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    Who and What is “The Left”?

    by Benjamin Woods

    The “Left” resurgence in the U.S. is less than it’s cracked up to be. Not so long ago, luminaries like Bill de Blasio and Elizabeth Warren would have been, at best, referred to as liberals.” If you’re not pushing for redistribution of land and wealth and nationalization of the “commanding heights” of the economy, you’re not the real Left.

    A Few Thoughts on Django Unchained

    by Benjamin Woods

    There is no mystery to the appeal of Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster film. “The enthusiastic response that Django has provoked from Africans demonstrates the desire for art that inspires a culture of resistance.”

    Human Rights, Neo-liberalism and Mass Incarceration

    by Benjamin Woods

    If African Americans are – finally – prepared to fight their way out of the current crisis, they “must develop a set of tactics, strategies, and objectives to improve their deteriorating condition, particularly in the arena of mass incarceration.” A “human rights” strategy would serve us well.

    Black Secularists and The Church


    by Benjamin Woods

    African American mythology tells us that the Black Freedom Movement was born in the church. That’s because “the Black church has had better propagandists than Black freethinkers.” But freethinkers also populate the liberation pantheon, while the church has sometimes proven an obstacle to the Movement.

    The Two Sides of the Same Coin: Global Capitalism and U.S. Militarism

    the eagle has landedby Benjamin Woods

    Social movements inevitably arise to challenge American imperial goals. “To counter this trend, the United States, the military arm of transnational capital, will display more military aggression.”


    The Failure of Negro Leadership

    TR and Booker

    by Benjamin Woods

    The crisis of Black American leadership is rooted in 1830s and 1840s political strategies designed to convince whites of Black people’s “humanity and worthiness” – an elitist approach that cut the masses of Blacks out of the picture. In 1920 Harlem radical Hubert Harrison referred to the NAACP as the National Association for the Advancement of Certain People.”


    A Message to the African Political Scientist

    by Benjamin WoodsAApoliticalScientis

    Young Africans in America require exposure to genuine Black political scientists, the kind that will "articulate an African worldview that is distinct from their colonizers." What's needed is "an African anti-imperialist analysis for the 21st century" in order to rebuild the African Freedom Movement. Barack Obama's foreign policy is "a continuation of western imperialism." Blind faith Obama-ism is a destructive force. "The acceptance of the colonizers worldview impedes Africans ability to think and act independently."

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