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    The Moment of Truth: African Americans’ Nonsensical  Support for Barack Obama

    by Solomon Comissiong 

    After January, 2017, “the delusional fantasy will be over for most African/black people in this country.” What will Black folks have to show for their near-absolute loyalty to Barack Obama? Nothing more than, maybe, a historically revisionist t-shirt “with Obama’s face wedged in between Malcolm X and MLK.”

    The Ongoing Impact of White Supremacy on People of Color

    by Solomon Comissiong

    European global rule was imposed by both physical and psychological means. “White supremacy has falsely set a standard that implies anything white is not only right, it is the model for excellence.” Imperialism, no matter the color of the face that presides over the empire, “is yet another tool in the arsenal of white supremacy.”

    Perspectives and Concerns of Black Parents

    by Solomon Comissiong

    In addition to its many other failings, the U.S. educational system insults and devalues Black lives by force-feeding reverence for degenerate slave-holding monsters. “It should be considered mental cruelty to brainwash African/black students to revere slave masters like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as ‘Founding Fathers.’” Combating the US’s Destructive Educational System:

    Connecting the Dots: Palestine, Israel, the United States and Apartheid

    by Solomon Comissiong

    Black and genuinely progressive Americans should be in righteous motion against Israel’s murderous attack on Gaza. “If you were against Apartheid in places like South Africa or Zimbabwe, then you must stand against Apartheid in Israel/Palestine.” But then, the United States, like Israel, “ is ultimately a white settler nation.”

    Everything But the Struggle: White Liberals, Exploitation & Hip Hop Music

    by Solomon Comissiong

    Black America has a genius for creating cultural forms, but quickly loses control of its own inventions. African American Hip Hop enthusiasts have failed to resist “the infestation of fraudulent white liberals who have co-opted large areas of Hip Hop in the same way white developers ethically cleanse/gentrify communities of color.”

    The United States: Land of Blissful Ignorance and Blatant Hypocrisy

    by Solomon Comissiong

    American popular geopolitical ignorance sometimes seems infinite. Most of the world is fully aware that the U.S. government financed the Ukrainian coup “that helped bring to power a wave of neo-Nazis.” Yet, most Americans think that Russia is playing the Hitler role, and Washington is the good guys.

    Escaping the Corporate Hip Hop Plantation: Building a Nation of Revolutionary Emcees

    by Solomon Comissiong

    It’s come-to-meeting time in the world of Hip Hop. “It is imperative that politically conscious and revolutionary minded Emcees of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, and of today, organize a closed-door summit.” Cultural and economic liberation should top the agenda.

    Blood on their Hands, Blood in their Mouths: Corporate Media Collaborators in Mass Murder

    by Solomon Comissiong

    The ideological spectrum of U.S. corporate media is so narrow, the light of truth seldom penetrates. All are “politically right of center, however, some, like Fox ‘News,’ blatantly promote themselves as further right than the rest.” Their collective criminality presents a unique danger to humanity at large.

    The United States of War: An Addiction to Imperialism

    by Solomon Comissiong

    The U.S. is Number One is weapons of war and domestic civilian gun deaths – and very little else. Historically, peace has not been a priority for the United States, which has waged war every decade since 1776. “The people must demand an end to war, not because it costs trillions of dollars, but because it cost millions of lives.”

    The White Supremacist Infiltration of Rap Music

    by Solomon Comissiong

    Hip Hop music has been hijacked by corporate Klansmen who suppress the righteous lyrics of artists “like Dead Prez, Capital X, Immortal Technique, Rebel Diaz, Jasiri X, and Bahamadia.” Rap artists that have enslaved themselves to the production of stereotypes and gratuitous violence should be rehabilitated, if possible, but “we must boycott any music that denigrates people of color and women.”

