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    Pambazuka News 699: Celebrating Ali Mazrui, 1933-2014
    Updated: 1 hour 21 min ago

    Family obituary of Ali Mazrui

    1 hour 21 min ago
    Renowned pan-Africanist, scholar and teacher dies at 81 2014-10-22 - renowned scholar, teacher and public intellectual with expertise in African politics, international political culture, political Islam and North-South relations, Mazrui’s prolific writing over the past half century has shaped ideas about Africa and Islam among scholars and the general public, earning him both international acclaim and controversy.

    The humanism of Ali Mazrui: His journey to the vision of openness

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 -’s humanism was based on the dignity of all human beings regardless of race, religion, region or gender. It was a humanism linked to the quest for reparative justice, peace, self-determination, the rights of women, secularism and prosperity for all.

    Ali Mazrui (1933-2014): An intellectual giant whom I met in Kericho

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 - Mazrui was widely published and here we reproduce his keynote speech in 2005 at the Fourth Annual Conference organised by the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative. GCGI Founder Prof. Kamran Mofid shared this speech with Pambazuka News in memory of his friend.

    Ali A. Mazrui, the futurologist

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 - Mazrui in his ability to comprehend present complexities, anticipated some major scientific theories and predicted a number of dynamics and events in international affairs.

    Appreciating Ali Mazrui

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 - was unique about Ali was that he was always bubbling with new ideas, which he tested on the students, his colleagues and the public in general whether in the lecture halls, academic journals or the columns of newspapers

    Prof Ali Mazrui was a true Kenyan hero

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 - was a scholar in the finest traditions of great scholars: devoted completely to his vocation; searching analysis of broad relationships between religions, ideologies, and state systems.

    Ali Mazrui, the controversial titan of academia

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 - Mazrui had many followers around the globe but he also had many detractors. His BBC series “The Africans”, watched by millions around the world, won him many admirers in Nigeria, but they also won him enemies who accused him of being nothing more than a propagandist for a religious cause.

    South Sudan peace talks: Possibility of re-locating to South Sudan?

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 The South Sudan peace talks which are currently taking place in Addis Ababa under the auspices of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) are inadequate and badly suited to the task at hand. Citizens are completely absent from the process, warring groups feel no pressure to halt the violence and huge sums of money are being wasted. The peace process should be taken back home.

    Libya war continues three years after Gaddafi assassination

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 Libya is still in turmoil. The present situation is the direct result of the war of regime-change led by the CIA, the Pentagon and NATO during 2011. U.S. policy is designed to overthrow all of the sovereign and anti-imperialist governments throughout Africa and the Middle East.

    Deductions from a BBC documentary

    1 hour 21 min ago
    Probably only 5 percent of the human skulls at Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre are Tutsi. The rest are Hutu and Congolese 2014-10-23 A new BBC documentary has sparked international debate about the facts of the Rwandan genocide. This week legislators in Kigali voted to ban the BBC in Rwanda, outraged by the documentary, which deconstructs the official narrative. But the documentary actually tells the truth the Kagame regime suppresses.

    Deadly economic violence of the big banks

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 Parasitic banks, unscrupulous credit providers and their leech-like attorneys, spawned by an obscenely bloated capitalist system, suck the life-blood from increasingly impoverished lower classes in South Africa with utter impunity. Some 11 million over-indebted people are victims of this economic violence

    The (Socialist) Malala Yousafzai the US media doesn’t quote

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 The Pakistani teenage girl won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. US corporate media is engaged in a sinister plot to deliberately silence her in the way it doesn’t report her criticism of US. Even more insidious is the media’s complete disregard for her clearly socialist politics.

    The naked class politics of Ebola

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 Imperialist responses to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa have featured high rhetoric and fear-mongering. It is these same forces that are responsible for the plunder of Africa that exposes the continent to epidemics. In contrast, Cuba has shown outstanding internationalist solidarity.

    Tourism, white privilege and colonial mentality in East Africa

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-22 White persons are revered in East Africa. Local black people go to ridiculous lengths to please whites, thereby promoting the baseless concept of white supremacy. It is a practice deeply rooted in colonialism.

    The pain - and surprising triumphs - of being transgender in Africa: A moving Kenyan story

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 Early this month, a young Kenyan man who has been fighting for the right to be a woman, won an important victory. A court ordered the national examinations council to issue her with a new certificate with a female name and without a male gender marker. Here is her incredible story, in her own words:

    Battling the ‘Monsanto law’ in Ghana

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 Ghana’s proposed seed laws are the latest manifestation of a worldwide push by corporations to takeover food systems. Currently, 70 percent of the world’s food is produced by small-scale farmers. But in recent decades they have lost land, markets and livelihoods to corporate investors.

    OSRN condemns illegal activities of oil prospection in the Saharawi offshore

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-10-23 This latest move by the occupying power Morocco is in violation of the international law principles applicable to mineral resource activities in Western Sahara, which is Non-Self-Governing Territory.

    Special Issue: Transition Justice in Africa - Challenging contemporary knowledge, narratives and praxis

    1 hour 21 min ago
    2014-09-22 Pambazuka News invites articles on the question of Transitional Justice in Africa to help readers make sense of the debate in order to effectively play their roles as citizens of Africa.

    The United Nations fails Haiti once again

    Thu, 10/23/2014 - 11:10
    2014-10-14 - https://www.britannica.comThis week the UN Security Council extended the mandate of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH. This deployment is not based on any principles of humanitarianism, but rather is an imperialist occupation which seeks to make sure that the island’s government can implement and maintain repressive policies favourable to international investors. The occupation force must be withdrawn.

    MINUSTAH’s occupation of Haiti: A structure of global complicity

    Thu, 10/23/2014 - 11:10
    2014-10-14 - from countries around the world whose troops are stationed in Haiti under a UN mandate ought to wake up to the reality that this is an occupation force, serving imperialist interests and deeply hated by the Haitian people on account of serious, well-known human rights abuses over the past decade
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