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    Pambazuka News 715: Vatican Lies, Malcolm X and White Empire
    Updated: 27 min 31 sec ago

    Vatican owes Africa the truth

    27 min 31 sec ago
    Could the Catholic Church's Ethnology Museum be holding artefacts with doubtful histories? 2015-02-26 - http://Pambazuka.orgChurches supported the establishment of colonial regimes, especially through the destruction of societal, cultural and religious systems in Africa. Until today racist and ignorant assumptions about African cultures inform the justification of keeping artefacts that missionaries looted from Africa to create collections and museums in Europe.

    The invasion of Benin Kingdom

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-24 - colonial soldiers committed genocide in the Kingdom of Benin in 1897. They then looted some 4,000 pieces of art which have never been returned. A Nigerian film recreates the invasion, exposing the bestial brutality of Empire.

    Malcolm X: Revolutionary voice of struggle and liberation

    27 min 31 sec ago
    Five decades since his martyrdom the struggle continues by any means necessary 2015-02-26 - years have passed since the shooting of Malcolm X, yet the institutionalized racism he fought against, as well as its resulting violence, poverty and inequality, still blight many African American communities in the US. It is time to revisit Malcolm X’s life, death, and legacy to find a way out.

    Malcolm X’s internationalism and the struggle for Haiti today

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - who are in agreement with Malcolm X’s internationalism and global justice commitments ought to actively support the fight for self-determination, independence and development of the labouring classes in Haiti.

    Introducing The Malcolm X Movement

    27 min 31 sec ago
    Building towards a new wave of Global South decolonial anti-imperialist resistance in Britain 2015-02-25 - by the man himself, The Malcolm X Movement is a Black and Asian decolonial and anti-imperialist initiative launching in August 2015 in the UK, which is trying to develop unity among the peoples of the Global South in fighting all oppression.

    Egypt is calling the West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - Egyptian President Sisi calls for more support in the fight against NATO-funded militias in Libya, the West’s refusal to back him raises the question of their ultimate aims in entering the region. The West is complicity in enabling ISIS to gain a strong foothold and further destabilise Libya, Syria and, potentially, Egypt.

    Bye, bye Karuturistan, Ethiopia!

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - has nothing to show for his “investment”, except a humongous debt. Where are the tens of thousands of hectares of oil palm, sugar cane, rice, edible oils and maize and cotton he promised? Where are the 60,000 workers? They exist only in the warped imaginations of the corrupt state fat cats in Addis Ababa.

    Desertec: The renewable energy grab?

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - plan to power Europe from Saharan solar plants seems to have stalled, but several large North African solar projects are still going ahead despite local concerns. Hamza Hamouchene asks: where did the Desertec project go wrong, and can desert solar power yet play a role in a democratic and sustainable future?

    Racism, classism and elitism are alive and well in South Africa

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - the fact that apartheid officially ended in 1994 in South Africa, new forms of racism and elitism continue to linger on, grounded in enduring asymmetries of power. Such power relations continue to serve the interests of elites whilst marginalising millions of indigent people.

    Give us back our land

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - issue of land ownership in South Africa has been on the minds of millions of Africans for many decades, some with no place to bury their dead while being surrounded by luxurious golf courses and palatial hotels. This must change.

    Katuna: A paradigm of political economy of cross-border trade and regional integration in Africa

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 - http://www.Pambazuka.orgIn the quest for regional integration, it is helpful to look at some of the less known yet strategic locations such as Katuna for models of emulation and improvement. Katuna offers a model of integration from below.

    African Higher Education Summit: Revitalizing higher education for Africa’s future

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-27 The Summit in Dakar, Senegal, March 10-12, 2015 seeks to build a movement of like-minded institutions to transform the African higher education sector.

    Prison Note: A search for justice or residential vendetta?

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-25 Denied bail, Nigerian bombing suspect Charles Okah has spent four years in jail as his case drags on. He denies the charges leveled against him and accuses President Goodluck Jonathan of a vendetta, whose details he does not disclose.

    Africa rising: Myth or reality?

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-25 Most African countries have failed to transform the much-trumpeted economic growth into economic development for their citizens. Africa’s rising therefore mainly benefits multi-national corporations and local elites.

    Burundi's bid to silence critical voices

    27 min 31 sec ago
    Another piece in the puzzle of shrinking space for civic freedoms in East Africa? 2015-02-27 Step by step Burundi is reverting to the police state of the 1980s and 1990s during which human rights defenders and journalists were routinely portrayed publicly as enemies of the state. This is now the trend in East Africa.

    Boko Haram: Playing politics with human lives

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-24 Recent gains in the fight against Boko Haram have justified growing calls for appropriate sanctions for those found complicit in playing politics with an insurgency that has claimed more than 13,000 lives, placed hundreds in captivity, displaced thousands and virtually grounded the economy of Nigeria’s northeast.

    The fundamentalist trap

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-25 Fundamentalism rooted in politics, religion and culture, allows and justifies unbearable violence now reported in many parts of Africa. We are potential victims. We must have the audacity to denounce it.

    Visiting Africa: A short guide for researchers

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-25 Are you heading out to Africa to carry out some research? Well, you are not the first one, as you might know. That has been going on for ages. But certain tendencies that insult the African people persist. Here are some:


    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-26 Regarding the repeated and contemptuous silence of the different Tunisian governments, which have taken place since the revolution, to requests from families to know the fate of hundreds of missing young Tunisians who have been lost at sea since the revolution, we call on you to organize an international solidarity movement with the activities they have decided to initiate today Tuesday, February 24, 2015 in Tunis; a rally at the seat of government in the Kasbah area of Tunis. After the fall of the regime, tens of thousands of young Tunisians from working class districts have crossed the Mediterranean on small boats in search of a better future they can’t find in their country. Thousands could reach the coasts, but hundreds have disappeared and many remained at sea. Four years after these dramatic events, families are still helpless, their sufferings have deepened day by day at the refusal of the successive governments, including the current one, to respond to their request to create a commission of inquiry equipped with the necessary means and skills to know the truth about the missing young Tunisians. We suggest that you send your support to the following address: and organize all actions that you consider useful and rallies in front of consulates and embassies in Tunisia Wednesday, March 4, 2015. TUNISIAN FORUM FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RIGHTS

    Rwanda genocide: Reply to Erlinder and Black

    27 min 31 sec ago
    2015-02-25 The position that whenever a prosecutor makes decisions that are unpopular to the defence Counsels, then such decisions are political is bizarre. Defence counsels ought to separate legal issues from their own political views about Rwanda.