    Mascots, Murder and Massacre: Using Imagery to Accept Genocide

    by Solomon Comissiong

    Despite Native American protests, the owner of the Washington “Redskins” refuses to jettison the football team’s racist moniker. Even some Black fans cling to the shameful imaginary, notwithstanding the fact that “most African-Americans would be extremely offended if someone started a franchise with the name, ‘San Jose Black Skins’ or the ‘Chicago Niggers’ or the ‘Baton Rouge Black Bucks.’”

    The War on White Supremacy

    by Solomon Comissiong

    White supremacy is a killer of plague-like dimensions, “responsible for well over 100 million deaths” of Africans and Native Americans, alone. For centuries, white supremacists have waged war on the non-white world. “In 2008 they selected their newest weapon – Barack Obama.”

    Dear Black America: It's Past Time to Wake Up


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Black people in the U.S. “are locked in struggle with white supremacy, institutional racism and oppression.” At the same time, however, they embrace the brown face of the ultimate front man for Power: Barack Obama. This is a formula for community incoherence and defeat.

    Obama's Destructive Foreign Policy and Black Disillusionment


    by Solomon Comissiong

    It is painfully distressing to witness members of my community so willfully complicit with lethal war policies simply because they are coming from a brown skinned man,” writes the author. “African-Americans' honorable legacy of opposing Euro-America's imperialist wars is quickly eroding.”

    When Will Radical Become the Norm?


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Americans have methodically been taught to believe they reside within the world's most free and open "democratic” society,” with the highest standard of living on the planet. It’s a lie, yet those who point out that the narrative is false are “characterized as ‘radicals’ or even social deviants,” rather than truth-tellers. America desperately needs a new normal.

    Euro-American Songs of Racism, War and White Supremacy: An African Perspective


    by Solomon Comissiong

    The most insidious propaganda might have a really nice melody, or even a compelling beat, yet be “laced with untruth after white supremacist untruth.” America’s propaganda machinery is awesome. “If we don’t respect America’s propaganda beast it will certainly consume our minds, and therefore our humanity.”

    A Few Things Americans Can Learn from Cuba


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Americans could learn a lot if they would just look and listen to the world around them, a place where lots of peoples and nations are smarter, kinder and happier than we are. Cuba is making great progress towards its goal to become a “medical superpower,” while in the U.S. “African/black political prisoners continue to languish in solitary confinement in the bowels of the world’s most despicable prison system.”

    Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Garbage in, garbage out. “America's foundation is built upon the bloodied, mutilated, and lifeless bodies of innumerable people – mostly of color.” Is it any wonder, then, that the United States would become, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. concluded, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” – mainly directed against non-Europeans. “We cannot evade the fact that America is a swampland of institutional racism and white supremacy; these realities make it easy for many Euro-Americans to accept the mass killing of people of color across the globe.”

    The 4th of July: Indoctrination, Oppression and Hypocrisy

    by Solomon Comissiong

    We must reject all forms of injustice, as well as symbols of inequality that have been imposed upon us. The 4th of July holiday,” says the author, “is one of those repugnant symbols.”

    Obama-Aid: Psychologically Bad for Black Folks


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Obama-Aid ought to be tasting stale and nasty after three-plus years, but Black folks are still swilling it. “His supporters did not give a damn that he backed FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) or even that he justified the amoral verdict that acquitted the murderous police officers who took the life of Sean Bell.” Obama-Aid is definitely bad for the brain. In essence, people of color in America have allowed their collective conscience to be neutered.”

    Fidel Castro and Ozzie Guillen: Evasion of Truth


    by Solomon Comissiong

    Right wing Cuban Americans made newly-minted Miami Marlins’ manager Ozzie Guillen grovel after he expressed “love and admiration for Fidel Castro – that he respected the way Castro had survived in power for 60 years.” U.S. corporate media played the story like it was a triumph of the American way of life. Miami’s reactionary exiles have mastered the arts of political and media terror – as well as the more lethal kind – and remain “hell-bent on returning Cuba to a capitalist playground.”

