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U.S. Endangers Global Financial Stability

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

American investors, who refuse to put money into productive enterprise in their own country, are flooding developing nations with destabilizing dollars, creating asset “bubbles” and other dangerous distortions. In defense, nations are collectively rejecting “dealings with U.S. companies, or even transactions in U.S. dollars, in order to insulate themselves from the irresponsibility of U.S. economic rulers.”

End of the Age of Obama

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Democrats’ defeat could turn into legislative disaster if President Obama continues to follow his “bipartisan” impulses. Obama’s past determination to find common cause with Republicans spells catastrophe under the infinitely less favorable terms of the new Congress. “We can only hope that the Republicans are so consumed with destroy-Obama fervor that they reject his entreaties to bipartisan collaboration,” and rush to gridlock.

Black is Back, Permanently. Join Us in DC on Nov. 13

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations has had a good year since its first rally and march on the White House, November, 2009. “We proved that a critical mass of Black left activists and organizations was prepared to rebuild independent, anti-imperialist Black politics.” Now, as “the economic depression gripping our people deepens, and a cascade of crises loom for the nation and the world,” Black Is Back prepares for another year of struggle to reverse the “mass suffering and defeat” brought on by Wall Street and its servants in both major political parties.” Renew the struggle. Rally and march with BiB.

Whose Cops are More Racist, America’s or the Brits'?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

In any global battle of the racists, the U.S. and Britain are always top contenders. A new study has some putting odds on merrily racist Old England (and Wales) for the honor of white supremacist society in-chief. “The figures would seem to indicate that Blacks in England and Wales are targeted by police with even more ferocity than their counterparts in New York City.” But the Big Apple takes a back seat to no one, when it comes to bigoted police behavior on the streets.


We've Learned Who's For Real, and Who's Frontin'

If you cannot see the video above, click here.

Obama Prepares to Triangulate Himself

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

What a guy! Barack Obama has neutralized Blacks, the white left, and the majority of his own party in service to Wall Street, and some still call him “liberal” (The insane call him “socialist.”) With Social Security and Medicare in his sights, “the stage is set for a performance of presidential political gymnastics that will make Bill Clinton, once known as the Great Triangulator, bow down to the master.”

The Unraveling of the Empire of Finance Capital

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The more the Wall Street financial class dominates political affairs in the United States, the sooner they will meet destruction. By giving the banksters everything they wanted, including free money, the Obama administration actually accelerated the processes of finance capital’s decline. That’s because, unfettered, capital behaves in ways that make its contradictions even more acute.

President Barack “Midnight Raid” Obama: End Your Wars at Home and Abroad

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Last week’s FBI raids likely signal that the Obama regime has begun a major campaign to criminalize and crush the Left. Think COINTELPRO, 21st century-style. President Obama, the constitutional rights lawyer who claims the right to kill at will, seeks to strangle the activist opposition to his wars and pro-Wall Street policies. “For targets not marked for oblivion, there awaits a grand jury with boundless powers to ensnare anyone.”

Let’s Have a Real Protest, Not a Democratic Pep Rally, on October 2nd

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

A Washington rally for jobs, justice and peace that makes no specific demands on President Obama would amount to a capitulation to the status quo on all counts.” The October 2 “One Nation” rally, initiated by the NAACP and organized labor, is a huge work in progress, drawing numbers from “nearly the entire spectrum of labor, social justice and peace formations in the United States.” Some will come to protest massive unemployment, war, bailouts and other injustices, and call out the perpetrators by name. Others want only to join in a campaign rally for Democrats.

This 9/11 in Manhattan: A Time to Confront the Racists

This 9/11 in Manhattan: A Time to Confront the Racists

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Not since the massive Klu Klux Klan marches of the 1920s have white nationalists strutted their stuff so proudly. The “media-validated” Tea Partyers are on a roll, and are even getting physical with Black folks in lower Manhattan, where they plan a national rally on 9/11. The anti-racist opposition will also be out in strength, in solidarity with Muslims and, hopefully, to strongly encourage white supremacists to find someplace else to gather.

Rwanda Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Left writers have been reporting for years that U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda bear primary responsibility for the deaths of as many as six million Congolese. Now a leaked United Nations report has confirmed that Rwanda’s crimes in Congo may rise to the level of genocide, since President Paul Kagame’s forces killed Hutu elderly, children and women without regard to nationality. Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s “mentors and funders in the U.S. government…must be held equally accountable.”

We Are Cornered: There's No Way Out Without A Fight

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

A corporate offensive is rolling down upon us, aimed at wholesale privatization of the public sector. If the Left has learned anything in the last year and a half, it should be that President Obama is Wall Street’s guy, having “delivered the highest return on corporate campaign investment in the history of bourgeois democracy.” In this struggle, the people will be left to their own devices.

Make Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous and Big Labor Own Up to Their Words


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Established Black and labor leaders are compelled by the spiraling economy to at least pretend to make demands on the First Black President. However, “the Obama administration has no intention of supporting a direct government jobs creation program, the only measure that could begin to counter Wall Street’s decade’s-long jobs destruction policies.” The political crunch is coming.

"Mongrel”: Historically, and from Obama’s Mouth

BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama behaves as if he has no historical or cultural knowledge of “the nation over which he presides.” The president’s labeling of African Americans as “mongrels” reveals an astounding and fundamental disrespect for Black Americans as a distinct people. As an epithet, “mongrel” is an even “more powerfully shaped political charge than the ubiquitous ‘nigger!’”

Rep. Maxine Waters and the Upside Down Morality of Congress

Rep. Maxine Waters

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Wall Street reversed its fortunes by seizing total control of the U.S. state and its treasure. No greater conflict of interest can be imagined than that which exists between bought-off Democratic and Republican office holders and corporations that are deemed "too big to fail." Yet "they're trying to burn" Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters "for the crime of giving the little guy an opportunity to plead his own case."

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