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Mob Attack in Darfur: Personal Account

darfurby Isma’il Kushkush
The author, a Sudanese journalist, found himself surrounded and nearly beaten to death by “Shabab” - young men – in a Darfur displaced persons camp. The mob shouted, “Criminal! Janjaweed!” Some may simply have hated journalists. “I've been told that many IDPs in Darfur believe that journalists are 'banking' on their cause.” But it is also true that “banditry and thuggery have become components of life in unstable Darfur with the absence of stable work.”

What's Really Happening In Darfur?: An Interview with Mahmood Mamdani

againThe picture of the conflict in Darfur as "Arab-on-black" or even "black on black" genocide tells more about the U.S. than it does about Darfur, Sudan, or Africa.  It is a false picture, brought to us by the corporate U.S. media to justify one of Uncle Sam's (maybe even Uncle Barack's) oil and resource wars in Sudan.  After all, Sudanese oil IS flowiing to China through Chinese companies, not Western ones, and that will not be tolerated.


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