    America: A Global Serial Killer


    by Solomon Comissiong

    The United States is a bizarre and dangerous country, a nation with “sociopathic tendencies riddled throughout its institutionally racist society.” Like a psychopath unfazed by other people’s pain, the general American (white) population appears “completely desensitized to what should be seen as a massive, one sided, blood bath” committed in their name.

    Police Brutality, Black America, and the US Occupy Movement


    by Solomon Comissiong

    When those who claim to represent “the 99%” reject as “divisive” the grievances of the Black, red and brown minority, they are claiming a false mandate. “Until more so-called white liberals, progressives and activists take Black issues seriously enough to give them more than lip service; many black people will continue to see themselves as marginalized, even within the broader Occupy Movement.” There can be no just society in “an apartheid state.”

    A World without European Conquest, White Supremacy and Chattel Slavery


    by Solomon Comissiong

    What if the so-called white man never viciously ventured onto lands that were not his?” The author believes such a mind exercise can lead to visions of a new world. “Reclaiming our collective identity, as human beings, will be an important first step, followed by the repudiation of any value system that glorifies slave owners, rapists, murders and plunderers.” Contemporary Black “misleaders” would be seen in a different light. “In 2011, the US has numerous black elected officials who are more than willing to serve the interests of their masters by waging wars in places like North Africa.”

    Untold Stories: Haiti, White Supremacy, US Foreign Policy and Corporate Media

    more on haitiby Solomon Comissiong
    The U.S. corporate media have a difficult time covering the Haiti catastrophe. “Haiti's poverty and economic desolation were largely made-in-America,” an inconvenient fact to transmit to American audiences. Corporate media's “job is to invoke pity, confusion, and ignorance, as well as to uphold the benevolence of white supremacy.”

    Barack Obama is Bad for Black America

    bad 4 blacksby Solomon Comissiong

    The Great Hangover descends on Black America, as Obama supporters slowly, and reluctantly, emerge from their delusional stupor. The first Black president, it turns out, has nothing to offer African Americans. His message: “Black people should grin, bear it and suck it up while their white counterparts continually reap all the benefits from their shiftless ancestors who stole land and people to build wealth.”

    Indoctrination Through Celebration

    celebrateby Solomon Comissiong
    A more sane and just society than the United States would celebrate an entirely different set of heroes and events. “At a nearly subconscious level, the masses are indoctrinated to look with awe on some of the foulest examples of humanity ever assembled: slaveholders, Indian-killers, Confederates, segregators, land pirates, war criminals and exploiters of all pathologies imaginable.”

    Corporate Hip Hop, White Supremacy and Capitalism

    hiphopby Solomon Comissiong
    Huge media corporations literally bought up Hip Hop in the early to mid-1990s, imposing “cookie cutter themes of senseless violence, excessive materialism, and misogyny.” Progressive voices in rap were silenced. The clear message was, “the minute you dare try to step outside of the 'box' and attack their power structure, you will be omitted.”

    Public Education in America: A Pillar of Institutional Racism

    edumcationby Solomon Comissiong
    Last week, Barack Obama once again “felt the need to lecture black people about what they can and cannot complain about.” No excuses, no excuses, the president hectored – as if to delegitimize Black struggles for redress of real grievances. “On the one hand he knows not to upset white folks by pointing to America’s legacy as a bastion of racism and white supremacy. And on the other hand he knows there are virtually no restrictions on how often he can castigate, vilify, and reprimand the black community.”

    Take a Look in the Mirror, America

    africaby Solomon Comissiong
    President Obama this week deployed his impressive oratorical skills to frame a false historical and current reality about Africa. “He used cheap rhetorical devices to essentially deny that his own country and other Western nations are equally, if not more, responsible for the destabilized condition in which so many African nations find themselves.” What's needed is a “real alteration in American governance,” to replace a system that thrives on exploitation and death.
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