Obama administration has been after Wikileaks since that organization released classified military reports and diplomatic cables showing evidence of US war crimes in Iraq.”

Al Sharpton Says Biden’s Slavery Comments Were “Over the Top,” Then He Retreats


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Barack Obama sends his number two, a white man, to tell Black folks that Republicans want to throw them back into slavery. You’d think Al Sharpton would object. But no, because “Black leadership has been effectively co-opted by the Obama Administration and the goal is to keep us doped up and afraid to use our Democratic voice.”

5 Ways Privatization Is Ruining America

By Paul Buchheit

A pernicious but popular myth holds that private businesses are more efficient at delivering services than government. It's popular because corporate media have whispered and screamed it into our ears for decades. It's pernicious because although it's untrue it makes vast fortunes for a few at the expense of the many.

Deadly Fallout: How Obama’s Healthcare Law Provides Unaffordable Access to Health Insurance and Fosters Preventable Deaths


by Dr. Reginald Clark

Despite the hype from Democrats, “the high rate of premature deaths in California and throughout America will continue” even after the Obama health plan is fully implemented, in 2020. “A poverty-level working California citizen… will personally be charged $7,200 for an average hospital stay” – far more than she can afford.

Something Demonic is Going On in Buffalo’s County Jail


by Chris Stevenson

Suicide seem epidemic at the Erie County Holding Center, where persons awaiting trail in the Buffalo, New York, area are confined. The corpses are piling up so rapidly, the place ought to be called Buffalo’s Death Row.

Euro-American Songs of Racism, War and White Supremacy: An African Perspective


by Solomon Comissiong

The most insidious propaganda might have a really nice melody, or even a compelling beat, yet be “laced with untruth after white supremacist untruth.” America’s propaganda machinery is awesome. “If we don’t respect America’s propaganda beast it will certainly consume our minds, and therefore our humanity.”

Tired Old So-Called Leftists Give Same Old Excuses For Supporting Obama in 2012

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Abject and unwavering support of President Barack Obama on the part of blacks and what used to be called “the left” has made them pretty much irrelevant since Obama emerged as a viable presidential candidate back in mid-2007. After five years of the Age of Obama, four of them as president, one would imagine there are lots of new reasons to endorse him. But even his abject supporters can't find any.

Killer-Cops and the War on Black America


by Paul Street

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s groundbreaking report on police killings of Blacks is a snapshot of war. “The executions continue nationwide: from north to south, east to west, in rural towns and large metropolitan areas.” The police and other racist pull the triggers, but warfare is a group effort. Racially biased media coverage is intimately related to the chilling indifference most of the nation shows towards quickly forgotten incidents of unjustified white-on-black police killing.”

NY Times Underestimates Oakland’s Radicals


by Davey D

The corporate media are always declaring radical activism dead, hoping their predictions will come true. Oakland is, according to the New York Times, situated right on the edge of the radical extinction zone. But Davey D sets the Times straight: Oakland’s Occupy movement flourished “because it was preceded by an intense, well-heeled movement for social justice that addressed many of the overarching issues that eventually were raised by the Occupy Movement.”

US Control of Haiti and Other Little Republics' Vote at the UN is Not New


by Ezili Dantò

Imperialists all want the same thing: to subjugate smaller peoples to the interest of empire. Any imperial power worth his salt is trailing an entourage of captive little countries echoing the bully’s every word. Today, just as in the days of President Franklin Roosevelt, the U.S. diplomatic entourage includes beaten-down little republics like Haiti and Honduras.

Solidarity with Africa, or Obama? You Can't Have Both


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

A new organization will attempt to mobilize African American solidarity with the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. But that would mean confronting the First Black President. “The unprovoked war on Libya, where U.S.-backed racists massacred Black Libyans and African migrant workers, should have provoked a clear break with the president’s policies, as Dr. King broke with President Johnson over Vietnam.”

Imagine Urban Economic Development Without The Bankers On Our Backs

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Why can't a county or city dig a hole, or lay a mile of light rail without making new millionaires out of half a dozen bankers and their favorite lawyers? Why does all urban development have to be gentrification? Is government's real function to guarantee that a layer of banksters and lawyers get paid their cut before anything else moves?


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