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The CIA is No Stranger to Africa – But We Wish It Was

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 08/12/2014 - 13:44

by Mark P. Fancher

The CIA’s activities in Africa go and in hand with the huge U.S. military offensive on the continent. The agency “has maintained a continuing presence on the African continent into the 21st Century, engaging in various nefarious activities, including supporting foes of the Gadhafi government in Libya.”

From Puppet Soldiers to Puppet Journalists: AFRICOM Grows Its War Machine

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 10:44

by Mark P. Fancher

AFRICOM’s primary project is to transform the militaries of the continent into dependencies and pawns of U.S. foreign policy. It’s second most import objective is the hide Washington’s actual intentions behind a “humanitarian” mask – such as participating in the search for Nigerian schoolgirls from Boko Haram. Some African journalists are eager to be part of the ruse.

Africa Beware of Imperialism’s Fatherly Advice

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 04/01/2014 - 15:02

by Mark P. Fancher

Washington’s military tentacles daily tighten their grip on Africa, in ever deepening collusion with France. “Allowing the U.S., France and others to essentially take charge of Africa’s militaries creates or maintains an almost childlike dependence on imperialist forces.”

The Field Negroes’ Agenda: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 13:29

by Mark P. Fancher

The author believes African liberation and the fall of U.S. imperialism can be achieved by triumph of the “Three R’s”: Reclamation, Reparations and Repatriation. In terms of day to day struggle, that translates as “pressuring the U.S. military out of Africa, assisting on the return of Africa’s land and mineral wealth to Africans, and supporting the unity of a truly independent African continent.”

Expected Budget Cuts Won’t Cure the Deadly AFRICOM Disease

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 12/17/2013 - 15:46

by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. Africa Command, AFRICOM, becomes more entrenched on the continent by the day. American drones bases dot the landscape and U.S. troops interact constantly with their African counterparts. Africa has collaborated in its own occupation. “There has been increasing cooperation between African militaries and U.S. forces, and it has allowed AFRICOM to gain a more secure foothold on African soil.”

Innocent Kenyan Blood Drips from Imperial Hands

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 10/01/2013 - 14:15

by Mark P. Fancher

The carnage at a Kenyan shopping mall is a direct result of U.S. policy in Somalia. In 2006, Washington and Ethiopia invaded Somalia, overthrowing a moderate Islamic government and plunging the country into a war that has killed hundreds of thousands and left millions displaced. Kenya later joined the invaders, further escalating a U.S.-led conflict that has finally reached deep into Nairobi.

Zimbabwe Pursues Economic Justice Despite U.S. Fickle Friendship Folly

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 09/03/2013 - 15:56

by Mark P. Fancher

Newly re-elected Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has again defied the imperial wrath of the U.S. and Great Britain, with his announcement “that the government will seize foreign banks and mines and redistribute them to local investors.” Such actions can get one killed, but Mugabe is no easy target for the West’s secret services. He has a popular base, and a loyal armed forces.

The U.S. Military’s Mind Games in Africa: No Bullets, But Lethal

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Mon, 07/29/2013 - 16:48

by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. Military Command in Africa – AFRICOM – is a highly sophisticated force for domination of the continent. AFRICOM is adept at “manipulating news and commentary on the Internet, especially social media,” portraying itself as an ally in “the fight for Africa’s liberation from the grip of terrorism.” Don’t believe the hype.

by Mark P. Fancher

Is the International Criminal Court guilty of “international racial profiling”? The ICC has managed to indict only Africans for crimes against humanity, “while ignoring numerous civilian deaths caused by U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan and other crimes committed by non-Africans.”

Mali Invasion Shows That “Adieu” Does Not Always Mean

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 15:54


by Mark P. Fancher

Whether rightists or “socialists,” all French governments believe in their inalienable right to dominate Africa. French troops are on the move in Mali and the Central African Republic, and not long ago overthrew the regime in Ivory Coast. If the colonial era has passed, somebody ought to tell Paris – and French-speaking Africans – the news.

Arab/Black Conflict: A Colonial Gift to Africa That Keeps on Giving

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 13:46


by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. and European media frame “racial” conflicts among the peoples of Africa as endemic to the continent, rather than a legacy and tool of colonial rule. However, “the crisis in Mali is not a simple conflict between two racial groups that can’t get along, even if race is somewhere in the mix.”

Bad News for Africa: 3,000 More U.S. Soldiers are on the Way

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 10/23/2012 - 20:34


by Mark P. Fancher

The United States plans to permanently station a U.S. Army brigade on African soil, beginning next year. Is this the start of something big – and ominous – or “only a benign creeping U.S. military presence in Africa?”

The People’s Rage in South Africa

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 14:39


by Mark P. Fancher

South Africa did not complete its revolution with the transfer of government power to Black hands in 1994. The Marikana mine massacre shows that imperialism “will not tolerate any disruption in the flow of profits from the exploitation of highly valuable natural resources.” The question now comes to a head: Will the poor majority of South Africa tolerate a Black government that defends the interests of imperialism?

Africa’s Deadly Spy Infestation

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 06/26/2012 - 13:29


by Mark P. Fancher

The expanding U.S. spy infrastructure in Africa, including a network of landing strips to service a fleet of intelligence-gathering aircraft, is inherently hostile to African self-dermination. That’s because “those who dictate U.S. intelligence policy make decisions on the basis of where access to oil and valuable minerals is threatened, or where an African leader has in some way resisted the imperialist program.” Washington is establishing the structures to recolonize Africa, in the guise of anti-terrorism.

Beware the Rotten Fruit of AFRICOM Training

Submitted by Mark P. Fancher on Tue, 05/01/2012 - 23:30


by Mark P. Fancher

The U.S. military command in Africa, AFRICOM, has trained thousands of officers on the continent, including the young captain that overthrew his own government in Mali, this year. “If AFRICOM’s protégés have taken careful note of how the U.S. military is routinely used to try and take whatever the U.S. wants in Africa, often without regard for law, custom or prudence, it is not hard to imagine how or why Amadou Sanogo might do the same thing in his own country.”

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