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Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons

by Chris Hedges

A coalition of organizations led by the Interfaith Prison Coalition has concluded that the only way to roll back the monstrous U.S. prison gulag is to boycott the corporations that profit from mass incarceration. “Since profit is the only language the involved corporations know how to speak, we will have to speak to them in the language they understand.”

Saudi Mercenaries and the Starvation of Yemen

by Thomas C. Mountain

Saudi Arabia buys tens of billions in high-tech arms from the United States and Europe. However, the rich Saudis don’t like to serve in the military. Consequently, their armed forces are made up largely of foreigners, including huge numbers of soldiers from Yemen, whose usefulness against their impoverished homeland is questionable. The Saudis may use starvation as a weapon “to bring Yemen to its knees.”


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