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    Pambazuka News 710: Unmasking tyrants, rebels and liars
    Updated: 22 min 45 sec ago

    Equatorial Guinea: Nasty reality behind AFCON soccer invitation

    22 min 46 sec ago
    2015-01-20 - brutal kleptocracy of Equatorial Guinea hopes to gain a measure of international acceptance by hosting the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) soccer spectacle that kicked off last weekend. The oil and gas wealth generated by this “Kuwait of Africa” provides the economic wherewithal for the ruling elite to buy favours while the bulk of the population wallows in repressive poverty.

    LRA Commander Dominic Ongwen: A useful asset to ICC Prosecutor

    22 min 46 sec ago
    2015-01-19 - captured rebel commander should be encouraged to be an insider witness and provide information about the atrocities committed by his group and the Ugandan military in the 20-year war in the north. His evidence may confirm the suspicion that President Museveni deliberately permitted the war to drag on in order to punish northerners and under-develop the opposition stronghold.

    FDLR disarmament delays: Another untold story

    22 min 47 sec ago
    2015-01-20 - deadline for disarmament of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) has passed without the Congo-based rebel group surrendering. The FDLR’s future is uncertain, but there are a number of reasons why these anti-Kagame rebels are reluctant to disarm.

    Manipulation in Paris: Racism, Islamophobia and the capitalist crisis in Europe

    22 min 49 sec ago
    2015-01-21 - with the jihadists in Libya, working on both sides of the dirty war in Algeria, manipulating the Tuareg in Mali, or working with the Saudis, the French intelligence and security have worked closely with branches of US intelligence and military to keep the flames of war and insecurity burning. The recent mobilization over the Charlie Hebdo attack was meant to divert working people’s attention from this complicity that is linked to the capitalist crisis.

    Mozambique: A dictatorship of no alternatives, or an alternative to the dictators?

    22 min 49 sec ago
    2015-01-20 - 2014 elections were a disappointment for those who had hoped for change. Despite strong opposition from Renamo and the newer Mozambique Democratic Movement, Frelimo maintained the grip on power it has had since independence, despite accusations of serious irregularities. Real alternatives, however, are more likely to come out of Mozambique’s social movements.

    Obote-Odora’s dishonest response to us on the ICTR and BBC

    22 min 51 sec ago
    2015-01-20 - former Chief of Appeals and Legal Advisory Division at the ICTR has challenged the article, ‘The Kagame-Power Lobby’s dishonest attack on BBC documentary on Rwanda’, on the questions of victor’s justice and RPF impunity, and offers an across-the-board defense of his former employer. That defense consists of a stream of misrepresentations and wild accusations without merit.

    In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king

    22 min 53 sec ago
    An Afrocentric and indigenous feminist response to Kumar and Gawenda’s eye for an eye street justice 2015-01-13 - this response piece, Kerrie Thornhill critiques a recent editorial in defence of street violence as a political act. She calls for acknowledgement of Afrocentric as well as indigenous feminist contributions to non-violent social change.

    Why you need to do Kwanzaa

    22 min 55 sec ago
    Misconceptions, propaganda and Afrikan liberation 2015-01-21 - the controversies surrounding its founder, Kwanzaa is Afrika liberation politics. It emerged in context of the Black Power movement in the US that was committed to fighting the violence of white supremacy, capitalist economic exploitation and patriarchal domination of Afrikan women. These issues remain unresolved.

    African Journalist Study Programme: Workshop in Nairobi 2015

    22 min 58 sec ago
    A call for applications 2015-01-15 The Fahamu Emerging Powers in Africa project will be conducting a three-day Journalist capacity building workshop in Nairobi. The workshop seeks to strengthen the voice of African media on investigating and reporting the impact that emerging actors (including China, India, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey) have on Africa’s external engagements and development landscape.

    Call for application as researcher/research team

    23 min ago
    Monitoring of Compliance and Implementation of African Union Policy Standards and Legal Instruments by Kenya 2015-01-15 Fahamu, on behalf of the SOTU coalition, is seeking to engage a consultant researcher or team of researchers to conduct an assessment in Kenya to determine the level of compliance with and implementation of key AU legal instruments and policy standards and the impact of their implementation on citizens’ quality of life.

    Toward the 8th Pan-African Congress, Accra, Ghana

    23 min 2 sec ago
    2015-01-21 The Local Organising Committee of the 8th Pan African Congress, Accra, Ghana wishes to inform the Pan African world that the 8th PAC will be held in Accra, 4 – 7 March, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre. Pan-African organisations and Pan-Africanists who are interested in participating in the 8th Pan African Congress may contact Mr. Kwasi Adu on: For further information, interested participants should also visit the 8th PAC website at: - where registration can be done online. Other relevant information about the Congress will be published online on a regular basis. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. Chairman Local Organising Committee

    Why I quit as President Kagame’s economic advisor: His tyranny and lies

    23 min 4 sec ago
    2015-01-20 The failure of Rwanda’s Faustian bargain— trading democracy for development and ending up with neither — should come as no surprise to students of history and human nature.

    2015 elections: It is an easy choice before Nigerians

    23 min 6 sec ago
    2015-01-22 It matters pretty little who wins the elections next month. Years of political brinkmanship, reprehensible military dictatorship, corruption and irresponsible leadership have served to make nonsense of the true meaning of nationhood in Nigeria. The struggle for fundamental change must continue.

    Five years after the earthquake in Haiti

    23 min 7 sec ago
    The sad state of democracy and human rights 2015-01-14 In this interview, human rights organizer Jackson Doliscar details increasing violations of human rights by the Martelly dictatorship, with the active support of the United States.

    The cult of the Big Leader

    23 min 9 sec ago
    2015-01-14 Big leader cults have a long history in South African politics. So to argue that South Africa needs new leaders is to misread the key political task on the leadership question. What the country really needs are new models of leadership that break fundamentally from the cult of the big leader, and organisational forms that create the basis for more sustainable leaderships to emerge.

    Baga & Paris: Two massacres, contrasting responses and consequences

    23 min 9 sec ago
    2015-01-22 Given Nigeria’s past and recurring history, does one realistically expect this state to defend Baga from Boko Haram, comment or mourn the murder of the 2000 from Baga – almost 49 years to the day after it embarked on the murder of 3.1 million of its Igbo population in a studiously-organised genocide that is still ongoing?

    The politics of public health in Africa: A (very) brief history

    23 min 11 sec ago
    2015-01-19 Simukai traces back some of the historical roots of the Ebola outbreak and other public health crises. Without understanding the political history of public health, he argues, we are not able to understand the current crises or successfully tackle health challenges in the future.

    The question of ‘internal colonialism’

    23 min 13 sec ago
    2015-01-13 Internal colonies – that is, spaces governed by ‘the rule of difference’ – persist today but the politicisation of the term ‘colonialism’ has impeded a sober discussion of the subject in many cases.

    My African Union: Be the voice for Africa!

    23 min 14 sec ago
    2015-01-22 A new campaign will be carried out this year in Kenya to promote active citizenship, effective national governance and the realization of the fundamental freedoms and human rights contained in various key AU policy standards and legal instruments.

    Why Dr. Denis Mukwege should not join the DRC politics

    23 min 16 sec ago
    2015-01-22 On 26 November 2014 the celebrated Congolese medic received yet another international accolade. Following this prestigious recognition, Congolese intellectuals and political observers are wondering whether Dr. Mukwege should join politics. Instead, he should contribute to strengthening the Congolese civil society.