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    Fortress America Besieged: War Penetrates Imperialist Sanctuary

    by Omali Yeshitela

    The Who and Why of the events in Boston are by no means clear, given the machinations of the U.S. secret services. One thing is certain, however: “The Obama regime will use the Boston bombing as an excuse to initiate even more odious attacks on freedom within the U.S. with the willingness of a frightened white population.”

    Django Unchained, Or, “Killing Whitey While Protecting White Power”: A Review

    by Omali Yeshitela

    At last: a revolutionary African analysis of Django, a movie that “does not have the ability to criticize the institution of slavery.” Jamie Foxx’s character “does not enlist his captive brothers and sisters in the enterprise of ending slavery or their own enslavement.” And, he is disconnected, choosing only “to free his wife and to exact revenge for wrongs done to her.”

    Break the Silence of War and Oppression: Black Is Back Coalition to Rally and March in DC in November


    from the Black is Back Coalition

    On the heels of its national conference last month in Newark, New Jersey, the Black Is Back Back Coalition will rally under the theme “Breaking the Silence,” in Washington, DC, on November 3 and 4. “Our people are enduring oppressive conditions that can only be likened to a state of warfare in every community where we are located within the U.S…. We will disavow the charlatans, poseurs and sycophants who have been chosen by our oppressors as our leaders. “

    Obama, the Elections and the Struggle for Justice, Peace, a Better Life and Black Power


    by Omali Yeshitela

    The U.S. electoral system, like American society at-large, is dominated by wealthy capitalists. What use, then, is electoral politics to African Americans? The Black Is Back Coalition explored that question at its national conference, in Newark, New Jersey. “We must create the options, destroying the proverbial claptrap from some ‘leftists’ and ‘revolutionaries’ that ask, ‘If not Obama and the Democrats, then what?’”

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