White Racial Delusion, 50 Years After the March on Washington

by Paul Street

White America lives in a world of distortion. Only one-third of whites believe the killing of Trayvon Martin was “unjustified,” versus overwhelming numbers of Blacks. And, “for the first time, a majority of whites preposterously believed that whites have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America.” What are the roots of this madness?

Florida “Dream Defenders” Confront Racialized Justice System

by Bill Quigley

The young people occupying the Florida governor’s office seek more than just repeal of Stand Your Ground laws. They are crafting and proposing “a full legislative package to challenge the criminalization of our generation.”

Brazil-Afrikan State Collaborations and the Tokenization of “Cultural Affinity”

by Wangui Kimari

There’s lots of talk about the cultural ties that bind Brazil, the economic dynamo, to Africa, ancestral home to half Brazil’s population and current source of much of its imports. However, “if this was a relationship premised on deep ‘cultural affinity’ as is often stated, Afrikan states would ask Brazil why Afro-Brazilians are consistently being killed by genocidal police/militarized forces.”

Obama Administration Seeks to Keep Tens of Thousands Imprisoned Under Unfair Crack VS Powder Cocaine Penalties

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Our black political class wants to feed us outrage over the case of Trayvon Martin. But for 3 years the black press, advocacy organizations and the black political class have ignored the Obama administration's attempt to keep as many unjustly sentenced crack defendants in jail under old and unjust laws as long as possible. Why are they ignoring this, and more importantly, why are we?

The “Obscene 14” House NSA Negroes

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

If only half of the “Obscene 14” Black members of Congress had voted against NSA telephone spying, “the Bush-Obama surveillance regime would have been dealt its first serious setback in more than a decade of fascism-in-the-making.” Their treachery is deadly. “African Americans, more than any other U.S. constituency, have an existential interest in ending the Surveillance State.”

Freedom Rider: Obama Fights to Keep Black People in Jail

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Obama administration is fighting a federal court ruling that would free the remainder of the mostly Black prison inmates convicted under now-defunct, viciously racially disparate crack cocaine laws. The First Black President and his Black attorney general are determined to keep “5,000 people in jail who have no reason to be there.”

How Zimmerman Could – and Should – Have Been Convicted Under Florida Law

by Rob Hager

The Sanford vigilante was certainly guilty of the crime of “aggravated stalking, a felony in the third degree,” as defined by Florida law. Having committed the predicate crime of stalking, Zimmerman was responsible for the outcome of his actions. The trial jury was “led astray by being asked to focus on the end rather than the beginning of the fatal encounter.”

The U.S. Military’s Mind Games in Africa: No Bullets, But Lethal

by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. Military Command in Africa – AFRICOM – is a highly sophisticated force for domination of the continent. AFRICOM is adept at “manipulating news and commentary on the Internet, especially social media,” portraying itself as an ally in “the fight for Africa’s liberation from the grip of terrorism.” Don’t believe the hype.

Zimmerman and The Invention of the White Race

by Ezili Dantò

The United States needs a “bottom” racial caste – African Americans – but allows some groups to “pass” as white over time. “Zimmerman used the confusion to alternatively identify himself as Hispanic and white, depending on who his family wanted to manipulate.” He chose not to publicly identify as Hispanic “in order to emphasize self-defense.”

Obama Supports the Racial Surveillance That Killed Trayvon

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

In his effort to “put the angry Black genie back in the bottle” following George Zimmerman’s acquittal, President Obama once again claimed to oppose racial profiling. He’s lying. Obama has endorsed the most prolific racial profiler in the country as a potential head of Homeland Security. The president is a bulwark of the system that targets millions of Trayvon Martins.

Freedom Rider: The Corporate Media’s Mass Hypnosis

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Delivery systems and platforms for information may proliferate at blinding speed, but most Americans have no access to anything resembling the truth. They may know the names of the dead – like Trayvon Martin – but have no clue why they died. “Lies and nonsense are the standard fare for the most read and watched news sources in this country.”

“Big Brother” Has Been Watching You… For a Long Time

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

With his “Insider Threat Program,” President Obama has linked his legacy with that of J. Edgar Hoover’s crusade “to root out political opponents, smash political opposition, and to quell voices of dissent.” The secret program also “operates in direct contradiction to the 2002 No FEAR Act, the first civil rights and whistleblower law of the 21st century.”

The Military Coup in Egypt: Requiem for a Revolution That Never Was

by Ajamu Baraka

In the two-and-a-half years between the ouster of Mubarak by the Egyptian military and the ouster of President Morsi by that same military, no revolutionary process occurred. Yet, “the emotional response to seeing hundreds of thousands of people on the streets seems to have created a case of temporary insanity,” an imagined revolution in which the “military and the people are one.”

The Obama Project and the Politics of Race

by Paul Street

The president expended 2,600 words to create the illusion of deep personal identification with the contemporary African American condition. But, in fact, Obama “has been actively hostile to the notion that the government ought to do anything to correct or even acknowledge racial oppression and inequality in the U.S.”

Obama's Trayvon Speech: Massa Trying to Keep the Slaves on the Plantation by Acknowledging Their Pain

by Carl Dix

President Obama’s attempt to diffuse Black rage in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal is rooted in deception. “The fact is, Barack Obama has played a major role in the further demonization of Black youth.”

Zimbabwe: The Choice

by Eric Draitser

Next week’s elections in Zimbabwe pit President Robert Mugabe’s independent leadership against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s long collaboration with U.S. and British imperialism. “Both parties’ respective leaders enter this year’s elections as incumbents, and both must face scrutiny over their policies and their actions.”

Always “Nigger Season”

by Rev. Reynard N. Blake, Jr.

It’s 44 days for a killer to be arrested

It’s a damn “knock, knock” joke

Glib to black death

It’s white expectations of black violence

It’s Fox News jumping with glee


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